Fashion Shoot with Chloe

My friend Chloe was building up her portfolio as a Makeup Artist and is looking for models. You know, I know, everyone knows that I love to be photographed and hence I decided to help her out~

It’s win win actually. She got to build up her portfolio and I get pretty awesome photos~ XD

And I do mean it when I say the photos are pretty awesome~

Here, see for yourself~ 😛


Blue eyeshadow actually looks good on me~ This is not the first time I had blue on my eyes but still it’s really nice. 😛




This turns out pretty nice~ Chloe say that I have the FHM look. LOL. Make me shy only. Haha. Ok la, maybe the face in the above pic got the look but definitely not the body. We all know that I’m bigger then a lot of girls out there. LOL.




Me like this photo~ I look slim~ 😛



I love how my hair is in this photo, the wind came at the right time~ Hee~ But seriously, this shot is really nice. I kind of really look nice in close up shots~ Haha~


This black and white one got to be my fav shot! Don’t you feel that my eyes are piercing through the picture? LOL~ Ok, I’m so BHB today. 😛

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21st Bday Shoot – Dark Concept

Here’s my favorite shots from the Dark Concept!

Photography by:

Make Up by:
080-2 copy

“What are you looking at?”

113-2 copy

This is my favorite shot of all! XD

116-2 copy

Hair all over, super messy but the shot turned out damn nice! LOL!


I’m dangerous.

086-2 copy

“You got a problem?”

087-2 copy

Love the overall feel of this shot. Love my legs! LOL!
Wearing the 6 inches heels really paid off. ><

081-2 copy

I don’t know how to describe this shot, it’s have a lil sad feel though. ><


My legs look super long and slim here! 😛


That’s all! Tell me which shot you love most! Hee!! XD

<3 Forensia~


21st Bday Shoot – Light Concept

Did a photo shoot prior to my 21st birthday. I had 2 concepts for my shoot and I’m going to showcase some of my favorite shots from the Light Concept in the post. XD

Photography by:


031-2 copy

Love this shot cause I look slim! LOL!

039-2 copy

Aren’t my eyes big and lovely? 😛


This is a photo that ain’t that great at first sight but the more you look at it, the nicer it became. XD

015-3 copy

Wind in the hair~

044-2 copy

I can’t believe that I can give off such an innocent look! LOL!

027-2 copy

Close up~ XD Love the effect.

011-2 copy

This is like my favorite shot for this concept! Now my iPhone screen! XD

The next one will be the Dark Concept.

Look out for it cause it’s really very different. Well, my current blog banner is a photo from the Dark Concept. XD

<3 Forensia~