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April’s Spring Trove

Spring arrived early with Vanity Trove’s April Spring Trove! It was sweet of Camy from Vanity Trove to send me April’s Trove for review! Thanks Camy!


I’m always excited when I receive beauty boxes like these. You never know what’s inside till you open it!
In this month’s trove, we have goodies from Elizabeth Arden and Dr.Ci:Labo! I am also pleasantly surprised to see an issue of Vanity in the box!


I think it’s a great idea to have a mini beauty magazine to update subscribers about the latest trends and it’s the perfect size for the handbag! Also, information about the products on the Trove can be found in the mini mag too!


From Elizabeth Arden, there’s samples from the Visible Whitening range! We have the Smoothing Cleanser(center), Multi-targeted UV Shield BB Cream(left) and the Melanin Control Night Capsules(right). Can’t wait to try these out as I’ve recently got darker from my trips to Legoland and the Adventure Cove Water Park. Best timing to try out this range to see of it works! :p


Then we have Dr.Ci:Labo where we have the improved Aqua-Collagen-Gel(round tub), Super Washing Foam EX, Super Cleansing EX and the BB Perfect Cream White377+. All products are made in Japan and the Aqua-Collagen-Gel is pretty raved in the beauty community. Can’t wait to see what this baby can do to improve my skin!


Subscription to Vanity Trove is at $25 per month. Visit Vanity Trove’s Site for more information.

If you want to read the past issues of Vanity, you can do so online over at www.vanitymag.com.

Get Beautiful Surprises with Vanity Trove today!



January and Febuary BellaBox

Today I’m going to show you what I’ve gotten in the Bellabox that I’ve received in Jan and Feb.

It had been a year since I received my very first BellaBox from the kind people there. There have been hits and misses but still, I’m pretty satisfied with the products I’ve received over the time.

Alright, on to the boxes now!
Here’s the content card for Jan box!


And here’s the actual items!


Personally, I like the items in Jan Box. It comes with a variety of items from haircare, skincare, fragrance and beauty tool.

Onto Feb box now!

The actual items~


I’m actually a little disappointed with Feb box. But I’m glad to see a new fragrance sample in the box as I love testing new fragrances.

I think it’s unavoidable that some boxes might not be up to satisfaction but Bellabox do have some awesome boxes. Hopefully March Box would be a better box!

Check out more info on http://Bellabox.sg



First Beauty Collective Haul in 2013!

Hi all!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a beauty haul and it’s just awesome to be hauling beauty products. And so here’s my first beauty haul in 2013.

Etude house have loads of pretty glitter polishes now! These are $6.90 each!

I also got the nail polish set from the Etoinette collection. Look at the colors and that nail stickers! Too pretty to miss!! I’m going to wear this for CNY! This is $16.90.

Bought the Moisture Body Cream simply cause it smells really nice. It’s $22.90 for a 200ml tub. I also got the Silk Scarf hair mask to try after seeing Miyake raving about it on twitter. It’s $6.90 in the local Etude stores.

I‘ve also gotten the large 500ml bottle of the Wonder Pore Freshner at $32.90. Love this toner as I feel that it helps minimize the appearance of the pores plus refreshes the skin well. I’ve also gotten the emulsion from the skin mal:gem range to try as I’ve ran out of one to use for my day regime. It’s $25.90 for 200ml.

Saw that Canmake have 25% off at Watson’s the other say so I got their new foundation and primer to try. This is the natural range which does not includes any synthetic chemicals. It is also able to be removed with just water. The original price for the foundation and primer is $29.90 and $24.90 respectively.

Saw this set of 6 mini lip balms from Fresh going at 30% off which makes it $51, originally priced at $73. Lip balms are a staple in my regime and I always finish them real fast or lose them easily. The size of this lip balm is great to throw into the bag or purse!

I’m so glad that YSL have made its way back to SG shores. If not I will not have found out how awesome their range of lip sticks are. The two pictures are from their new Rouge Volupte Shine range. I’ve own two other from the Rouge Sheer Candy range and the Rouge Volupte Range. According to the BA, this new range is something in between the sheer candy and rouge volupte which provides a pigmented glossy color.

YSL priced their lipsticks at $45 each. I personally feel that it’s worth every single cent of it as it’s long lasting plus moisturizing. I love my sheer candy one so much that I’m contemplating to get a back up of the color I had. Now I’ve 4 lip sticks from YSL and trust me, this number will definitely increase over time.

And that’s all for my beauty haul post!


It’s always great to share some beauty love with everyone so I’m giving out the SUGAR Lip Treatment from Fresh (the one on the extreme right in pic, dark brown packaging but it’s a clear balm) to one lucky reader!

To win, simply like my FB page if you have not and leave a comment below stating your FB name and why would you like to win the Lip Treatment.

The giveaway will end 1 Feb 2013 1800 HRS.

Update: Congrats Fenny for winning the Lip Treatment! *Winner is picked using a random name picker~ *



Biore Skin Caring Facial Foam

I received the new Biore Skin Caring Facial Foam in the Extra Moist and Scrub variants for review sometime back.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Biore. I’m a fan of their makeup removers and I’ve used their facial foams back in my teenage days. Having tried many different type of cleansers over the years, it’s a good chance for me to try out the new formulation from the brand.

I’ve picked the Extra Moist as working in the office means being under air con for at least 9 hours a day. My skin needs all the moisture it can get. The texture of this cleanser is creamy and foams easily. I like it that my face don’t feel tight after using this for cleansing. I use this once every day in the morning.

Here’s a before photo of me before using the Biore cleansers. Shiny T-zone and rough pores around the cheek areas.

After using for two weeks. I felt that my skin is more moist and hence produces lesser sebum. The roughness around the pores has been reduced and the skin felt smoother. (Pardon the few zits as I was breaking out from heatiness)

The scrub does not feels like a scrub to me. The microbeads are so fine that you can’t feel it when you apply this on your skin. However, every time I used this I can feel that my skin have just been through a good scrub and feels so much smoother. For those with sensitive skin, I would highly recommend this scrub for daily use! I use this once everyday at night.

The new formulation comes with the Skin Purifying Technology which prevents chemicals from penetrating into the skin during the cleansing process. It’s cleansing abilities is also much higher. With this technology, sensitive skin users can use this series with ease.

The other two variants in the series includes Mild for normal to combination skin and Acne for blemish prone skin.

I think the most prominent improvement I’ve observed after using the Biore cleaners would be reduction of sebum which also means skin is more moist and smoother skin.

(*Dehydrated skin often leads to more production of sebum and results in oily skin)

I would rate the Extra Moist a 3.5/5 and the scrub a 4/5.