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Bali :The Best Authentic Island Experience


Who doesn’t know about Bali? The Authentic Island located in Indonesia which has attract travellers from all across the globe. 

Bali is an island that never sleeps, especially in the peak season. Not only the locals but also many tourist came to enjoy a leisure holiday in Bali. Some attraction of Bali is its everlasting culture and lovely beaches that serve a beautiful sunset every evening. And it’s also the very reason why many tourists choose to return to this beautiful island again and again.  A trip to Bali on certain seasons might come with quite a hefty price tag for an island holiday. However, with Traveloka ,it’s easy to book a  trip at special prices within minutes! 

Let’s take a look at some of Bali’s best hotel recommendations! 

  • Sense Sunset Seminyak

Three stars rated hotel.

Jalan Sunset Road No.88 Seminyak, Seminyak, Indonesia.

Sense Sunset Seminyak is the best hotel for the beach loving tourists! It is located near 3 beach such as double six beach, seminyak beach and legian beach within 1.6 km away. Sense Sunset Seminyak is also located nearby Seminyak Square, so shopping is within reach too! Tourist can reach Sense Sunset which is only 6.68 km away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are 4 room types available in Sense Sunset  from superior room until suite room. The hotel facilities are meeting facilities, minibar, fitness center, outdoor pool, spa, and area shuttle. It is a nice place with good location at an affordable price at around RM 97.20 per night.

  • Hardys Rofa Hotel & Spa – Legian

Four stars rated hotel.

Jalan Nakula Timur No.9, Legian, Indonesia, 80361.

The hotel was previously named Rofa Galeria Hotel and Villas which  then became Hardys Rofa Hotel and Spa. It is a hotel with a complete facilities available such as shops, atm / banking, supermarket, laundry service, tours, massage, spa, outdoor pool, children pool,, garden, sauna, airport  transfer, and  ballroom. Hardys Rofa Hotel & Spa is located 5.57 km away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The hotel suits everyone with an affordable budget but still gives you good quality and hotel services. Hardys Rofa Hotel & Spa is located near some attractions such as Kuta Galeria Shopping Arcade within 1. 2 km, Honorary Consulate of Brazil within 1.25 km, and Kenra Gallery within 1.7 km. The price range are great which only cost RM 85.50 for a comfortable hotel.

  • Grand Zuri Kuta Bali

Four stars rated hotel.

Jl. Raya Kuta No 81 Kuta, Kuta, Indonesia, 80361.

Grand Zuri Kuta Bali is a luxury hotel with an affordable price range. The location is very easy to find, even for new travellers who is stepping foot in Bali for the first time. It is located 0.2 km away from Kuta Galeria Shopping Arcade, 1.03 km from Bali Blast Monument, 1.06 km away from Kendra Gallery, and the most important thing is that it’s only 4.4 km away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are 4 room types available for you to choose, which are superior room, deluxe room, executive room and junior suite room with a modern interior. It is a very comfortable and nice place to stay even for family vacation. The facilities available are cafes, meeting facilities, conference room, family room, ballroom, poolside bar, shops, atm / banking, tours, supermarket, fitness center , massage, spa and outdoor pool.


5 Tips On Travelling With Elderly

Travelling Tips To Take Note When Travelling With Elderly

travelling with elderly

For most of my trips, I’ve been travelling with The Mum and it’s ok when it’s just her and me. We kind of give in to each other and make sure to enjoy the trip.


But on a couple of occasion, The Mum has her friends to join us on our trips.

So I think it will be quite apt for me to share some tips to take note of when travelling with Elderly. (60 and above)

Minimal Physically Strenuous Activities

As it suggests, the elderly does not have the same stamina as younger people. When planning your itinerary, it’s essential to avoid places where you have to walk too much, or even climb too much stairs. Either that, cater enough time to match their pace so that they won’t be complaining too much.

Frequent Rest Stops

It’s important to have rest stops in between locations. Plan some interesting cafes into your itinerary so that they can have a rest and you can also check out the cafes. Avoid animal’s cafes as the elderly might not find the animals as fascinating or cute as compared to us. Plus some might need caffeine if not they will turn groggy.

Regular Meals

Ensure that you plan your mealtime properly and on time as the elders get hungry easily at specific timings. Also to make sure that the food will be to their liking.

Short Attention Span/Limited Patience

To be honest, I thought most elderly people like sightseeing but I was wrong. And then I thought that shopping would suit them instead and I was wrong again. Have a mixture of activities in your itinerary so they won’t get bored easily.

Provide An Alternative Or Just No Theme parks

Coming from personal experience, theme parks is just a NO when you are travelling with elderly. If you really die die must go, either be prepared to be nagged at and see black faces or be sure to find an alternative nearby where they can spend time at. This proves difficult at countries where there is a language barrier so do be sure to plan properly. Sometimes, even you ensured to ask for opinions before the trip, the reaction during the trip can be different. Don’t say I never warn you!

Bonus Tip: Have A Stand

To avoid such troubles and headaches and any unhappiness. For an example, not being appreciated after planning everything alone and doubling up as a translator and guide. (I mean you want to be enjoying the trip too.) Have a stand and don’t allow your parents to bring their friends along the trip. For sure they can travel together, help them look for tours that are reputable and buy travel insurance. Just keep yourself out of the picture.

And if you are an older person reading this, I hope you won’t be offended and maybe have a change in perspective. Try to appreciate the younger generation more when they try to accommodate and spend time with you. Be more appreciative and less critical.

Compromise is the word to remember.

Till the next post, 



Exploring Kyoto In A Day

Kyoto: Temple Hopping!

I have a day to spend in Kyoto and while doing my research, I picked 3 temples to visit! The main reasons I picked these 3 temples is because they are all along Keihan Line which means I do not have to switch trains from my accommodation.

Kiyomizudera – Kiyomizu-Gojo (Keihan Line)

Yasaka Shrine – Gion-Shijo (Keihan Line)

Fushimi Inari Shrine – Fushimi-Inari (Keihan Line) 

kyoto kiyomizudera

From Kiyomizu-gojo station on the Keihan Line, it’s about 20 minutes walk to Kiyomizudera. It’s a pretty long walk I must say but the nice weather made up for it and there’s a lot to see on the way.

kiyomizudera kyoto

The main entrance to Kiyomizudera. To be honest, the temples are mostly the same in Kyoto. So I didn’t take much photos. Haha. But its pretty magnificent to see it with your own eyes.  My main agenda to visit the temples is to buy Omamori, which is the Japanese amulets. 🙂

Kyoto is also the place where you can get dressed up in Kimono but do take note that it takes at least 1.5 hours to get ready. Which is one of the reasons I didn’t go for it. Didn’t want the rest to wait.


They say that when in Kyoto, it’s a must to try Tofu. Well, I didn’t have the chance to try 豆腐料理 but I got to try Tofu ice cream and of course can’t miss the Match ice cream! The taste of the tofu ice cream is quite interesting. I can’t decide whether I’m eating cold tofu or ice cream. Haha.


We walked into a local eatery for lunch before taking the train to Gion. And this is where I had the best ramen in my trip! And it’s super affordable! A set that comes with ramen, rice and gyoza cost only about 800yen!


This is the Ramen! Check out the amount of fresh green spring onions! I’m salivating now while looking at it!


Yasaka Shrine in Gion.


The fortune papers tied on strings. Finally got to see it!


Photo with The Mum along an alley in Hanamikoji.


I noticed these Pressed Penny machines around and I went crazy over it because it’s Hello Kitty!! 200 yen for 1! I think it’s a perfect souvenir! How cute is it?


The Mum at the entrance of the thousand Tori gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine. We only went through the gates till the first pit stop and didn’t make our way up. Things to take note when travelling with elderly, they can’t take much physical activities. (I should write a post on travelling with elderly. Lol)


Washing my hands at Fushimi Inari. Super cooling water! 🙂


And a selfie of me while in Hanamikoji! Apparently Hanamikoji is the spot where Geisha is more easily spotted but sadly I didn’t get to see any while I was there.

I ended my day in Kyoto with shopping at Aeon mall near the Kyoto station. I feel that Kyoto is a place where it’s more for sightseeing and there’s a lot of walking involved, I personally love the atmosphere there. However, I feel that I did not plan my day properly as the elders in my group were complaining from the first temple visit. Oh wells. I’ll be sure to come to Kyoto again on my own next time!

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Exploring Osaka In A Day

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I’m just left with my USJ post before I wrap up my Kansai Travelogue!

Till then!



My First AirBnb Experience In Osaka

AIRBNB はじめでの経験
airbnb experience

Hello! Finally back with another post on my Osaka trip. This time is about my Airbnb stay! It’s my first time booking an Airbnb and it was a pretty good experience! Plus I think the location of my location was pretty awesome for my trip! Located just 10 minutes from Kayashima station on the Keihan line, it’s super accessible to the main area in Osaka and it’s a direct line to Kyoto! Plus it’s  a very authentic Japanese style house with Tatami rooms and all! I also really like the town it’s located in as it’s very quaint and quiet!


This is the view I see everyday as I walked out from the house to the train station. Do have to be careful of cars as there’s no walkway till further up. Seeing this picture makes me miss the nice cooling air in the morning in Osaka.

airbnb osaka living room

Here’s how the Airbnb looked like! It looked exactly like in the listing. It’s a very simple an traditional Japanese house. Oh, did I mentioned that it was just 600 plus SGD for 5 nights for 4  persons? That’s like 30SGD per pax per night!

airbnb osaka

Tatami room! Love love the smell of the tatami! And the futons provided are super comfortable too! I used it as my resting room but I still slept in the other room with my mum and her friends because I’m a coward. LOL.

airbnb bath

Having a bath during my last night~

 It’s always a plus point to have a bath tub in the accommodation for me! One thing to note is that the shower room and toilet is separated. Which is good! Cause the toilet still can be used if someone is in the showers.

To sum things up, I have a good first experience with my Airbnb booking and will definitely use it again for my future trips to Japan. Simply because the hotels in Japan is pretty costly and small. 😛

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Osaka Beauty Buys: Drugstore Haul

Japan Drugstore Haul

Hello! I’m back with another post on my beauty buys in Osaka. This time round, I’m sharing the products I’ve got from my drugstore haul! Drugstores are everywhere in Japan and you can see a Matsumoto Kiyoshi store in almost every corner. I love walking down the aisle of beauty products, it’s literally beauty heaven for beauty junkies like me. My mum have to pull me away from the drugstore. Haha. The products I’ve gotten can actually be found in Singapore for most but they are like a fraction of the price in SG. Everything except the Canmake Powder cost below $10 SGD!!

osaka drugstore haul


The first thing  I got are some lip balms. Lip balms is an essential beauty product that everyone should have to keep your lips moist and supple! I’m currently using the Cherry Blossom one in the middle and I really like it as it does keep my lips supple without me exfoliating it for weeks. I got the Nivea one because of the unique teardrop shape. All these are about 400 yen each.

osaka drugstore haul lipbalms


Body care is often neglected when we are putting in so much effort in our face. I personally feel that we should take equal care of our body, hands especially. Sakura hand cream for me! My mum bought loads of hand cream for her colleagues and all of them raved about it. If I’m not wrong,  the hand creams in the drugstore ranges from 200 yen to 700 yen or more. I also got this Kose Skin Cream simply cause of the packaging. It’s apparently for the face too but I’m going to just use it as a body cream. It reminds me of the blue Nivea Cream tin but 100 times prettier. Lol.

osaka drugstore creams


These items are essentially repurchases. I love the Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder and it was going on sale so I have to grab one! I would have grab more if my mum didn’t stop me. I love the Hadanomy Collagen mist and have been through bottles of it in the past but it’s so expensive in Singapore! I think Sasa is selling it for more than $20 but this bottle is only about 700 or 800 yen!

japanese drugstore


Always read rave reviews about Det Clear Peeling Gel online but never got about buying it to try. I think Watsons do carry these but only selected outlets. The one reason I got these as they are only 600-700 yen per bottle? Imagine, 1 bottle of CURE is like $50 in Singapore. Not sure how much is it in Japan, as I don’t recall coming across it or I wasn’t paying attention to it. Will review these once I got around using them! I still have half a bottle of CURE to finish. >.<

Detclear peeling gel

So that pretty much sums up my drugstore haul in Osaka. Honestly, I didn’t get a lot of stuff but I did enjoy window shopping in the drugstores! Also, sometimes one drugstore can be cheaper than another. But my advice is to just buy because the difference is probably just 20-100 yen which honestly is not a lot. Most are a lot cheaper as compared to SG prices already. And you might not find the same thing in another store.

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I still have yet to blog about USJ and Kyoto and some of my other beauty purchases. So stay tuned!