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Taipei Travelogue 1.3 (台北自由行Kiko’s Diner夏威夷汉堡排饭专卖店)

When planning for my Taipei trip, I know that there’s several cafes I wanted to visit. But as I’m travelling with my mum who’s not a fan of such cafes, I know I had to compromise. Initially, I wanted to visit the popular Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe for the cute interior but I know for sure my mum will complain because reviews states that the food there is not good at all. Just nice, I stumbled upon Calvin’s photo of Kiko’s Diner. I looked through reviews online and I decided that I will visit it! Because not only it has Hello Kitty, there’s also other Sanrio Characters!


This is how the cafe looked like from outside! It it not the cute, sweet, pastel kind of decoration at Kiko’s but instead a more funky, casual, westernized design. Which makes it different from the usual cute cafes I think.


Wall Mural of the Sanrio family!


Hello Kitty with Chef hat!


Very spacious and I liked the open kitchen concept.


They have cute and stylish wall stickers all around!


They have a dinning booth area and it’s Little Twin Stars!


How cute is this chair!


Art paintings of the Sanrio characters in a different feel.


One of Hello Kitty.


Kiko’s Diner served mainly American Style food. They have brunch menu too!


Sanrio Characters! This is usually placed outside the cafe but I think they brought it in as it was raining when I was there!


Cute menu in the form of a newsletter-ish template. Prices are reasonable, not too expensive. The staff will explain the menu to you before you order, so you won’t be confused.


You can even customize your own pizzas at Kiko’s.


Ordered a Bacon and Ham Omelette with Toast for The Mum. Served with fries and salad.


I ordered the Signature Loco Moco. It’s basically a beef burger patty with cheese served with sunny side up, rice, fries and salad.


The beef patty is really good I must say! Look at that perfect sunny side up!


Also ordered a cafe latte to warm myself up in the cold weather. Love the cute mug! It’s available for purchase!


The Mum is too busy to take a photo with me. But I’m glad The Mum is happy with the food. Of course, bill is on me. LOL.


This is way too cute! Gold statue of Little Twin Star in the washroom!!


Cute signage on the door!


I did not add on any effect, that’s the actual mirror with some filter film!


Cute My Melody wall art!


Yes, I took several of the napkins and name cards back as keepsakes. Too cute!


The cafe is very cosy, staff are friendly and the food is decent. There’s a dining limit of two hours but I believed if there’s no queue or waiting reservations, you will not be asked to leave. However, I still think it’s good to stick to the limit since it’s the house rules. 🙂


#firstletmetakeaselfie with that Hello Kitty on that pillar.


If I’m not wrong, I spent a total of NTD780 for this meal, which is about SGD34. I feel that it’s reasonable for two pax. You’ll probably spend more for a similar meal in SG.


Tote bags and coffee mugs available for sale! But it’s a bit pricey in my opinion. Sadly, I was on a budget if not I will get the tote bag!

I would recommend this cafe to Hello Kitty lovers and Sanrio lovers! If you’re a kitty fan but your friends are not, I’m sure they won’t complain if you bring them here!

Kiko’s Diner 

忠孝東路四段205巷7弄7號 Taipei, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2731 9135
台北捷運「忠孝敦化站 」2號出口,步行約三分鐘
(After exiting from exit 2 of ZhongXiaoDunHua Station, turn left when you see the sign stating 205 lane, walk straight and you and see it on the right!捷運站2號出口出来,看到205巷的牌子转左,直走再转右就看到了!)

There’s a time limit of 2 hours so do take note! 用餐时间有两小时的限制,所以大家要注意哦!

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Hello Kitty in McDonalds’ Land!


Look what I’ve in my hands! It been 12 years and now once again, Hello Kitty is back to McDonalds’ Land for a visit!

Look what they are wearing! Cosplaying as the main characters of McDonalds! In place of Ronald, Birdie, Hamburglar and Grimace, it’s Hello Kitty!!

Looking smart in their suits! And they are of such adorable sizes! Kitty-Burglar will look better with a mask though. But still mad cute nonetheless!

Just slightly taller than the new refreshing smoothies in McDonalds’ Land~ Grimace Kitty can transform! Let me show you…

Tadah! Grimace Kitty can be Super/Captain/Avenger Kitty with the cap down which will looks like a cape. 😛 I’m have a little Kitty Ribbon on me too. 😛

Not only me, everyone else are sold loving Kitty! Guys included too!!

I’m not in the frame but I can has Kitty! 😛

Kitties posing at the back. So I took a self shot and caught them all. Yes, it’s a self shot. 😛 And I do not own a swivel screen camera. 😛

I want them all!!!

Hamburglar Kitty will be roaming around from 17th May to the 23rd May! Catch her before she’s gone!

Grimace Kitty will come out to play on the 24th May and will go back to maybe sanrioland after the 30th May so go find her before that too!

Birdie Kitty will land on the 31st May and will fly off after the 6th of June! Don’t miss her!

Ronald Kitty will be out looking for children to play~ Visit her at Mcdonalds’ Land and invite her home from 7th June onwards and she will not be accepting any invites after the 13th of June!

Ops, forget to mention that you do have to pay a small price of $3.60 after buying an Extra Value Meal to get the kitties. You can also purchase Kitty at $9 each without the meals. But I will say, treat your friend a EVM and get yourself the Kitty if you’re on diet. 😛

Be sure to get your hands on Hello Kitty while they’re in McDonalds’ Land! XD

Joyce.Kitty.Forensia <3


Envy Nail Lounge – Hello Kitty Manicure!

Hi all!

I am going to introduce a relatively new Nail Salon located at Peck Seah Street which is near Tanjong Pagar. I was invited down to try out their nail services and I had a very good experience!


Turn in at the end of Red Dot Museum and walk all the way in and you will find the place! It’s the first shop at the building left of the blueish building.


Envy Hair and Nails!

When you enter the salon, you will see a nice hair salon. Located all the way at the back of the salon, is the nail salon which is super nicely decorated!


The nail salon is super princessy! Super pretty! They even had blings on the bird cage design!!

Over at Envy, they use mainly OPIs and ORLY nail colors.


Anyways, here’s my super pretty and sweet nails!


I seen a Hello Kitty design on their FB page and Aini, the manicurist suggested 3D Hello Kitty and came up with the above design!

It’s simple yet sweet and not overly cutesy!


I love the 3D Hello Kitty!! There’s also the words Hello Kitty with a little heart written!


Blings used are real Swarovski crystals!


Had a photo with Aini, the lovely and bubbly Manicurist! Had a good time chatting with her during the manicure!


Another photo of my Hello Kitty nails!! I mad love them!


Do check out their FB Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Envy-Hair-Nail-Spa/242173352510714 for nail designs that have been done and also their service menu!

And of course Envy provide hair services too! You can do your hair and nails at the same time in the same place!

Envy Hair and Nails is located at 46 Peck Seah Street. Opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am to 8 pm!

Call 62211220 to book your appointment now!