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July BellaBox: La Petite Parisienne


For this month’s box, we can see brands hailing from Paris, hence the theme. We have L’Oreal which is well known by the masses. There’s also brands like Givenchy, Lierac, Collistar, Lollipops and GlamGlow! Very excited to try the GlamGlow treatment as I’ve read many good reviews on it!

Unlike how I usually just post photos of the contents, I decided to do a short video feature! Enjoy! Let me know if you want me to review any products in the box!



L’Oreal Paris Gelmatic Eyeliner

Among the various options of liners out there, I personally prefer the pencil liners as it is the easiest to use though it’s not the best of the liners out there. I always have a love and hate relationship with liquid liners as I often smudge it before it dries out. I love gel liners but it’s a hassle to be applying it with a brush from the pot. Hence, it’s perfect to me when the beauty companies start producing gel liners in pencil/crayon form!

L’Oreal Paris Singapore have recently launched the Gelmatic Pen Super Liner in our local shores. The kind team have sent me 3 out of the 6 shades that have been launched in Singapore.

gelmatic liners

From left to right, I’ve the liners in Turquoise, Silver and Black. These liners are automatic, meaning you don’t have to sharpen them. They are also retractable so you don’t have to worry if you turn out too much length. (Yes, I’ve used non-retractable brow/liner pens before and it’s annoying when you turn out too much product.)
gelmatic liner tips

Here’s a swatch of the liners! I like the Turquoise, it give the whole look a pop of color and make it more fun! The silver and black are nicely pigmented too. It is stated that the Gelmatic liners are waterproof and smudge proof up to 12 hours of wear.

I’ve worn it a couple of times and I can say they are pretty much water and smudge proof but not up to 12 hours. The color do fade off after some 6 hours of wear and can smudge a little on oily lids like mine. Application wise, it’s not that smooth but not an issue. But I would say this is one of the better gel liners pen I’ve used in the market. I rate it a 3.5/5. gelmatic swatch

Available in 6 shades(Black, Brown, Gold, Silver, Blue and Turquoise), the Gelmatic Crayon Automatic Liners are retailing at SGD18.90 at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and selected departmental stores.



Review: L’Oréal Revitalift Laser X3


I received this set of Revitalift Laser X3 at the preview event held in early February. Having using it for 1 month plus already. I think it’s time for a review!

L’Oréal Paris have been doing constant research to come up with the latest technology for anti-aging. Now they have came up with Laser in a Jar after the previous IPL technology in skincare.

Don’t Laser in a Jar sounds intimidating? You mean a skincare product can give the same results as laser treatments that costs like ten times more? You might be skeptical but L’Oréal has done it once more.

Clinical studies have been done on 88 women over a period of 12 weeks. 3 sessions of lasers compared to using the whole range of the Laser X3 for 3 weeks. And it’s proven that Laser X3 have achieved better results.

The magic ingredient here is the 3% highly concentrated Pro-xylane that is in all 3 of the products in the Laser X3 range.

The Laser X3 range aims to help reduce pores i.e resurfacing the skin, correcting fine lines and rep lump the skin.


This is my favorite product out of the trio, The Renewing Anti-Aging Serum. The texture is really light and the skin absorbs this really well. After application, the skin feels soft and smooth and its not greasy at all. This retails for $49.90.


This is the Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream that comes in a metal tip applicator. When applied to the eye area, you will get this cooling sensation which really soothes the skin. After application of this eye cream, I noticed that the eye area gets an instant life and seems brighter. And I must emphasize it again that its not greasy at all. This retails at $37.90.


Lastly, we have the New Skin Anti-Aging Cream. This is meant to be a day cream but its suitable to be used in the night too. I’ve been using this at night instead as I hardly use cream products in the day as it can be quite heavy for me. In fact, I have been avoiding cream products in my regime as my skin can hardly take heavy creams. However, I noticed that the texture of this cream is lighter than the usual creams out there. I would say its also one of the light textured cream in the line of L’Oréal products. This is absorbed into the skin pretty fast too but as its a cream based after all, it does feels a little oily. This retails at $39.90.

You might be asking, why am I using anti-aging products when I’m pretty young. Being 23 this year, I would say its best to start early. Also, the Laser X3 range does not only target at matured women. I would say this range will suit women from 20 onwards. Prevention is always better then cure, I do not want to wait till I have symptoms of aging to use anti-aging products.

After using this range for roughly a month, my skin have stayed firm and smooth. I used to have some super fine lines on the forehead due to frowning and exaggerated facial expressions and I’ve noticed that its mostly gone. I also did not get any puffy eyes despite the late nights.

I’m currently using the serum and eye cream daily and the cream only on alternate nights. Ratings of the products as followed:

Serum: 4/5
Eye Cream: 3.5/5
Cream: 2.5/5

The cream got a slightly lower rating as it is still quite heavy for me. I personally prefer gel based moisturizers. However, I felt this this cream will be good for those with normal to dry skin type.

Wanting to try laser treatments but felt that its too expensive? Try the Laser X3 range, the laser in a jar at a more affordable price.

Do visit http://www.revitaliftlaser.com.sg/ for more information about the range and even request for samples!

The L’Oréal Revitalift Laser X3 range is now available in major stores.



September BellaBox: Out with the Old… In with the New

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Sample Vial, Eau de Parfum Spray. Available in 3 sizes from $69 to $109.

L’oreal White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Brightening Essence. 30ml for $39.90.

Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion. 200ml for $49.

OPI Top Coat. 15ml, $22.50.

Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara at $16.90.

The theme behind BellaBox this month is to encourage us to try out new products, new brands. I’m pretty sure most of us will tend to stick to a particular product and not change it. But we all know that our skin condition will change over time? For example, if we are using acne products, it’s time to stop when the acne have stop appearing and maybe switch to whitening or hydrating products. Even for hair products, it’s encourage to change your type of shampoo every three months. XD

So here’s where BellaBox come in, allowing us to try out new products in samples sizes before committing to the full size.

Check out http://bellabox.sg/ now for more information!

P.S: I did note that the Rimmel Mascara that I’ve received was manufactured in July’10 which I believed most had the same problem with the Rimmel products that they have received. In my opinion, it might be error with the distributor side?

This month’s Bellabox might not be spectacular but hopefully it will be better for the coming months! XD Simply because the idea of beauty boxes is really great. 🙂



Ms Candy By L’Oreal: Swatches

I’m sure most of you have seen the limited edition candy shades Infallible Shadows and Glam Shine Gloss at the stores!

I’ve received 3 items from this limited collection from L’Oreal. Two infallible shadows in Naughty Strawberry and Sassy Marshmallow, a glam shine in Miss Raspberry.

Swatches of the shadows! Very pretty colors! XD Highly pigmented and very smooth too!

Noticed the yellow specks in the pink shadow? The shadows in this collection have a mixture of two or three colors so that it’s more dimensional when applied.

Look at the lovely swirl of colors in the Glam Shine gloss!

The texture is quite sticky when I swatch it, almost like caramel. But when I applied to my lips, not sticky at all!

Here’s a look that I’ve created using the 3 items features. I also use an Infallible shadow in beige as highlights for the brow bone. It’s a very simple look, the pink on the lid, and the sliver on the crease and back half of the lash line and blended together.

How do you like this look? It’s a simple look that still has that pop of color! XD

The Glam Shine are priced at $15.90 and Infallible shadows are at $14.90. In my opinion, go grab the shadows! The pink is beautiful and very wearable!