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Review: Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo

I’ve always been curious about how dry shampoo works and I’ve finally got the chance to try it out when I was sent the Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo for review.

A dry shampoo is to help keeping the scalp fresh and oil free.

The 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo promises to absorb oil, adds volume to the hair and also protect the color of the hair.

I usually wash my hair at night after a whole day out which means my hair would usually be oily half way through the day. Hence, I’m happy to try out this product which can help reduce oil.

The MA Dry Shampoo acts like a hair spray of medium holding power. When sprayed to the roots of hair, the scalp feels refreshed and I do feel that it’s clean. No residue is left behind, so no worries about any powdery residue.

The only thing I don’t really like is that fact that it’s like a hairspray. I don’t really like my hair to be stiff but at least it’s not of strong holding power.

The effects of the shampoo lasted roughly about 4 hours and I’ll start feeling oily again after lunch time. It would be good if they have a travel size to bring around so that we could refresh the hair on the go.

I’ll rate this a 3/5 as I don’t like the “hairspray” factor. It’s a good product overall though. 🙂

Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo is available at Watsons and is retailing at $24.90.



New Hairstyle by Salon De Choix

This is my third time to Salon De Choix, and this time I’m getting a new hair color as my previous colored ends have very much faded away after 2 months plus nearly 3 months.

Before: Black hair roots, faded ends. I would say the color stay quite well, as you can see there still can be purple and green seen.

I actually like how it faded into this ashy tone though. But it’s time for fresh color!!

This time round, I asked for a brighter base color as I find that dark brown base might be too dull and I personally prefer a brighter color. A brighter base color also meant a darker color tone for the ends. Hence, I’m somehow reversing the tones of my hair colors.

My stylist Elein suggested a copper base with a dark purple blue ends. For the dark purple blue, she used a chemical free colorant instead of the usual color dye to minimize any damage to the bleached hair.

That’s Elein applying the colorant to my hair section by section ensuring that it’s evenly coated on.

And of course, I did hair treatment using Kerastase! I swear by this treatment! Friends have been commenting why is my bleached and colored hair smoother then the non bleached base. This is the reason!


I’m using the treatment specially for colored hair, this will help the color to last longer!


Full Range of Kerastase Hair Rituals available at Salon De Choix~ There’s something for every hair type!


Did I mentioned that Salon De Choix provides a wide range of beverages and also biscuits for all customers? Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while getting your hair pampered!


When I was making my way to the salon, I was thinking maybe it’s time that I try something new and cut bangs. The last I had bangs was back in primary school which is at least 10 years ago. LOL.

I make a good scare with my non-existent fringe.

So while I was contemplating to ask Elein about cutting fringe while comfortably seated at the salon, she suggested bangs to me before I even say anything!! It’s like she can read my mind! How awesome!

And there we go, snipping off quite a substantial length for the fringe.

Ta-dah! Bangs!! Honestly, though it had been one week since I had the cut, I’m still no used to seeing me with bangs!

Elein proceeded to curl my hair and now you can see the colors better! I swear, this was 98% close to what I’ve always wanted secretly. Salon De Choix gives you what you want without you asking!!!!!!!

Of course, we must always apply serum for the hair for additional protection!

Elein used the Kerastase Elixir Ultime for color treated hair on my hair, providing shine and protection!

After photo! Look at how pretty and healthy my hair is after a pampering session! Fresh colors and treatment done!

And not forgetting my new hair cut! I think I really like how I look with bangs. Who say people with a wide face can’t cut bangs? You just need to go for a rounded cut rather then a straight cut!

Here’s a side view shot that I took standing under the light. Tell me, ain’t my new hair colors gorgeous! I love it to the max!!

Thanks Elein! For giving me a new hairstyle that suits me so much! I can attempt the KAWAII style with my new hair cut now!! I looked so much younger too! 😛

Salon De Choix is located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519. Nearest Mrt will be Somerset, exit left up the escalator. After that, simply walk out and turn left and walk along the road, cross the traffic light and you will spot Salon De Choix just at the corner of the building!

Do also check out Salon De Choix’s FB page for more information and like them too!

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Call 6836 2959 to make your appointments today!



Hair Treatment at Salon De Choix

Went to Salon De Choix few days back to do treatment!! Do you know that it’s recommended to do treatment at a proper salon once a month? It’s extremely important to do so to keep your hair healthy and smooth! Especially if you have crazy hair colors like mine!

This time round, I did a treatment mainly to treat dry hair with the color booster to protect my hair color. My hair was a little dry before I did my bleach and color, and it’s definitely more prone to drying out. Hence, it’s important to treat it regularly. But I must say, I only notice dryness at the ends of my bleached parts, and it’s not frizzy dry but just slightly dry. The previous treatment I did prevent it to be super dry.

Here’s the booster to be mixed into the hair serum and it’s to protect my hair color, allowing to shine still.

Got to leave on the serum for about 15 to 20 minutes before applying the mask, and that’s another 10 to 15 minutes. I was put under the mist during the treatment. It helps the hair to absorbs the treatment.

Can you see the mist?

Here’s my hair washed and partially blow dry, ready to be styled!

Here’s the results! Nice natural looking spiral curls!

I’m loving my hair more! It’s super smooth after the treatment! Brown parts are like super silky smooth while the colored parts are healthy looking and not dry!

I really love my green/purple hair which have gotten so many good comments! And Jerry said to touch up the colors next month! So excited!

What are you waiting for? Head to Salon De Choix to pamper your hair now!

Salon De Choix is located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519. Nearest Mrt will be Somerset, exit left up the escalator. After that, simply walk out and turn left and walk along the road, cross the traffic light and you will spot Salon De Choix just at the corner of the building!

There’s a current promotion going on now till the end of month!

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Salon De Choix, it’s your choice~ XD



Hair Story: Red Ombre Hair

I have always wanted to dye my hair purple or red but I was advised against it as these colors required bleaching and won’t last long. The main factor that hold me back was bleaching as I do not want the bleach to do more harm to my hair. From the day I started dyeing my hair, I’m already doing harm to it. >~< That is why I do not wish to do further harm by bleaching. Cause we all know that bleaching can really dry out the hair and all.

Then there was this trend of Ombre/Dipped Dye Hair going on for quite some time already. So I was thinking, since it’s not a full color, I will only need to bleach my hair partially for that purple or red hair I’ve always wanted! Then when I get tired caring for the bleach hair, I can always cut it off when it grew out! Was actually deciding between DIY or head to a salon and get it done. Decided to opt for the salon option to get my hair professionally done as I do not want to ruin my hair in my own hands. 😛

The next thing I know I was asking for recommendations for salons on twitter and went to get my hair dyed the next day!

And so I went to Vintage Studio at FEP as recommended by dear Wendy who recently dyed her hair blonde.

I did 2 types of color, treatment and hair cut. I did a base color in addition to my highlights as my previous DIY dye did not managed to even out the color at my hair roots. Got my hair layered as my hair was cut straight the previous time I had my hair cut short. Layered hair definitely looks better on me, adds more volume too.

What makes me very happy is that I did not bleach my hair at all! The stylist at Vintage Studio, Mars recommended me a red dye which require no bleaching. He also said that the color is actually between red and purple which will turn out into quite a unique color. No bleaching, plus color between red/purple. It’s like the best option to me.

Alright, onto the photos of my hair!

Here’s a close with flash. Look at the red, ain’t it lovely? I did a dark brown for my base color. So it’s a dark brown red ombre. 😛 The brown has an ashy tone to it so as to balance with the warmth tone of the red.

An overall shot of the hair. The brown makes the hair look so much healthier!

Here’s a back shot of my hair. The red was dyed on in sections so that it looks more even and natural.

My hair in daylight.

If I tie my hair up in a pony tail, the tail part is all red hair. Super pretty! Makes me want to tie my hair up into a pony tail more. 😛

Here’s the red after the first wash. The red runs when I wash my hair and I can see like violet water running out from the hair. But of course as you can see, the color did not run off my hair. 😛

I’m really very much in love with my hair now. And I put in more effort in hair care too as I want my hair to stay healthy for the color to look nice and of course to make the color last longer. XD

Very happy and in love with my hair now! You will definitely see me take extra photos with my pretty hair now. Haha. 😛

And I really enjoyed the experience at Vintage Studio. Really friendly stylists they have there and I feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. So far the salons I’ve been too don’t really make me want to go back but I think I will go back to Vintage Studio the next time I want to pamper my hair. Even my friend who went with me to dye her hair is happy with her new hair color. 😛


Disclaimer: I paid for all the hair services from my own pocket. 🙂


A Refreshing Change~

Having long hair for like 6 years plus and is kind of tired of it. Been wanting to cut short but gotten many NOs from friends and the Mum.

I also know the fact that I’m best suited for long hairstyles. Hence, I put aside the idea till my hair really got out of hand. The ends became really frizzy and it’s really very irritating.

So I decided to go cut my hair, quite an impulsive decision actually. Fortunately, it turned out quite well! I’m glad I chose the right place for cutting my hair short. As you all know, hair is so important, a bad hair color might not be that bad, but a bad hair cut is very serious.

Alright, here’s photos of my new hair! XD


Ok la, it’s not that short. It still touches my shoulder, still can tie. LOL. My hair stylist refused to go any shorter. In fact, he was a little reluctant to cut my hair short from what I can see. But we discussed about it and I told him why I want to go short and I was quite persistent. He also explained to me why he will only cut my hair to a certain length and not too short. Reasons being is my face shaped, and broad shoulders and also the fact that my hair has natural waves. Hence, I trusted him with my hair and end results is that I’m loving it!


Shorter hair just seems neater in a way compared to my long thick and messy hair.


I think I will maintain my hair at this length for a long period of time. Maybe I will even go shorter as time passes. 😛 My stylist did mentioned that I’m best suited for long wavy hair but that would have to wait! I’m happy with this length! Easier to dry! LOL. XD


I have no idea why my eyes will go one big one small when I smile a little too wide.


Ahem, time to act kawaii for awhile. Awhile only. 😛


I definitely look younger with shorter hair! 😛


I don’t look like I’m already 21 in this photo right? 😛


My stylist also did mentioned that my hair also suits the messy look. Don’t you agree? XD


Here’s where I went to cut my hair and that’s the name of the stylist who attended to me.

I’m glad I went to I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu. Knew about it from some of the blogs I read. It’s the most recent salon I read about, fresh in memory so I went. 😛

So glad I went as I’m really happy with my new hair. Simon, my stylist was really friendly too and shared many tips with me and my friend who accompanied me. I would go back and look for him again for my next hair cut or even color. XD