First Beauty Haul in 2017: YSL Tint-In Balm

I’m a huge fan of YSL Lipsticks and I couldn’t contain my excitement when news of them releasing a new range of lipsticks is out. It’s the perfect product for my very first beauty haul in 2017! 🙂

YSL Tint-In Balm

YSL Beauty have recently launch a new range of lipsticks, the Volupté Tint-In Balm. It’s a lip tint and balm 2-in-1 kind of lip product which give that juicy gloss looked on your lips. It is highly similar to the Volupté Shine range which I love so I knew I had to get my hands on this range. And especially when it comes in such pretty layout with a lip shape core!

The Range

Available in 12 shades, you can surely find one that suits you! Or just get a couple as the payoff is sheer, these YSL Tint-In Balm are perfect for daily wear! The Lip shaped core is the lip balm which gives you the long lasting moisture! 🙂

The colour payoff is sheer at first swipe, but build-able with layering to get a deeper shade. Texture is soft and melts on your lips and totally not sticky at all though it gives that highly glossed look! Similar to the Tint-In Oil, it’s meant to last as a light tint on the lips. This range is perfect rendition of My Lips But Better kind of lipsticks. Plus points for being extra moisturising too!

Retailing at $54 each, the YSL Tint-In Balm is available at all YSL Beauty Counters across the island.

My Haul + Swatch

I’ve got 3 colours of of 12 in No 2: Tease Me Pink, No 8: Catch Me Orange and No 9: Tempt Me Pink.

Here’s the swatches, all of 1 swipe. No 2 is more like a soft sweet pink, No 8 is a pure orange and no 9 is more of a sheer fuchsia pink kinda of shade.

ysl tint-in balm swatch

I can foresee myself wearing these very often as I really like the sheer juicy look as compared to matte lippies. Non-sticky and moisturizing are huge plus points for me in a lipstick! Look out for my #MOTDs on Instagram wearing these moisturising babies soon!

What beauty products have you already bought in 2017? Share with me!



Playboy Condoms : Now You Can Play Hard & Play Safe

Playboy Condoms in Singapore

When it comes to Playboy products, what will you think of? For me, it will be the Playboy perfumes that are available locally.

Now, they have launched their line of condoms and lubricants in the local market. You can finally have more choice of brands when it comes to having safe sex.


Play Hard, Play Safe, Playboy!

playboy condoms

As with the tagline, Playboy encourages fun, safe fun. In this modern society, there’s definitely a lot of fun going out there. And sure you can have all the fun you want, as long as you play it safe with Playboy! 😉 And Playboy is totally changing the condom game with a whole new meaning of sexy for men. Just look at that packaging!


It’s important to practice safe sex these days! With all the fun and enjoyment, you won’t want to be crying and facing the frustration of the aftermath when accident happens.

With the introduction of Playboy Condoms, it’s a whole new meaning to having safe sex! With Playboy, even men can be sexy! And most importantly, practice safe sex with Playboy to avoid all the unwanted mess. Both men and women want to have fun, and with Playboy condoms, it makes the whole fun experience safe for both parties!

Remember, Play Hard, Play Safe, Playboy!

The Launch

playboy condom launch

The Playboy condom launch party was held at Suites 26. Where’s more apt than a club to launch a condom line right? The place was decorated with balloons and if you have sharp eyes, you will notice some of the condom balloons! It’s definitely a cute idea for people to touch and feel those condoms without looking awkward!

Playboy condoms is available in pack of 3 or 12 and can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian, Red Mart, Buzz and Hao Mart!


The range of Playboy lubricants is also available in 5 different variants. Safe to use with the Playboy condoms, massage and for a little added fun in the bedroom. (^-^)

More information at Playboy Singapore FB page!



Pokemon Cafe Singapore – Alola Edition

EWF Singapore has once again come together with Parco with present to us the 2nd edition of Pokemon Cafe Singapore! It’s in line with the launch of the new game, Sun & Moon and going in theme with the setting of the new Alola region!

pokemon cafe singapore

Pokemon Cafe Singapore – SUN & MOON ALOLA Edition

The Alola region is somehow inspired by real life Hawaii. So you can expect loads of island themed meals, desserts and drinks!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore – Price Range

Mains and Desserts range from $15 to $25.


You can get a free mug from ordering either the Pikachu Smiling Alola Region Curry Rice ($25) or the Alola Region Volcano Cake ($25).


The I Love Pikachu Patty!($20) comes with a cute mini bottle of Pikachu’s favourite Ketchup!


Drinks range from $8 to $12.

Both the Pokemon Cafe’s Potion and Iced Island Tea at $12 allows you to bring the bottle home and comes with a Pokemon Cafe Original Charm! The Iced Island Tea comes with the Alolan Exeggutor Charm!

I opted for the Potion because I preferred the charm with all 3 new starters with the adorable Pikachu waiter!

Expect to spent minimal $50 per pax at the cafe if you will want to bring home the free mugs and bottles!

Each meal comes with a free Placemat and each drink comes with a free Coaster too! 🙂

Pokemon Cafe Singapore – Overall Review


Perhaps it was AFA weekend, but the queue was pretty short and fast when I was there on a Saturday afternoon around lunch time. The waitress will go down the queue explaining the menu to you and taking your orders. Once there’s a vacant table available, they will lead you into the cafe to your seats. But not before collecting the freebies based on your orders and taking a photo with the backdrop!

The food was served pretty quickly and the taste is pretty decent. It’s not fantastic, but it’s not bad either. Drinks wise pretty much taste like normal soft drinks. The latte and milk might taste better but they don’t come with free charms. LOLOL.


Is it worth a visit? If you’re a huge fan of Pokemon/Pikachu, I would say yes. But of course, once is enough. They do have merchandise available for purchase even if you don’t dine at the cafe. And they do have a Pikachu Praline Cake at $9.90 available for takeaways too.

Pokemon Cafe Sun & Moon Singapore

Location: Bugis Junction #04-05

Period: 24th November 2016 to 19th February 2017.

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily. ( Last Orders at 9.30pm)

Enjoy your time at the Pokemon Cafe!



Pokémon At Changi Airport


There’s currently a Pokémon Changi event running at Changi Airport from now till Mid Feb. Spend money(Min $60 in Single Receipt) at the airport and get to redeem Pokemon Plush toys @ $9.90. I would say this is a very smart move to increase profits all over the retailers at the airport.

I decided to head over on a Sunday just to check out the exhibits and also see if I have a chance to meet my favourite Pikachu!

Pokemon Changi : Snorlax Galore!!!


There’s a total of 5 Snorlaxs which can be found in the Airport. 2 at Terminal 3 and 3 at the Terminal 2 display. I believed these 5 Snorlaxs are the same that they are giving away in their lucky draw! These are the original 1.5m ones from Bandai Japan!


To gain a chance to win one of these chubby cute cuddly Snorlax, simply be a Changi Rewards member which you can register for free and spend $60 for 1 lucky draw chance! Local delivery included so no need to worry about how to transport the Snorlax home!


Pikachu Meet & Greet

pokemon changi

They have Meet & Greet sessions during the weekends, 6pm and 8pm. (Except for 3rd Dec and the last day is on 1st Jan 2017, Sunday.)

Photo-taking is only open to the first 80 Families every session so do go at least an hour early to queue if you really want a photo with the oh-so adorable Pikachu~

Poke Trail


There’s also this Poke Trial going on where you have to find the small balloon versions of the Pokemon, take a selfie with 3 different ones, post it online and get to redeem a prize!

More information at this link:

Check out this guide to the ultimate expeirence for Pokemon Changi!

pokemon changi airport map

Have fun with the activites and taking photos with the exhibits! I must say the life sized Snorlax stole the show from Pikachu this time round!



Going Braless…For A Day!

I vaguely remember reading this article on buzzfeed about going braless for a week sort of thing. (Or was it on some other sites but similar topic? Doesn’t matter.) But being someone who started wearing a bra since 10, it’s quite hard to imagine going out without wearing a bra.

Though I must admit that sometimes I go without the bra at home in the recent years. Is it sort of a rebellious act? I think I just prefer to give my boobs some rest when I’m at home, in my home clothes, without makeup and contact lense. Why can’t my boobs rest if my eyes and skin can? Right?

What Made Me Do It?

It just happens that I’ve this dress with thin straps in sort of a halter design. So wearing a bra kind of makes it unsightly and the part where the straps meets the cup can be seen. And no, I don’t own a strapless bra because there’s no sizes for me anywhere; even the online shop I found only have strapless for small sizes. Nor the bras that I own have changeable straps that I could swap for transparent ones. Nubras are expensive and I think no size also.


Spot the bra strap digging into my shoulders.

So the thought of just wearing the dress without a bra comes to my mind. And it looks fine. The dress is not made of a thin material, not super thick but thick enough to prevent see throughs. I tested it out at home to make sure that it looks ok. (Or rather made sure that my nipples can’t be seen.)

Going Braless

All checked. No one will know.

How Did It Feel?


I ran for the bus and I don’t feel my boobs bouncing upwards against my neck because they are free to be bobbling in any direction.

It feels good to not have straps digging into my shoulders. Though I probably wear them tighter than I should. But when you’re wearing something, rather tight than loose.

Not having to adjust the bra for once is a good thing. Don’t have to worry about nip-slips and what’s not. 

Nobody notice anyways.

One would have thought that in an Asian country people would call you out for not wearing a bra. I got called out once wearing a top with a back opening at the MRT station, just cause my bra can be seen. I think the rule is nobody will call you out for something they can’t see.

Will I go braless again?

I think once in awhile is ok. I won’t be going braless for a week. I still need that support and extra push most of the time. You can’t deny that that extra cleavage just makes one feel more confident. But when it comes to certain dresses, I guess I have another option now and don’t have to worry about straps and all…


No unsightly straps! And I’m gonna work on that collarbone.

Have you tried going out braless?

If so, share your experience with me!

If not, will you try to see how it feels?