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Mini DollyWink Haul

I have a soft spot of Limited Edition stuff. So it happens that I’m browsing through the shelves of Watson’s during my break and saw this. There were only a few left and I stood there for several minutes, swatching the liners and then pick these 2 up.

From the swatches, they are decent liners. Sorry for the lack of swatches as I have not opened them up yet.

But moral of the story is, I got them because of the neon pink packaging and the cute sharpener. 😛

Here’s the pencil liner with the cute sharpener~ I actually did not have a decent one for my pencils so I guess this justify my purchase. 😛

And here’s the pretty neon pink liquid liner! I must say that the tip is quite sharp and yet soft, as in not prickly on the skin.

Did I mention that I hardly use eyeliners?

And that I’m a sucker for packaging? 😛

<3, Forensia.


Haul: More Perfumes

A bottle of perfume a month. Sinful. Especially when I have around 8 bottles of fragrances at home not including colognes or miniatures. Also the fact that I’m not a person who uses perfume everyday. LOL. I only use when I felt like it or when going to events or such. However, most of the time I will tend to forget. 😛 Oh wells~

I bought this bottle of Black XS at JP Fragrance at FEP last month. I remember smelling it at the airport once when I was out with my friends and I love the scent. Ok, and the bottle too. I’m a sucker for packaging. 😛 This scent is more to the sweet side and I love my scent sweet. 😛 Most of my perfumes are more fruity, if not musky.


I just bought this from Sephora. It’s a limited edition scent according to the BA and there’s a GWP if I purchased above $80. So I got the 50 ml bottle which cost $84 and got the free pink pouch. The BA also gave me this sparking body gel thingy.

In fact, I had no intention of buying anything when I head to Sephora. Guess I kind of get “con” into buying it. Haha~ But that’s what happens when you go shopping. LOL. But I must say it’s a really nice fruity scent. Very refreshing too! Of course la, if I don’t like the scent I won’t buy regardless of the GWP.

Oh well, it means that I now have around 10 bottles of fragrances in my stash? 😛 That’s quite a number and I’m very sure that it will increase again. 😛



Haul: Precious Stones Jewelery

I got these jewelery quite awhile ago from the flea market at *Scape. They are made from real stones and the designs are really nice. I got them at a steal as the seller who made these jewelery who’s a really nice lady made them as her hobby and is not really looking into earning from selling them. Most of the necklaces and bracelets are priced at $10 and the rings at $5.

I got 3 items, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. I kind of wished that I’ve bought more though. All these only cost me $25! It’s a real deal for such pretty things!


Here’s the ring, it’s made from Black Onyx.

Another picture of the ring under flash. It’s really simple and elegant which goes well with everything! You must have noticed the black and gold combination which I really like, be it accessories or packaging. LOL.


Here’s the bracelet which I really like the main piece. It’s not too complicated and really pretty.


A closer look at the danglers which consists of a flower charm and 2 stones. The 2 stones are in different colors yet they are the same stone! The colors are natural, the stones are only polished to be smooth.


Here’s the necklace which is really simple yet outstanding due to the color of the stone. It’s hot pink and it’s the natural color! Also this is from the same stone as the ones from the bracelets.


Real simple design, with a flower charms and several dangling chains. The color of the stone really make it stand out!


Here’s a closer look at the stone, it’s naturally shaped like that, edges are smoothen out though. This stone is actually Turquoise! Are you surprised? I’m very surprised when I heard it from the lady who made them.

Lucky I got a name card from her so I can contact her to ask if she will be selling her creations at any future fleas. XD Clever me! LOL.

Look out for these precious stones jewelery if you happen to be at a flea, if you’re lucky you might be able to score some of these pretty creations for yourself. XD

<3 Forensia~