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Domino’s Pizza!

20130627-102508.jpgI was finally able to make it to a Domino’s Pizza Party organized by OMY.SG after missing out so many sessions! Was really looking forward as I’ve never tried Domino’s Pizza before and I’m excited to feast on them!

20130627-102515.jpgLocated at about 5 mins walking distance from Kovan Mrt, the outlet at Kovan is not difficult to find!

20130627-102604.jpgThe party started off with the usual talks and introduction about Domino’s Pizza but I’m thinking, I should go straight to the food here. Or rather, start with a camwhore photo with a fake pizza. ­čśŤ

20130627-102545.jpgIt wasn’t long when the real pizzas are served and our cameras as usual, gets the first round before we can start eating. I’m amazed by the wide variety of flavors Domino’s provided and some of the flavors like the sambal one is really good! I also like the fact that they have different crust selections. I personally love Thin Crust and the New York Crust.

20130627-102522.jpgThere’s 7 different pizzas served to us that day that I am unable to know which is which. All I know is that the pizzas are all good. I would recommend the New York Crust if you are ordering a pizza that is heavier in taste. And the Thin Crust for flavors like Pepperoni and Hawaiian.

20130627-102530.jpgAnd of course, we should give some prime time to the sides. Onion rings, drumlets, nuggets and LAVA CAKE!! I love the drumlets and Lava cake!! Do try them out!! Highly recommended!

20130627-102536.jpgWe must not forget the humans when eating! Took some shots with Dawn, Smith and Meryl~ And me with the Domino’s poster chef. ­čśŤ

20130627-102551.jpgOps! I’m caught eating pizza again. But it’s ok, because I’ve a super good deal for you all! It’s such a good deal that you will want to order Domino’s for at least once a week!

20130627-102556.jpgSorry I can’t help it but I still look slim in this photo despite eating like 5 slices of pizza. But they were really yummy that I just forgo the fact that I’m on a diet.


Here goes one with a real pizza finally and the good deal!! 50% off all Pizzas and applies to all sizes!! Simply enter the coupon code BLG89┬ábefore ordering to enjoy a whole 50% off!! This also means that you can buy 2 pizzas at the price of 1. ­čśŤ Best deal right? Don’t say I never share hor!

Clicky to like Domino’s Fb!

Enjoy eating Pizzas!! Or maybe organize a Pizza Party?



Phuket Day 3

If you have not read Day 1 and Day 2, go read first before coming back to this Day 3 post!

This is a pretty short post, but every trip needs an ending. ­čśŤ

Day 3 started out wet. It was raining pretty heavily when we woke up and it was depressing. So after breakfast and working out for some of them. We decided to make use of the time and spam photos in our suite room.

 I have no idea what we were doing. Random actions just came out. Haha. 

 Different levels of posing. The super crazy ones, the act yi ge ones and the keep calm and pose ones.

Melissa, Jac and Silver really bring life to the photos with their random poses.

 More! Haha!

┬áDaphne: “What is this!!”
Ju: ” Aiya, No eyes see.”
Melissa: ” Check out my nice ass.”

Ju and me decided to join in the randomness. Carris, Daphne and Cheryl was just giving us that look. LOL.

We chilled and snacked and washed up till the rain stops and it’s time for us to check out. Left our luggages at the hotel and hop on a Tuk Tuk to Patong for last minute shopping, early dinner and massages!

IMG_3763My camera was frosty hence the fog. Not as crazy as at night at this Tuk Tuk have no surround system. 

What the sea/beach looks like after a huge rain.


Still very pretty in my opinion.

IMG_3773We split ways as some wanted to shop and some including me wants to get a massage. I opted for a leg and head massage. For 550 Baht, I think it very worth it as I enjoyed it. My masseur was a kind thai lady who even comb my hair like a mother would do after the massage. Very sweet of her!
2013-05-12 16.03.30

There was a whole stretch of massage salons at Patong, but we settled for this quickly as they provided free Wi-Fi. How typical of us social media addicts. Enjoying my massage here!

2013-05-12 16.03.20

Here’s a random photo of me with my new buy in the living room of our suite room.

2013-05-12 15.05.28

I did not buy much during this trip. Just a cap, a dress and two singlets. One tip to shopping in Phuket, if the shop owner refuses to give you the price you want (have to be reasonable la) walk away. Usually they will call you back and give you the price you wanted.

2013-05-11 23.41.31

We returned to our hotel to collect our luggage after dinner at No. 6 again. Then from Kamala, we took the mini van to the airport. Kamala is actually nearer to the airport compared to Patong if you’re wondering. This time round, we managed to get the ride back to airport at only 1000 Baht. And then, it’s home sweet home.

Ending this post of a photo of the instant memories with the girls in Phuket. <3

2013-05-13 02.05.41

I really enjoyed this trip loads. Thanks Carrie, Cheryl, Daphne, Jacqueline, Juann, Melissa and Silver for the great time!! Looking forward to our next trip together!!

Group Photos credits to: Cheryl Tay



Phuket Day 2

I’m here with day 2! But if you have not read Day 1 yet, go read!!

Day 2 is a long day! We booked an island-hopping tour the night before after dinner at the tour counter just outside our hotel. 1400 Baht each for Coral Island and Raya Island which includes lunch and snorkeling.

We woke up early to have breakfast and prepares for the long day ahead. While waiting for our transport to come pick us up, we took more photos at the lobby!! I especially love this group photo of all 8 of us! It’s my current lock screen wallpaper on the mini!

The van made a few detours to pick other people up before we finally reached the place where we are supposed to board the speed boat. But first, we had to wait at this resting station while they wait for all the people to arrive. Don’t buy the bikinis at the shop there as they are the only shop there and raises the price. You can get cheaper ones at Patong.

We have to walk to the beach from the rest station but it’s quite a short walk. so no frets there. Not forgetting to camwhore while walking!


Ran in-front of the girls to take this shot. Think Daphne is blocked. ><


Soon we reached the boarding area and when you walk onto the beach, there will be this guy taking photos of you. It’s for a photo┬ásouvenir which you will get to buy at the end of the trip. I bought it as it’s only 100 baht.


Standard group shot of the girls on the speedboat. The ride on the speedboat is not exactly pleasant and you might get seasick. Good thing is that they actually provide free seasick pills.


Standard procedures. How could I not have a shot of me on the boat. Random, but I love my mint green shades from F21!


We reached Coral island first and it’s free and easy. We could do sea sports at additional costs or just choose to relax and chill by the beach which we did. And before we ran off to the sea, we stripped down to our bikinis and took a group shot!

This is probably one of the rare moments you will see me in a bikini. I don’t actually have a good figure, and is flabby all over but heck. You don’t expect me to cover up when everyone else is in bikinis right? Lol.

2013-05-11 10.09.58

Coral Island is named that way for a reason. There’s loads of stone corals washed up to the shores by the waves. And you can’t avoid stepping on them when you enter the waters. It’s like walking on those stone pebbles path but sharper stones. Which is why me and Melissa are holding hands. Haha. I like this shot though. ­čśŤ

And then we started to take crazy shots in the waters while fighting to stay afloat among the strong waves.

Just jumping and goofing around.

Check out that wave! It’s not easy trying to stay above waters ok! It gets really tiring.

So we ended up wearing life jackets so we can just float around. LOL.

Here’s a selfi of me and Melissa with the girls in the background. Look at the clear blue water!! So nice!

After Coral Island, we made our way to Raya Island. We are headed for the beach first to let those who do not wish to snorkel to drop off first. Then we were brought to the snorkeling spot. Which is breathtaking. Look at that clear blue water in my favorite shade.

These shot is made possible thanks to Jacqueline. Now I want an underwater camera too! I think I am the 2nd one from the left based on the bracelet. LOL.

The one with head above water is me. Haha. The water is so freaking clear!!

The fishes gets really near you when someone threw a bread in. And it kinds of gets scary.

Say hi to the fish! How often can you swim freely in the clear blue sea and look at the fish swimming beneath.

After snorkeling, we were brought onshore to have a simple lunch. Then it’s free and easy. Means photo time!! I’m in love with the sea. I’m glad that the sun wasn’t really that scorching hot as I did not get a burnt. But of course, reapplying sunblock every now and then helps!


And this bunch of lovely crazy girls. And of course, these jump shots are made possible by Cheryl with her pro camera! Next time, you must join us in front of the camera ok!

7 girls, in the air at the same time with an awesome background. How often do you get that huh? Look at our shadows on the sand!!

I get an individual jump shot too. Hee!

More jump shots!

Silver was doing cartwheels on the beach and she managed to teach Jacqueline how to do it too!

After that, it’s back to the hotel! And as we only have one toilet each in our rooms, we decided to dip ourselves in the pool while waiting for the toilet to be available. There was a water slide in the pool and it’s quite fun. Haha.

I came down to fast so I did not managed to allow the girls to take a shot of me sliding off like this.

More underwater shots! I love how random we are!

One normal shot above water…

And it’s back to going underwater.

SIlver and Jacqueline decides to fight it out to see who has the best cartwheel. While we watch in shock? LOL.

“Don’t fight already!! Stop” LOL.

We decided to head out to Patong after washing up for dinner! Apparently the Tuk Tuk in Phuket are bigger and more happening. Surround sound system with club hits. Lol. We partied our way to Patong. Haha.


Look, we all have rosy cheeks after a long day in the sun.


The Tuk Tuk ride from our hotel in Kamala takes about 15-20 minutes to reach Patong. It’s like going to town. Haha. Once you reached Patong, you will see many street lights, many shops and many eateries and bars etc. There will also be people who will try to make you go and watch those so called free Ping Pong shows and they can be rather annoying. My advice is to just ignore them. Unless, you want to watch la.


We were recommended this No 6 Restaurant by a┬áPharmacist when getting some medicines. The restaurant is pretty easy to find and there’s a long queue. So the people at the restaurant asked if we want to go up the hill to their new branch instead and they provided shuttle services. We decided to give it a go and it’s was a dark and long 10 minutes trip up the hill. Halfway through, we were wondering if they are taking us somewhere to sell. LOL. Good thing we took the shuttle up as the view was great! You can’t really see from the photo but you get a wonderful view of the city lights from up the hill!


Our food came really quick. They actually took orders through a phone application. Well, if a restaurant is doing so well that they can have two branches, provide shuttle service and have an electronic ordering system, there must be something really good about it. And they did not disappoint! Food was good and quite affordable. We had crabs, fish, Tom Yum, Green Curry etc. I would definitely go back there to eat if I visit Phuket again!

Once again, the place is named No.6 Restaurant. So if you are in Phuket, do hop on to their shuttle and dine at their hill top branch. It’s worth a try! We couldn’t resist a photo with the shuttle truck. ­čśŤ

That wraps up Day 2 in Phuket with the girls!

Stay tune to Day 3!

Photos with watermark credits to: Cheryl Tay

Photos taken in water and the group shots at No.6 credits to: Jacqueline Wong




Phuket Day 1

Sometimes, you just have to be spontaneous.

Which is how this trip come about. A random rave about a new resort in Batam, schedule of 8 people matched, good deals from the airline and BAM! Tickets booked, hotel booked!


We took a 3pm flight through Jetstar. Most of the girls took half day leave but I took a full day since my house is more accessible to the airport as compared to my office. Singapore to Phuket takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes or so.

This was taken at Phuket Airport, waiting for everyone to have a toilet break before finding our way to our hotel. We took a mini van as there’s 8 of us. Remember to follow the pricing stated on the board near the counter. We were quoted 1300 baht at the first counter when the board stated 1100 baht. Went to another counter and got the price we wanted. Funny thing is that the first counter panic and offered 1000 baht instead. Too bad, we all made our way to the second counter who gave us the price we wanted.


Our┬áaccommodation was at Swissotel Phuket at Kamala Beach. Kamala beach is a more quiet place that is away from the buzz at Patong. So if you’re just looking at a quiet retreat, Kamala is a good choice. But for more hype, more┬áaccessibility, Patong is the place to be at.

2013-05-10 18.08.03One thing that excites me while walking to our rooms is this cat above. So cute!! You all know I love cats. I was really very happy to see this little boy.

2013-05-11 06.23.37

Not one but two! This little one came to the front of our room at my bidding on the 2nd day morning which we were having breakfast just outside the room. But of course, if you are afraid of cats, no worries as they are super gentle.

We decided to just chill on the first day. So we venture out to the beach and went searching for a place for dinner. Not forgetting some snaps along the way!


Greeted by the beautiful sunset when we reached the beach. Nice beach, nice sunset. Awesome.

Settled for a random restaurant by the beach for dinner. It wasn’t the best choice but we were all hungry. Good thing was that they had free Wi-Fi. Everyone went busy on their phones while waiting for the food which took quite sometime. We suspect they had Wi-Fi to prevent people from complaining and rushing the food.

2013-05-10 18.51.36

It was pretty serene to dine by a view like this. You don’t get to dine by a view this everyday with awesome companions.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and some of us decided to take a dip in the pool! It was quite late and I think the pool was closed but no one stops us so… ­čśŤ Thanks to Jacqueline for all the nice pool and underwater shots!

Silly things we do underwater. Haha.

Totally unglam shot. Haha, but it’s not often you take underwater shots so just post la. Haha.

2013-05-10 18.37.07

Ending this post with another Sunset By The Beach photo. It’s different from the one above ok!

Stay tune to Day 2 adventures with the girls where we go Island Hopping and to Patong!

Photo with watermark credits to Cheryl Tay.

Underwater, Pool photos credits to Jacqueline Wong.



Community Games April Happenings

Maybe not many of you know, but I’m one of the Community Games 2013 Blogger!

This month, I attended two CGSG13 gathering!

First up was the KBOX get together with loads of other bloggers where we also discover the new KLunch menu and also the new promotions they have.


There was this mini ping pong challenge in the Community Games spirit and I managed to get a second prize, scoring myself a super adorable Rilakkuma. Sorry forgot to take photo of it. Haha.


┬áCheck out the KLunch menu!! It’s so much different compared to the ones I had in my secondary school days! Haha~



Kbox have finally step up their game and providing you more affordable packages! Check it out!

5 Stars & Birthday

If you’re a student, you’re in for a great deal!!

KALA 610


I also attended the Bowling Carnival held at Orchid Country Club for CGSG13. It was pretty fun to bowl along with the many other groups from various communities competing against each other all in good sports spirit.


The one must do thing, camwhore with the CGSG13 frame board.

Bloggers Bowling Carnival Games_02

 New friends made, Tiffany~

Bloggers Bowling Carnival Games_11

It’s time for bowling~



Thanks Orchid Bowl for sponsoring us the shoes and games for the night~



And I’m ending this post with my attempt to pose for a photo before throwing the ball out. LOL.



Can’t wait for more exciting events from CGSG13!!