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Another year older

Last year I welcomed the beginning of my 30s in the midst of the Circuit Breaker and with the news of my mum’s cancer spreading. This year ain’t that bad. I decided that I will spend some time away from family as I kinda wanted some time to myself. Away from the noise and usual […]

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A Recap for 2020

2020 was one hell of a ride! I’m pretty sure I might have said that at the start of 2020 about 2019. 2020 was the year that everyone was waiting for but we never really expected to be hit by a pandemic. Work Looking back at my 2020, I think it’s a pretty interesting year […]

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A Day At Ola Beach Club

Due to the pandemic, many people have been Working From Home. I would say it’s both a good and bad thing depending on your home environment. I will say that it works in my favour as my Mum’s cancer spread and she had to go for immediate Chemotherapy during Circuit Breaker. Being at home allows […]

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Happy 30th to me…

Except it’s not a very happy moment for me right now. I’m not referring to the fact that I’m stuck at home during my Birthday due to the Circuit Breaker. I already took leave and am prepared to just the whole day to chill. To just eat cake and anything I want, dress up and […]

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Hello 2020, You’re rather unwelcoming

The start of a new decade. The beginning of a new era, or so we thought. But who would have thought that a pandemic would happen in this year full of hopes? Especially for those who had a rather bad year in 2019. Maybe 2020 is an end instead of a beginning. I think for […]

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Hitting the Weight Loss Plateau

Having started my weight loss journey in late December 2018, the kilograms loss in the first two months have been pretty fast. Within 2.5 months I see a whopping 8 kilos loss. But soon I realized that I slowly stopped losing weight that quickly. Another 1.5 months passed and I only lost another 1.8 kilos. […]

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Entering 2019 With A Mission

Every beginning of the year, we will start seeing ‘New Year Resolutions” popping up everywhere on our socials. But often, we tend to post these resolutions for the sake of it. How many of these resolutions have we actually realized? Asking myself that question, I know my answer is no. Hence, instead of a new […]

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