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JayBee with the Cousins

It’s JayBee with the Cousins!! This is like our very first out of Singapore trip together even though it’s only to JayBee!! So dear Meldric is going to be enlisting very soon on the 12th June! And this trip is like a gathering before he enlist! He signed on for 5 years with the Police Force and I definitely wish him all the best. I’m pretty sure he’ll do fine. The army boys in our gang, Weijie have just recently ORD and Andy is going to get promoted soon I think. LOL.


So basically, all we did is to eat, shop, watch movie, shop, eat! Most of the time we were eating or munching on snacks while shopping. Haha!


Here’s our Brunch!! We had roasted chicken, roasted duck, char siew and roasted pork, kailan with oyster sauce. Whole meal cost us RM102.40 for the 9 of us. 😛


It’s also the first time for me to take a bus while in JB! I used to always just take the taxi when I went with The Mum. RM1.50 only for the bus ride to KSL where we watched the movie Piranha 3DD. It’s a lame movie, don’t waste your money to watch it. Lucky the ticket is only RM11. 😛


Dinner was Zhi Char!! WeiJie lead us to this alley where there are many stalls! Hygiene were not the best but the food is good! I think dinner cost us around RM160? We each forked out RM20 and got back RM2. Lol.


Cousins photo at the bus interchange. LOL! <3


Here’s a photo of Meldric and his girlfriend, Amanda! Don’t they look alike?


Best photo I’ve taken on the day. There’s no need for hug and kisses, just simple holding of hands shows all the love. =)

I love the cousins and it warms my heart to see them all happy. XD



Lunch @ Sky on 57 with Cleo Bachelor!

Hi all!

Just a short update to share my experience at Sky on 57 with Cleo Bachelor, Loh ZhiZhi. And of course, this is made possible thanks to HTC Singapore!

This was actually a twitter contest by HTC and I happened to randomly join the contest for fun. The next  moment I know, I received a DM from HTC telling me that I was picked. ;P

The prize is having a lunch date at Sky on 57 located at Marina Bay Sands, SkyPark with Cleo Bachelor 2012 winner, Loh ZhiZhi.

(To be honest, I did not know that he was actually the winner initially. [o.o])

(Above images credits to Google and respective owners.)

Located at the SkyPark of MBS, Sky on 57 is a fine dinning restaurant that specialize in Franco Asian Cuisine. They provide a 360 Degrees view of Singapore. Sadly, it was raining that day, hence we can’t get a clear view.

We had the 4 course set lunch. (Oh, they served Fiji Water for still water! LOL! Suagu me.:P)

These are what I ordered:

Starter: Ceviche of Kagoshima Buri-OH in Lemon Vinaigrette, Micro Greens

Soup: Roasted Tomato Soup with Sauteed Prawns

Main: “Crown” of Sakura Chicken

Dessert: Roasted Apricot Tart, Honey Ice Cream

I would say I like the starter best, followed by the main course. Overall the food is quite good.

Here’s a photo of me with Cleo Bachelor, ZhiZhi.

Ok, the photo’s actually blur and I only realized it when I opened it on computer. (Wasted! LOL!)

It was actually quite awkward initially when we met and left alone for the lunch. But after chatting for awhile, things become more natural. LOL.  I would say it’s fun chatting with him. =) He’s actually the same age as me! Haha.

Here’s a better quality photo of him taken off Cleo’s website! 😛

Once again, thanks HTC Singapore for the great experience. =)

Signing off with a self shot!




Bangkok Travelogue: FOOD

In this post, I’m just going to spam photos of food that I’ve eaten or spotted in BKK! XD

Alright, here goes!

First meal in BKK!


This is some Rice with Chicken.

This is my absolute favorite food that I’ve had in BKK!


Only 89 Baht for the meal!!



Some Sour soup which I forgot the name.

Green Curry Fried Rice which is not bad too.

I just love anything Green Curry!

Fried Rice with Pork.

I must say Rice in BKK taste awesome!

I’m not a rice person but then I keep eating rice there!

Went to this Chinese Sukiyaki shop which is quite famous.

All the goodness in the pot!


Had this snack which taste quite good. Savory sweet taste!

Looks good too and the skin is crispy.

Fresh pomegranate juice!

Look at the yummy fruit!

Thai Mangoes! YUMMY!

One of the things that I’ve missed most.

Fried oyster omelette alike snack. Instead of oyster, it’s actually cuttlefish in it!

All the BBQ food!

This is another good stuff! QUAIL EGGS with the fish sauce and pepper!!

Thai Style Ice Blended Bubble Tea!

Just nice to quench thirst in the hot weather!

Dried Shrimps! My mum bought like 2 KGs.

Smells great and taste good too!

Raw seafood sold by the roadside.

Coconut snack.

Thai Style Noodles! YUMMY!

Beef Noodles!

I had both bowl of noodles within the same meal. Both taste damn nice!

Bean Paste snacks.

Old school soft drinks.

Fried Rice!

Tom Yum Soup again!

Egg Omelette!

Fried Vegetables and pork.

Dessert store where you can mix and match your own ingredients.

Steam Corn!! I never tried them though, stomach is already full when I spotted the corn!

This is some egg pastry snack. Smells real good.

The Mum with some random snack!

A&W in BKK!!

How can I not get their Root Beer Float!

Oh boy, this post is making me miss all the good food I had in BKK!