FJF’s Film Adventure

Film cameras have slowly make their comeback these years and lomography is huge these days. I had my fair share of fun with the toy cameras and after nearly 2 years, I finally got my 2 rolls of films developed. First roll of film is taken by the Superheadz Wide and Slim 35mm film camera. This […]

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21st Bday Shoot – Dark Concept

Here’s my favorite shots from the Dark Concept! Photography by: Make Up by: “What are you looking at?” This is my favorite shot of all! XD Hair all over, super messy but the shot turned out damn nice! LOL! I’m dangerous. “You got a problem?” Love the overall feel of this shot. Love my legs! […]

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21st Bday Shoot – Light Concept

Did a photo shoot prior to my 21st birthday. I had 2 concepts for my shoot and I’m going to showcase some of my favorite shots from the Light Concept in the post. XD Photography by:   Love this shot cause I look slim! LOL! Aren’t my eyes big and lovely? 😛 This is a photo that ain’t that […]

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