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LookBook: Girlish Preppy

It’s had been so long since I last did a look book post. Have been lazy on dressing up and putting on makeup recently. 😛 I even gone bare faced now to work, unless I’ve an event after.

Anyways, was out to the S.E.A Aquarium with the Cousins* last Saturday so I took the chance to dress up.

I name this the Girlish Preppy look.

Outfit Breakdown:

Beret/Bracelets – Forever 21
Skirt: BKK
Knee Socks: New Look
Shoes/Bag: Scape Underground

Here’s the make of the day. I opted for something more colorful, more cheery for the eyes and kept the rest simple.

Here’s a closer look at the eye make, it’s a blend of light green, teal and lilac. I used a light shimmery cream shade to highlight the brow bone area. The light green on the inner eyelid, and the inner side of the lower lash line. The teal is on the outer corners.

If you’re wondering where’s the lilac, I used it on the lower lash line and in between the green and teal as a blending color. When using colors, always remember to blend the colors together so it won’t look patchy!

For the eye make, I’ve used 4 colors from my Sleek Mediterranean Palette L.E palette. I’ve also lined my eyes thinly with the Fantastic eyeliner in Secrete Khaki from Kick It Side for a little definition. Mascara wise, I’m using the DollyWink Volume Mascara. Primer wise, I’m using my HG NARS Eye Primer.

For blush, I used Sleek Santorini Blush applied lightly, lips wise I used Rimmel London Lipstick and ZA lip gloss in a baby pink shade.

Foundation wise I had on Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, set with Urban Decay Razor Sharp HD powder. I’ve also used the YSL Touche Eclat for concealing and highlight.

Hope you like this look!



LookBook: I’m a Cat~ Meow~

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress: BKK
Neko Headband: Asos.com
Cuff Earrings: New Look
Red Boots: Gmarket
Socks: F21.com
Leather Satchel: The Leather Satchel Co
Blue Ribbon Ring: F21



Singapore Blog Awards 2012 @ the Flyer

Hi all! Just going to share some photos taken during the blog awards this year at the flyer!
This is also like my first appearance in media events with my new nose! LOL. Say until like I went for plastic surgery like that but all I did was fillers. 😛

Ok, my face took up up of the photo though my initial intend was to take me and the cousins and an overview of the event area. 😛

Mad love the vibrant colors of the photobooth! All the photos turned up awesome! It’s always fun with the cousins! <3

Ok some me time! Haha! The photo below was me holding a board that says: ” I’m a super Beauty Blogger Queen”. The rest all said it’s so me! HAHA! And I agreed, super thick-skinned. Muahahaha! Not sure if you noticed also, but my features seem more defined and all with my new nose bridge thanks to fillers. Face is also not flabby, more defined due to the cheek fillers. 😛

Theme this year was super heroes. And spot little super hero baby!! Kawaii max!

How can I miss out taking a shot with one of the Super Blogger of the year! Yong Wei!! Haha! This guy is now in Tekong! I wish him all the best and maybe muscle up a bit in there.

Like all of you already knew, I was one of the finalists again this year for the Best Beauty Blog category. And I did not win again this year, haha. But it’s ok, cause I felt that I already won with all the support I had from all of you! <3

After the awards, we all get to go up the flyer for free! Yay!! Haha! And it’s really awesome to have the whole capsule to ourselves! We spent the first half of the ride taking photos! The lighting was just nice for photo spam!

The above collage is done using photos taken by Conan’s RangeFinder film camera. Mad love the effects! Especially the middle photo with Angie, colors so nice!

Here’s a look of the day set. I did not know how to dress up like a super hero so I went ahead and dress up normal but in the colors of green lantern girl. Haha! I even drew a diamond on my face but it’s covered by my hair. 😛 I think I look pretty fab that day though. Hehe.

Shall end this post with a fireworks collage! We went to MBS to enjoy the fireworks from the NDP preview! Really awesome to be watching fireworks with awesome friends! XD

Hopefully I will be attending next year’s blog awards too! XD



LookBook: Semi Rock Couture

(Photo Credits to Shiella!)

Went to the Redken Hair show at Audi Fashion Festival on Thursday night with my dear MFP bloggers, Claire and Shiella. Dress code was Rock Couture and this is what I came out with. I’m loving my glitter heart stockings I gotten from ASOS. What do you think? Will blog about the event once I got more photos!


LookBook: Blue CNY

Here’s my first attempt at a Look Book style post. Not very good I must say, did not have time to take nicer photos! 😛

Most of the items featured in this post are bought from BKK! Except for my Swarovski necklace.


Opted for blue this year~


Love this dress! Gotten it at 320 baht at Platinum Mall! It’s like my most expensive dress I bought there! 😛

Love this black box messenger bag that I’ve gotten from BKK! 150baht only!

Best shot I could get of my inspired Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. 😛

Blue eyeshadows to complement the whole look.

Wanted to do something to my hair but don’t want anything too complicated. So just 2 simple plaits at each side. XD


That’s all for my first Look Book post.

How do you all like it?

Shall I post more of such posts?

Comment or tweet me! XD