A Recap for 2020

2020 was one hell of a ride! I’m pretty sure I might have said that at the start of 2020 about 2019. 2020 was the year that everyone was waiting for but we never really expected to be hit by a pandemic. Work Looking back at my 2020, I think it’s a pretty interesting year […]

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Overly Cheezy Pizza SG: Worth It?

With the new normal, more and more small eateries are providing delivery. Today we take a look at Overly Cheezy Pizza, located in Hougang, and see how it fares against the big pizza players that we are used to. Bright Yellow delivery boxes! I received the Set Meal 2 (Worth $49.90) which includes 1 Large […]

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A Day At Ola Beach Club

Due to the pandemic, many people have been Working From Home. I would say it’s both a good and bad thing depending on your home environment. I will say that it works in my favour as my Mum’s cancer spread and she had to go for immediate Chemotherapy during Circuit Breaker. Being at home allows […]

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Steamboat Delivery Singapore: Worth It?

Steamboat delivery is not new to the delivery scene since Covid. And often shopping for steamboat ingredients can be quite a chore too. I love steamboat but I really hate the prepping part. And I’m pretty serious when I say I love Steamboat. Guess who ticks off the checklist of having steamboat alone? Yup, that’s […]

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Fruit Delivery Singapore: Worth It?

Fruit Delivery is getting very common in Singapore. I remember my office have weekly fruit deliveries arranged for staff benefits before Covid times. Now WFH, no more free fruits. LOL But with the many options available online now. You can really order anything directly to your doorstep nowadays. And to be honest there are many […]

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Shepherd’s Pie Singapore: Worth It?

Shepherd’s pie. I remembered that as one of the first dishes I learnt how to make in Home Economics classes back in Secondary School. Today’s we are reviewing two new product offering’s from Shepherd’s Pie Singapore which is featured by Best In Singapore’s 5 Best Pie Delivery in Singapore article. But they do have the […]

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Acai Delivery Singapore: Worth It?

With the current Covid situation where everyone is encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. More new food delivery options are popping out! Now, we can even get Acai delivery! Today we are reviewing The Acai Lab, highly recommended in Best In Singapore’s Best 7 Acai Bowl article! Acai Delivery by The Acai […]

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