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Marble Collection

This is a super belated post as the Marble Collection happened more then a month ago. Here’s a selca of me before I cut my bangs~

I was with Kiyomi at the show~~ She’s really Kawaii, there’s Japanese swooning over her when they saw her! XD

Mirai and Claire was there too! Must take group photo!

The first opening act was Evangelion inspired!! I love love the song and the anime!!


Spot Wendy, my dear fellow MFP blogger on the runway with the Japanese models!!

Gothic Lolita. If I managed to lose enough weight one day, this is one look I’m dying to try!

Enjoyed myself fully at the show! It’s was an interesting an eye opening show for me! Kawaii 万歳!

Ending this post with an OOTD~ My best rendition of Japanese street style~ (Very much toned down)



TGIF BellaBox!!

Received both an email and post invite from BellaBox to their TGIF event at Wangz Hotel! This is my third BellaBox event and they never fail to surprise me!

Lovely pink BellaBox Logo~ Products at the bar area for you to make your very own BellaBox~

Met these two lovely ladies, new fellow MFP bloggers!

I was there early so I went around taking photos and spent some time at the Bioderma booth. I’m really impressed by this no rinse makeup/ facial cleanser and I’m most probably going to invest in a big bottle once I finished the removers I’ve at home. XD

Bioderma had MUA Larry Yeo and this was the makeup he done on the model~ Beautiful makeup and this is done thickly to show the power of the Bioderma cleanser.

Take a clear look and you will notice half of her face has been cleanses and that was only with 2 swipes of the cotton soaked with Bioderma cleanser. The model has awesome skin by the way.

Elizabeth Arden booth when I’m allocated to during the activities. Did a little eye makeover using their latest eye color!

Aveda! I’ve always passed by their store located at Ngee Ann City but have never walked in it nor actually know much about it. Am so glad to be able to experience what Aveda is about during this event! That’s the range of hair products that they have featured at the event. Their products made used of aroma for the wellness of the user. I’m going to actually head down to their store to find out more next time!

Caudalie booth is the only booth that I did not had the time to visit sadly.

Petronille booth where we get the chance to mix over very own gommage/facial scrub. I did one with sea salt, olive oil, cocao and ginger oil. Going to try it out soon! XD

With dear Shiella~

Here’s Valerie~

And Vivian~ I find that they are looking more like twins these days! XD

Group photo taken at the photowall with the lovely ladies~

Goodies from the event! I’ll slowly review the products one by one so look out for it! XD

Thanks BellaBox for the invite and I’ve to say this is another great event that you’ve held! Can’t wait to see what will be in next month’s box!



Singapore Blog Awards 2012 @ the Flyer

Hi all! Just going to share some photos taken during the blog awards this year at the flyer!
This is also like my first appearance in media events with my new nose! LOL. Say until like I went for plastic surgery like that but all I did was fillers. 😛

Ok, my face took up up of the photo though my initial intend was to take me and the cousins and an overview of the event area. 😛

Mad love the vibrant colors of the photobooth! All the photos turned up awesome! It’s always fun with the cousins! <3

Ok some me time! Haha! The photo below was me holding a board that says: ” I’m a super Beauty Blogger Queen”. The rest all said it’s so me! HAHA! And I agreed, super thick-skinned. Muahahaha! Not sure if you noticed also, but my features seem more defined and all with my new nose bridge thanks to fillers. Face is also not flabby, more defined due to the cheek fillers. 😛

Theme this year was super heroes. And spot little super hero baby!! Kawaii max!

How can I miss out taking a shot with one of the Super Blogger of the year! Yong Wei!! Haha! This guy is now in Tekong! I wish him all the best and maybe muscle up a bit in there.

Like all of you already knew, I was one of the finalists again this year for the Best Beauty Blog category. And I did not win again this year, haha. But it’s ok, cause I felt that I already won with all the support I had from all of you! <3

After the awards, we all get to go up the flyer for free! Yay!! Haha! And it’s really awesome to have the whole capsule to ourselves! We spent the first half of the ride taking photos! The lighting was just nice for photo spam!

The above collage is done using photos taken by Conan’s RangeFinder film camera. Mad love the effects! Especially the middle photo with Angie, colors so nice!

Here’s a look of the day set. I did not know how to dress up like a super hero so I went ahead and dress up normal but in the colors of green lantern girl. Haha! I even drew a diamond on my face but it’s covered by my hair. 😛 I think I look pretty fab that day though. Hehe.

Shall end this post with a fireworks collage! We went to MBS to enjoy the fireworks from the NDP preview! Really awesome to be watching fireworks with awesome friends! XD

Hopefully I will be attending next year’s blog awards too! XD



Genting Travelogue: Genting in a Glance

This Genting Trip is special in a way that it allow us to bond with our mums. It’s a trip specially for us and our mums. And of course, the bloggers that went on this trip also bonded quite well together! They say travelling is the best way to break or make a relationship(of all kinds) and I’m glad that I’ve only created new bonds in the Genting trip.

All this was made possible by Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG. Thanks loads! <3

I made a not so short simple video about the whole trip! Hope you enjoy it!





Genting Travelogue Sneak Preview

Hi all! I’m sure many of you knew that I went on a sponsored trip by Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG to Genting for a 3D2N trip along with 4 other lovely bloggers and all our mummies. So this post will be a sneak preview of what happened over this 3D2N trip and there will be a few more posts and a video coming up!

And like I mentioned, without OMY.SG and Resorts World Genting, this trip will not happen and all the wonderful memories will not exist. So thanks loads!! XD

Bloggers who went on the trip are :

Miyo – http://www.miyomomo.com/

Melissa – http://melicacy.com/

Shine – http://www.shinekoh.com/

Grace – http://gracevion.blogspot.com/

and yours truly me! XD

See this colorful building? It’s the most colorful building other than the theme park in Genting. Yes, it’s the First World Hotel and we are staying at Tower 2 Lv 27, World Club rooms which is the higher end rooms in First World. I love the hotel room, it’s totally awesome! Wait for my other posts for a detailed hotel room tour! 😛

Our first meal in Genting was at Ming Reng Restaurant that specialized in XingJiang cuisine. Lamb is the specialty here!

Day 1 was pretty much free and easy and we had our dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant. I would say it’s the best meal I had in Genting!

We wake up as early as 7 plus to have breakfast at Coffee Terrace! Buffet Breakfast and I must say it’s a wide spread of food! It’s one of my most scrumptious breakfast ever as I occasionally skip breakfast. 😛

How can we miss out the Theme Park when we are at Genting! I tried a few rides, tried to pull my mum on some but failed. ><

Then it was lunch at Hainan Express located at the Theme Park Hotel for local delicacies.

What can be more relaxing than a spa massage after a whole morning at the theme park? We had the whole place to ourselves!

Dinner at Happy Valley Seafood where we did not only have seafood. 😛

Sam Hui’s Concert to end the say with! I would say our mums enjoyed it more than us since he’s more in their era as compared to us! 😛 We bloggers took a photo with him though! We have to wait for it to be sent to us as we are not allowed to use our own cameras.

Our last meal in Genting, at the World Club Lounge located at Lv 28 of First World Hotel. Buffet Breakfast with an awesome view of Genting. Life couldn’t get better than this.

How could we not visit The Visitors’ Galleria to learn about the history of Genting! More in the upcoming posts!

“How I miss the cooling weather in Genting!”

Stay tune to more upcoming posts and video on my Genting Travelogue!