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Blind Testing by WishTrend

Hi everyone!!

Just going to share with you all a very interesting project that I’m starting on, initiated by WishTrend. Blind testing! If you are unsure of what’s blind testing, basically it’s to test various products without any knowledge of it’s brand, labels etc.

As many of you know, I am a sucker for packaging. Most of the time I buy products cause of the packaging. So if it works that’s good, if it doesn’t, count on my luck. Lol!

A blind test would enable me to properly review a product based on it’s function by itself and will not be biased cause of packaging or branding. Only after I submit my reviews of the various products, then I will get to know the brand etc.

So are you excited? Cause I am! I just received my first batch of products to test on! They are toners and wow, I did not know that toners comes in so many variance of colors.


Here’s the package I received from WishTrend, a Korean company whom invited me and several other SG beauty blogger to embark on this Blind Test project.


In the package, there’s the products, a results form and a personal message from WishTrend.


5 different toners for me to try out! Look at them, they are all in different colors!

Super excited to start testing them out! Stay tune to the test results!!! XD