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Nail Art By Couture Nails

Many of you might have seen my nails designed by Aini from Couture Nails on instagram. I’m going to go through the designs I’ve done in for June!

20140708-134418-49458396.jpg The first design have a dark tone to it, a more goth feel which I love. The colors that are used are mainly black, red, white and gold. It’s a pretty classy set.

20140708-134417-49457675.jpg I like how Aini alternate the colors on both hands and if you realized, the checkered design on both hands are different too. Nail stickers and bling are also used in this set to glam up the whole design!

20140708-134420-49460605.jpg Always enjoy my pedicure session at Couture as they play movies at the sofa area. Different movie each week! I opted for a simple one color for my toes and added a ribbon on both big toes!

20140708-134419-49459047.jpgThe second set of nails I did in June are Little Twin Star Inspired! Don’t you love the color palette used in this set? The main color on both hands are different, with the same nail art.

20140708-134418-49458607.jpg Check out the hand drawn Kiki and Lala by Aini! So adorable! This is also why the main color of each hand is different, it follows the hair color of the character!

20140708-134418-49458753.jpg I really love how sweet this set is and I’ve gotten many comments on them! Notice that the blings on my ring fingers are star shaped?

20140708-134540-49540632.jpg Here’s a set of new nail art I noticed on my most recent visit! Crayon Shin chan and friends! Drawn by Aini too! If you love cartoon characters and wants them on your nails, Aini is the manicurist to look for! Of course, it will be good to give her a graphic reference.

fjfxcouturenails Exclusively for my readers, quote my name “Joyce” to get 15% off!

Couture Nails is located at #04-69 at Far East Plaza. Check out their FB Page for more nail art designs! XOXO, Joyce.Forensia


Pastel Floral Nails By Couture Nails

Couture Nails is a newly opened nail salon located at Far East Plaza. They are located at unit #04-69. It’s a nice cosy salon that can accommodate up to 5 customers at a time.

couture nails shop

They have a wide variety of normal nails and gelish colours!


Over at Couture Nails, they take great care in hygiene. For each new customer, they will use newly sanitized tools. Tools are stored in a special sterilized pouch after being sanitized. I am very sure they are the first nail salon that is having this practice.

sterilization pouch

Couture Nails is also my new sponsor for Manicure and Pedicure services. The nail artist there are capable to reproduce almost all designs requested as long as they have the supplies. I strongly recommend my nail artist, Aini who was also my previous manicurist. 🙂

Here’s the designs that she did for me on my first visit! Dotted floral matched with hot pink polish on the toes. toesfloral

I did acrylic extensions on my nails as they were quite short, followed by gelish nail art. I showed her a design and gave her the free reign to improvise the design. And this is the outcome which I really love. There’s the flowers I wanted, with my favourite pastel colours and there’s also bling and ribbons!

pastelfloral2 pastelfloralnails1 pastelfloralnails3

Thanks to Couture Nails and Aini, I can has pretty nails from now on! Can’t wait to work with Aini on the next nail art design!


Exclusively for my readers, quote my name “Joyce” to get 15% off!

Like Couture Nails FB Page to get updates on their pretty awesome nail arts! They are also on instagram!