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Skin Diary: Embracing Your Scars

As the title says, today I’m gonna write about embracing our scars. Or rather acne scars.
After combating acne, we are always happy to see the swell go down, no more pus, no more swollen zits. But now, we are faced with something more stubborn. The red marks left from the acne. And now it’s the battle with the scars. Piling up concealer to cover up, or using products trying to get rid of them. But beware, some of these products actually thinned the skin rather then removing the marks.

What should we do about the scars then?

Embrace them, better scars than acne. Scars takes time to heal and slowly they will fade away as new skin cells grow and we remove the dead skin cells properly. We should not let the scars affect our confidence no matter how irritating they are. I’m more than happy to see the scar there as compared to a bursting zit.

Acne scars are also the evidence that we got rid of those troublesome acne. No need to fret over the swells, thinking of what to use so that they will go off. No need to worry about the zits bursting when you’re out. Scars just stay there doing nothing till it’s time for them to go.

Here’s some tips to say goodbye to the scars/redness asap.

– Exfoliation at least once a week. (For proper removal of dead skin cells)

– Using sunblock at all time. (Do you know that even the light rays emitted from our laptops are harmful?)

– Having ample sleep. (Tried and tested. I observed that redness goes down when I have a good sleep and it gets worse if I did not have enough rest.)

– Embrace your scars. (Don’t let the scars stress you out! Stress is one of the main reasons for skin problems!)

Hope this is useful!




21st Bday Shoot – Dark Concept

Here’s my favorite shots from the Dark Concept!

Photography by:

Make Up by:
080-2 copy

“What are you looking at?”

113-2 copy

This is my favorite shot of all! XD

116-2 copy

Hair all over, super messy but the shot turned out damn nice! LOL!


I’m dangerous.

086-2 copy

“You got a problem?”

087-2 copy

Love the overall feel of this shot. Love my legs! LOL!
Wearing the 6 inches heels really paid off. ><

081-2 copy

I don’t know how to describe this shot, it’s have a lil sad feel though. ><


My legs look super long and slim here! 😛


That’s all! Tell me which shot you love most! Hee!! XD

<3 Forensia~


21st Bday Shoot – Light Concept

Did a photo shoot prior to my 21st birthday. I had 2 concepts for my shoot and I’m going to showcase some of my favorite shots from the Light Concept in the post. XD

Photography by:


031-2 copy

Love this shot cause I look slim! LOL!

039-2 copy

Aren’t my eyes big and lovely? 😛


This is a photo that ain’t that great at first sight but the more you look at it, the nicer it became. XD

015-3 copy

Wind in the hair~

044-2 copy

I can’t believe that I can give off such an innocent look! LOL!

027-2 copy

Close up~ XD Love the effect.

011-2 copy

This is like my favorite shot for this concept! Now my iPhone screen! XD

The next one will be the Dark Concept.

Look out for it cause it’s really very different. Well, my current blog banner is a photo from the Dark Concept. XD

<3 Forensia~


My 21st Birthday Party!!

I’ve recently turned 21 on the 29th of April. I had a very simple house celebration where my mum helped me prepared a spread of food for my lovely friends who came to celebrate the day with me. XD


I’ve decorated the place with my Photoshoot photos which I specially took for the occasion. XD The theme of my party was Modellicious as I am very into ANTM! LOL!


Opted for a red lip look that day, turned out quite nice. XD


Awesome friends helping themselves to the food~ XD


Ok, I placed some of my photos on the bamboo at my house corridor and they were like playing with it. Haha~


With my cake~ It’s super yummy ok! XD


With my lovely mum! XD


With Syaq and Sort Cheng.


YingZi, Dawn and Jiaqi~ XD



With the guys~ Dawn’s BF Bryan, Mel, Don, Weijie, Andy and JingLong! XD


With Wally~


Posing before cutting my cake. Haha~ Only 21 for once, must take more photos ma~ XD


Love this photo! Miss Syaq to the bits~~ Miss my poly days but too bad a lot of them can’t make it. ><


Found this photo in my camera, these 2 guys joker sia~ XD


Opening presents~ XD Love everything I’ve received that day. Will be featuring my presents in another post. 😛


With ANdy~


With Weijie, SIsta!! XD


With Meldric~


Colorful Instaxs to keep the memories forever. XD


I’ve really enjoyed myself this 21st. Thanks to everyone who wished me on Twitter, Facebook and especially those who came down to my party. Syaq, Wally, Sort Cheng and COUSINS!! LOVE YOU GUYS TTM!!! XD

More party photos on my FB,