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Review: Tony Moly Tomatox Oxygen Brightening Mask


I got this mask way back in February and I love it! It’s worth every cent of the $26.90 that I have paid for it. I bought it for novelty sake initially and I’m really glad I got it as it really works quite well for me.


Thick white cream with red beads inside. You can’t really see as the flash exposed the cream. ><


So here’s a clearer look at the creamy mask. Apply a relatively thick, not too thick, but not too thin either, wait for it to bubble up in about 3 – 5 minutes and wash off with warm water. You will be surprised by the instant brightening effect!  Let me show you.


In order not to waste product, I only apply a very thin layer on my hand. You go a lil thicker then this when you apply on your face. It needs to be a lil thick for it to bubble up.


I wiped off half after a minute and this is what you get.

The brightening effect last for above 2 days. The longer you used it, you will notice that your overall complexion will become brighter slightly.

I personally think that it’s a perfect product to brighten up a dull/tired face.

Highly recommend this product to all of you! XD Hope that you all find this review useful!

<3, Forensia.