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My Customized Satchel by The Leather Satchel Co

So, I’ve place my order for my customized satchel with The Leather Satchel Co on the 7th of August. And I’ve received it today, on the 17th of August. That makes it 10 days, from ordering, to crafting of the satchel, packing it and sending it all the way from the UK to Singapore.

To be honest, I was still wondering what parcel am I receiving when the DHL courier man called to check if I’m at home and he will send the parcel over before 1pm. Then when I finally climbed out of bed and took a closer look, I was totally surprised that it was the satchel.

I mean I was just told that it was sent on the 15th August, and while tracking it, it was just dispatch from like Germany yesterday morning and today, I’ve it in my hands. I was pleasantly surprised!


I cut opened the DHL plastic wrapping to find this beautiful package. Wrapped up in brown paper and twine.


Included are the swatches of the leather I’ve chosen for my satchel. Just look at how pretty the packaging is even though its only brown paper and twine!


Included is this dreamy envelope with Alice from Alice in the Wonderland on it. Inside is a type out note that is addressed to me with information on registering for my 5 years warranty. Yes, you did not read wrongly, 5 years.


I’ve ordered a customized 14″ crafted with Oxford Blue and Baby Pink leathers. Added a briefcase handle and they make the straps detachable so I can carry it two ways. I had FJF embossed in gold and I opted for gold hardware too. The end results is just awesome.


FJF embossed. It’s my satchel, no one else can use! Haha!


Hardware in gold. It might seem like a minor detail, but the gold adds to the vintage feel. I’m sure it will not look as nice with standard silver hardware. And also, since my letters are embossed in gold, I wanted to hardware to be in gold too so that it blends together.


Details of the briefcase handle and the hook of the strap. Look at the threading! So neat and tidy! The workmanship is just awesome and there’s nothing I can pick on!


Hee, here’s Surfer Neko guarding the satchel!


FutsuNeko showing you the full glory of the satchel! Ain’t it beautiful?

If you’re interested, do check out http://the.leathersatchel.co/order.html for information on pricing, customization options and color guide etc. Check out their FB page, https://www.facebook.com/leathersatchel for photos of the satchels they have crafted!

I’m very very pleased with my whole experience with The Leather Satchel Co! Prompt replies (not immediate but I did not had to wait long) and fast delivery!

I’ll definitely recommend The Leather Satchel Co if you’re interested in owning a leather satchel! Check out my post on leather swatches sample from them!

I’m seriously in love with my satchel now. 😛

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*All photos are taken using Instagram with my iPhone.*

* Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial in any form. I paid for the satchel with my own money and is not affiliated with The Leather Satchel Co. All opinions are based on my honest feelings.