WordCamp Singapore 2017

WordCamp Singapore 2017 is happening this weekend on the 28th October!

Have you been to a WordCamp?

Are you a user of WordPress? Be it for your blog, as a CMS or needing to work with it at work?

If the answer is Yes, then you should take some time off on the 28th October and head to WordCamp 2017, which will be held at Suntec City Convention Center.

Check out the Conference Schedule where there will be speakers both local and from all over the world who flew in specially to have talks related to WordPress. There’s something for everyone, regardless if you’re an end-user like me or a developer.

This year, they are also having a Contributor and Workshop Day on the 29th October. If you want to contribute to the WordPress Project, here’s your chance! No experience is required!

There’s also an Afterparty where you get to mingle and network with people from various industries using WordPress differently.

Get your tickets here!


Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art: Your Favorite City in your home

modern map art

Love traveling?

Have a city that meant something special to you?

Or simply just a city that you love and always be on top on your travel list despite being there for umpteen times?

With Modern Map Art, you can now have the map of your favorite city at home.

I guess it didn’t came as a surprise that my favorite city is Tokyo. I would have chosen the whole of Japan if I could, but that would be too huge. Not every country is like Singapore where the whole map could fit into one poster with visibility.

You could choose to get the poster framed up but I choose to just put it up on my wall as a poster. It’s facing directly to my bed and every morning, it reminds the travel lust in me that I will need another trip to Tokyo again.

It’s also fun to look at the map and try to identify the routes within the maps.

Modern Map Art provides various posters sizes for your favorite City Maps. There’s also Ski-Maps if you’re a ski-ing fan. A unique and fun take in Art, Modern Map Art is something you will want to consider for your home decoration!


Urban Decay NAKED Heat Review

NAKED Heat Palette First Impressions

naked heat

NAKED Heat, the 5th palette in the NAKED series is a ‘hot’ palette featuring mainly warm, earthy, fiery tones. With 5 shimmer and 7 matte shades, it’s a good mixture of formulas. As compared to the previous palettes featuring only 2-4 matte shades and mainly shimmers.

I am not a huge fan of the NAKED series, owning only the NAKED 3 palette prior to the Heat palette. Both NAKED 3(rose-gold tone) and Heat(fiery earth tone) are the one tone kind of palette. Which I love because they are very easy to use yet so versatile.

The dual-ended brush that comes with the palette is as usual of good quality, with one side for packing on the colors and the other for blending. As long as you clean the brush in between colors, the dual-ended brush is all you need for this palette.

Swatches of NAKED Heat

Here are swatches of the Naked Heat palette. The shimmer shades all have good pigmentation and are all very smooth and buttery. The mattes are soft and buttery but some shades can be a little chalky to touch but no issues when blended out on the eyes.

From left to right: Ember, Ashes, En Fuego, Cayenne, Scorched, Dirty Talk, He Devil, Lumbre, Low Blow, Sauced, Chaser and Ounce.

Indoor lighting

Outdoor natural sunlight

My thoughts on NAKED Heat

I feel that this is the palette for summer and for those who love warm tones in general. Is this palette for everyone? I would say yes and no. The colors in the palette are mostly complimenting and very easy to pair with. However, dark earthy orange tones are not the easiest colors to work with. One can easily end up with a bruised look if the colors are not blended properly.

The colors are definitely on trend for the season. Perfect summer colors that can be used even in transition to fall.

My favorite colors in the palette are Chaser, Lumbre, He Devil, Scorched and Ember. Chaser is a lovely light peachy matte brown that is very smooth to blend. It works great as a transition or highlight. Lumbre, Scorched and Ember are shimmers which are really smooth and buttery with great pigment. These are great lids and outer V(Ember) shades. He Devil is a nice medium reddish matte brown that works great all over the lid or in the crease.

My rating of the Urban Decay NAKED Heat palette: 4/5

Retailing at $83, the NAKED Heat Palette is available at Sephora and Urban Decay Free Standing Stores.



Dealing with Skin Allergy

Skin allergy, it just happened with no warning. Or maybe there was, just that I didn’t give much notice.

It started with an itch, followed by the redness and the rashes. Then it started peeling and the red marks that remain during the healing process makes you look like you’re having a horrible infection.

skin allergy rashes

When the rashes became prominent

I made the mistake by scratching. But the itch was so overwhelming that I can’t help it.

Itching is something common when you have sensitive skin, little did I know that the itch this time meant something different. I tried to stop myself from scratching by putting ice to ease the itch or hitting my skin instead to inflict pain so as to overpower the itch.

But the itch is not the worse.

The raw red rashes that protruded from your skin to drying up and tightening of the skin that makes it felt like sandpaper. It looks like something you get from an infection but it’s just your skin being allergic.

Then comes the peeling, bits of skin rubbing off your skin. And when you try to peel off that piece of skin dangling, you might end up peeling off skin that are not totally detached and end up with a small tear.


No matter how bad the skin looks, do not panic. It won’t help but will just make you feel more miserable.

Stop all sort of skin care and go back to the very basics. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. For me, I stick to just cleansing, non-alcohol toner to soothe the skin and ointment for the affected areas.

Identify the reason for your allergy. Have you use something new in your routine? Did you feel itch before the huge reaction when you use a certain product? Sometimes allergic reaction don’t act up immediately.

Having sensitive skin, my skin itch occasionally when using certain products that are not suitable or when my skin just happens to be at a weak stage. But itching happens rarely.

Identify the reason behind the skin allergy

I identified the culprit behind my skin allergy after realizing that I’ve been itching every now and then ever since I started using it. And I’m very disappointed because I liked the product and the results it gives. The product in question here is the MKUP Real Complexion Cream. I’ve really liked the product and been wanting to write a review before the reaction. I’ve been using it for almost everyday since I’ve purchased it in the beginning of May

Thanks to the help of a fellow beauty blogger friend who experience skin allergies often, I came to understand why is the cream the cause of my allergy.

Apparently, some of the ingredients inside are too harsh for the skin. Think fruits acids, tranexamic acid(similar to a skin bleaching agent), arbutin which induces peeling. These are some good ingredients, and they also have rosewater, calendula etc which are good for sensitive skin. Sadly the ratio for the harsh and strong ingredients are on the high side, which can make the skin over-sensitive from prolonged use.

I’m not one that read the ingredients list thoroughly, I’ll just take note of the main ingredients instead. But I guess from now on, it’s better to research properly for my skin’s sake. I never had such a bad reaction before but I guess once is enough. I’m not an expert but I thought I knew enough to choose products for myself. Skin allergy is scary both physically and emotionally. I’m lying if I say I don’t feel depressing with these red rashes on my face.

I must say that I could have prevent this huge reaction from happening if I give more notice to the mild itch that occurred since I started on the product. But sometimes you just don’t think it’s the product but maybe it’s the dust or your pillow etc etc.

Keep track of your routine

I guess I will also start to take note of the products I use and the date I started on them. And will try not to introduce too many new products into my routine at one go. I’ve also just throw out a stash of products and samples that are nearing expiry that I’ve kept for a while.

I still have a range of skincare products pending review which I’ve yet to start using. At least it’s a brand I trust. You can’t really go wrong with Japanese brands. But I guess it will be the last skincare brand which I will be reviewing for sometime now as I don’t want to traumatize my skin further after it healed.

After peeling

Here’s hoping that my skin will fully recover soon so I can start wearing makeup again. The only good thing is that I’ve extra 20 minutes of sleep everyday since I can’t wear makeup while my skin is healing. You could wear makeup to cover up the rashes, but I rather not aggravate it as the skin is ultra-sensitive at this stage. 


Intime Organique: Organic Feminine Care

Intime Organique: Choosing only the best for our delicate areas

intime organique

We all know that our intimate areas are more delicate as compare to the rest of our body. We pay extra attention to our face and so we should not neglect our intimate areas too!

Using normal body soap is not enough as the pH level around our skin is different from our intimate areas. So it’s important to be using sometime gentle to maintain a healthy pH balance to keep those harmful bacteria away.

There is a variety of feminine care out there so what’s so special about Intime Organique?

As the name suggests, Intime Organique is an organic feminine care range. The products contain zero chemicals, no parabens, no mineral oils, no artificial silicone, colours nor fragrance. The products are made in Japan and Italy using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

The 3 Step Intimate Care Routine by Intime Organique

Feminine care is not just about washing our intimate areas with a dedicated feminine wash anymore. Here’s a 3 step care routine recommended by Intime Organique.

Step 1: Intimate Feminine Wash 

A pH balanced cleanser for our intimate area. It helps to prevent dryness, redness and other infections and also keeping a healthy vaginal pH balance. The main ingredients are rosemary, lavender, orange and lemon.

This is very easy to lather up and is very gentle on the skin. The citrusy floral scent gives you a soothing feeling.

Step 2: Intimate Rose Lubricant 

A moisturising lubricant infused with Damask rose essence which helps to soften the skin. It also reduces dryness and prevents abrasions. Its main ingredients are Rose, calendula and aloe vera.

The lubricant absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves your skin soft and fresh.

Step 3: Intimate Whitening Cream 

This is my favourite product of out the 3. It helps to brighten and moisturise the skin and can be used on other areas on top of our intimate area. I like to use it on my inner thighs and underarms as those areas are prone to darkening due to daily friction.

After using the whitening cream for a month, I do notice that my skin brightens up a little. It also helps to reduce abrasion since the skin is left soft and smooth after the application of the cream.

The main ingredients are orange, olive oil and sunflower seed oil.

Intime Organique BodyCare

Other than intimate care, Intime Organique also carries a range of body care products which includes a Sensual Massage Oil which is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E that helps to release tension and calms the mind.

My favourite would be the Breast Care Cream as I often massage my breasts and this cream improves my breast massage session from its therapeutic aroma. It helps to keep the skin around my bust area soft and moisturised and also helps to firm the skin.

Last but not least, there’s also a Hip & Leg Care cream to help reduces swelling in the hips and legs area. Best to use at night after a long day out.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed using Intime Organique products as I felt that it helps to make me feel better about myself. My periods are irregular these days due to hormonal issues and sometimes it can cause problems like excessive discharges which also leads to unwanted odour. After using the intimate care products from Intime, I really feel fresh down south all day and my problems are minimised.

My periods are irregular these days due to hormonal issues and sometimes it can cause problems like excessive discharges which also leads to unwanted odours. After using the intimate care products from Intime, I really feel fresh down south all day and my problems are minimised.

I love the fact that they used mainly organic ingredients like fruits and floral extracts which give the products a very soothing aroma. It is definitely aromatherapy on top of intimate and body care. Not only it helps to improve our skin texture, keeping our intimate areas fresh, it also helps to sooth the mind.

I highly recommend you to start a proper feminine hygiene routine if you haven yet done so.

Intime Organique:

The price range of Intime Organique products ranges from $32 to $89. It’s currently only available at their online store.

Website: http://www.intime.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intime.sg/