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Haul:(Lush + Watsons ) Plus a Mini Giveaway!

Been quite some time since I hauled! 😛

Finally made my way to the LUSH store at Wisma! Love the store! Smells awesome, friendly staff, great products and all!


Got a Fresh Farmacy soap and BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask. The Fresh Face Mask are freshly made in the stores. Best used withing a month.


The BB Seaweed mask is of a thick texture, smells great when applied on the face. Got this at $21 for a tub of 75g.


Rachel K cosmetics was having a promotion at Watsons. Get the 2nd item at 50% off, hence it’s the best time to get it now. Was actually looking for a new 2 way cake as my ZA one is running out. Decided to try out the pressed powder as it’s really fine and smooth. Got the CC cream in neutral shade too since there’s the 50% off 2nd item.

CC cream cost $35, pressed powder is at $38.


Lucido-L hair treatment oil. I think this is quite new in stores, hence I decided to try it. This has a nice sweet scent to it. I got it at $15.90.


Alright, I have here 4 lip balms which I have gotten in Bangkok to give out!

All you need to do is to leave a comment with the color of your choice. I will then select 4 winners randomly! I might add in some other things other then the lip balms too! XD

Comment away now!

*Do leave behind your email too! So I can contact you if you win! XD *

*Open to those residing in Singapore only!*

Giveaway will close on 12th FEB 1200 PM!

That’s all for this post!




Haul: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Read about this palette on UD’s FB page about a month ago and it was love at first sight!!

It’s their 15th Anniversary Palette which consists of 15 new shades! I own 2 of their palettes and love them to bits. So when I know of its existence, I tell myself that I must get it! And there I have it, my 3rd UD palette! XD

The box is placed in a luxurious velvet case and unlike previous palettes, it’s of a metal casing rather then a box casing. Very reflective, easy to leave fingerprints but super gorgeous!

Look at the details at the side of the box! XD Pretty right?

Ta-dah! Underneath the lid is a mirror which we can use. And there we have the lovely shadows! No swatches available as I can’t bear to touch it yet. 😛

Lift up the lid to reveal a secret compartment when you can keep some stuff, be it accessories, notes or even cash for like the next palette! LOL. 😛

Here’s a closer look at the colors! Gorgeous colors ain’t they? Comes in different texture and finishes! I love the center row cause I love colors! The row on the left are some lovely neutrals of daily usage! I especially love Vanilla and Flow, I can foreseen myself using those shades often. The row on the right is best suited for the smokey eyes! Together, there’s many combinations that one can create from this palette! Plus it’s only $80 for 15 colors. Do your maths, and I’m sure that you will know that it’s worth every cent! XD

The photo above is taken using the popart function on my camera. Just to give an idea on on the colors would be like if use with a good base. XD

This palette is available in all Sephora outlets and it’s only limited to 1 palette per person. So I would highly recommend you to get your hands on this now! If you have never own a UD shadow before, this would be a great palette to start! XD

<3, Forensia.


iPhone Accessories for the ladies: femme de pivot

Hi ladies!

Today I’m going to share with you some gorgeous accessories for the iPhone made specially for ladies only!

Ain’t it beautiful?

“femme de pivot” is a brand from Hong Kong that specialized in making mobile accessories for female only.

I received both the red and yellow iphone 4 casing from the Summer Dreams Collection and I must say that it’s really gorgeous in real life! I’m using the red one as seen above now and my colleagues have complimented it! XD

I have also received the High Clarity Screen Protector and it’s really pretty! It adds beautiful details to the phone! Front and back included!

Other then iPhone casings, they do have for iPad, Blackberry and even bags inserts for DSLR too! That’s really cool as we can protect our pro equipment while using our pretty bags at the same time. I’m thinking to get one for my Olympus Pen in the near future~ XD

femme de pivot also have an iPhone application for you to download wallpapers similar to the theme of your casings! How cool is that? Do download the application as the wallpapers are really pretty and it’s free! XD

Check out femme de pivot FB and online shop today! Get your hands on some pretty casings for your mobiles now! XD


Online Shop:

<3, Forensia


Mini DollyWink Haul

I have a soft spot of Limited Edition stuff. So it happens that I’m browsing through the shelves of Watson’s during my break and saw this. There were only a few left and I stood there for several minutes, swatching the liners and then pick these 2 up.

From the swatches, they are decent liners. Sorry for the lack of swatches as I have not opened them up yet.

But moral of the story is, I got them because of the neon pink packaging and the cute sharpener. 😛

Here’s the pencil liner with the cute sharpener~ I actually did not have a decent one for my pencils so I guess this justify my purchase. 😛

And here’s the pretty neon pink liquid liner! I must say that the tip is quite sharp and yet soft, as in not prickly on the skin.

Did I mention that I hardly use eyeliners?

And that I’m a sucker for packaging? 😛

<3, Forensia.


Haul: More Perfumes

A bottle of perfume a month. Sinful. Especially when I have around 8 bottles of fragrances at home not including colognes or miniatures. Also the fact that I’m not a person who uses perfume everyday. LOL. I only use when I felt like it or when going to events or such. However, most of the time I will tend to forget. 😛 Oh wells~

I bought this bottle of Black XS at JP Fragrance at FEP last month. I remember smelling it at the airport once when I was out with my friends and I love the scent. Ok, and the bottle too. I’m a sucker for packaging. 😛 This scent is more to the sweet side and I love my scent sweet. 😛 Most of my perfumes are more fruity, if not musky.


I just bought this from Sephora. It’s a limited edition scent according to the BA and there’s a GWP if I purchased above $80. So I got the 50 ml bottle which cost $84 and got the free pink pouch. The BA also gave me this sparking body gel thingy.

In fact, I had no intention of buying anything when I head to Sephora. Guess I kind of get “con” into buying it. Haha~ But that’s what happens when you go shopping. LOL. But I must say it’s a really nice fruity scent. Very refreshing too! Of course la, if I don’t like the scent I won’t buy regardless of the GWP.

Oh well, it means that I now have around 10 bottles of fragrances in my stash? 😛 That’s quite a number and I’m very sure that it will increase again. 😛