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Hair Color Magic @ Salon De Choix

It’s time to pamper my hair over at Salon De Choix once again. Every single time I visit Salon De Choix, I’m excited yet at ease cause I know my hair is in good hands.

For hair like mine, bleached tend to be dry and lazy me is not hardworking enough to put hair mask twice a week. If only hair mask is as easy as doing sheet masks.

This is what happens, plus the green faded making the ends seems drier then it actually is. But I don’t have split ends so I guess my hair ain’t that bad. 😛

So this time round I decided to just go for 1 color as in 1 single hair dye for the whole head as per my usual dual color as I wanted my hair to rest. After discussion with my stylist Elein, we decided to go for a Deep Ash Blonde (12.11 Color code) for the whole head as I wanted an ashy color. I was also told by Elein that the bleach part of my hair will turn into an ashy blueish grey. Somehow it sounds really cool to me so I give the green light to go ahead with the process!

I had to first bleach off my remaining green before doing the color. And as usual, steaming helps speed up the process of coloring, and also allows the hair to absorb the dye more! Apparently, my hair can take in color quite well. Seeing the fact that most of my crazy colors can last me more then a month.

Wash off after the coloring and look at that!! It’s a nice greyish blue!! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with this color. Happy cause I like to be unique.

And of course, we must not forget to do treatment for our hair! It is recommended to do treatment at least once a month! Elein added two types of Mythic Oil to the hair mask for added moisture and shine!

After treatment, my hair ends was trimmed a little and blown dry and viola! I can has gorgeous hair again!

Here’s a before and after photo to show you the awesome things Elein do to my hair. Trimmed my hair to get back the shape, treatment to smooth down the tresses and a new coat of color to freshen up the hair! Plus can you believe the blue is obtain from the same dye that give me the nice ashy brown color for the top part of my hair?

The greyish blue has a slight greenish tint to it from my previous color. Elein told me that this color can only be obtained from clashing colors. Example, ashy tone dye on bleached hair with green dye on it. So if you happened to have green hair like me, you might be able to achieve similar effects.

Also trimmed my bangs as I’ve deiced to let it grow sideways. It’s really a hassle to keep bangs so time for a change! Plus it’s been a while since I had side fringe. XD

Closer look at the hair color. Grey, blue and a little green highlight. I like that I’m unique. XD

This is how the blue looks like when damp. Too pretty that I can’t believe it’s my hair! Hee~

Been wanting to do some changes to your hair? Be it a color or a perm, Salon De Choix can do wonders to your hair!! Don’t miss out their special Spring/Summer Promotion!!

Do quote my name “Joyce” to enjoy the special promotion.

Of course, if you are looking into just the regular services that Salon De Choix provides, quoting my name ‘Joyce‘ entitles you to a 15% discount too!

Salon De Choix is located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519. Nearest Mrt will be Somerset, exit left up the escalator. After that, simply walk out and turn left and walk along the road, cross the traffic light and you will spot Salon De Choix just at the corner of the building!

Do also check out Salon De Choix’s FB page for more information and like them too!

Call 6836 2959 to make your appointments before heading down as they can get quite busy! Remember to look for Elein!



GLOW BFF Challenge! The End and New Beginnings.

In a blink of an eye it seems, and we have reached the end of the BFF Challenge. A month is neither long nor short but the bonds we crafted and the knowledge we learnt along the way will be lasting us a lifetime.

This challenge is not just a simple weight loss challenge where you just eat the supplement, and monitor the weight. During this challenge, we lost sweat and we gain friends and knowledge for our well beings.

Meet Nicole and Ian, the team behind Glow and the BFF challenge. Awesome people they are for giving us the support needed throughout the challenge. Nicole for joining us for the PT sessions, being genuinely concerned for our well being. Ian for being Ian, bringing laughter to the room when we are all dead beat from the fitness sessions.

It was great fun meeting these girls. Knew some of them before the challenge but this one month brought us closer. Of course, there are some not pictured as they are not able to make it to the weigh out.

Love this photo, I guess this is the most glam side of us hanging out at the balcony. Usually, we were all sweaty and tired after our PT sessions.

Another shot of just the girls! Ain’t Nicole really pretty? Of course, all the other girls are looking great too!!

We planned for Brunch at Hatched to celebrate our hard work for the month! And while waiting, let’s take more photos! Daphne is really an inspiration and I hoped I have that much focus as her. But it’s ok, we each have our own pace!

Here’s a shot with the gorgeous Carrie. I’m glad to have met her, cause she inspired me to love my body more.

Food! Caesar salad to share! Sauce at the side if you realized. And we hardly touched it.

We all had the Smoked Royale!! We were like Daphne, what can we eat! And again, no sauce. I also love that they use Balsamic for the salad dressing! Healthy eating ftw!! XD

If it’s the old me, I would not have posted this anywhere online. But I’ve learnt to love my body more and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it. I was never a slim person nor am I fat enough to be plus sized. I was just bigger, taller and chubbier. First two photos in bikini on top are take before I started the challenge. The bottom two photos are taken on the day on weigh out. Maybe it’s not that good a comparison as it’s different posture but then you can obviously see the bulge in the before photos and 3 not so obvious but still there lines showing the layers of fats.

Here’s a closer look at the tummy now. Flatter, not as bloated as before. I’ve got more to lose definitely, but this definitely looked better as compare to 1 month ago.

Sorry for the messy photo, but I don’t to reveal the stats of others so yup. As you can see, my weight went down a total of 1.9 KG. BMI dropped 0.7, fat% dropped 0.6 and muscle mess went up by 0.3. I must say I’m ain’t super hardworking for exercise wise and diet wise I have my cheat days so this is pretty good results. Which also shows that GLOW really helps in weight loss.

Saying that, now that I’ve finished up my 1 month supply of GLOW, I’m going to try one month of exercise and clean diet without GLOW and see how things goes. Though I’ve the feeling that I will get my new bottle soon.

Let’s all work hard to a healthier lifestyle and more beautiful us!


All opinions reflected in the post are the blogger’s own. The content of this post is not edited by GLOW™ . GLOW is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically designed to maximise fat burning. All rights reserved.


Event: Maybelline Lashionista Launch

Hi all! I’ve attended the Maybelline Lashionista Launch at Zouk last Wednesday! It’s a pretty large scale event, there was a super long queue and Zouk was packed with people!

Spot Xiaxue in the photo below! 😛

We have Rozz as the emcee of the day!

They have bazzar selling the new products that are not in stores yet! Plus they are selling at one for $16 and two for $30 which is a super good deal in my opinions. There are booths by various blogshops too but I did not managed to go look through them as the area was super packed!

Check out the Lashionista Mascaras in the Hot Pink Packaging! I think it lasts pretty, I tried it during the event. And it’s definitely smudge proof!

They had mini make over booths and though I already had makeup on, I decided to let the make up artist touch up. 😛

Cath had a go at the makeover too!

That’s the makeup artist applying the Lashionista on my lashes.

Here’s me and Cath after the mini makeover! What do you think? I think it’s pretty nice! I feel that my eyes are more opened up after the makeover.

Alright, I’m going to spam photos I took with the other lovely bloggers now! XD

Here’s Valerie!

My fellow onsugar babes, Michelle, Kimberly and Joanna!

Sarah! Looking great as usual!

With Silver!

Here’s with Verlyn!

With the sweet Jiayi/Hayley!

With Jacelyn!

With Chantana! XD

Lovely Clara!

Some shots of the fashion show I took. Was standing on stage left, hence my shots are like one angle only. 😛

A mini demonstration by Make Up Artist, Larry Yeo and hosted by Golden Tan/Michelle Chong.

There was a hip hop dance performance too! Quite cool!

And of course, since there’s mainly females in the audience, Maybelline had some male models planned too. 😛 Male models with good bodies. Ahem. ^^

A clearer photo of the ermm, abs? Hee. XD

One more photo of me with a Pink heart balloon! I must make it clear that it’s not thrown by the male model, but instead a female model. 😛 (Seriously love my nose in this photo!)

Goodies from Maybelline! I’ve in my hands the Lashionista, Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, Hypercosmos Eyeshadows and the Baby Lips Pink Glow lip balms. All these will only be out in stores in September! So while waiting for them to be out in the stores, look out for my post! XD

Received a total of 7 Hypercosmos Baked Eyeshadows! Look at all the lovely colors! Can’t wait to swatch them! Wait for my post on the products! XD

Stay tune to my blog!