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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Final 14 Revealed

Hello! I’m pretty sure a lot of you have heard of the recent happening thing going on in town recently! Yes, it’s the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, reality singing competition! I have the privilege to attend their press conference where they revealed the final 14 contestants. The 14 will be living together under one roof for the whole process of the show where they will undergo training etc. Then they will battle it out every Saturday, where 1 will be eliminated every single week. There’s 7 girls and 7 guys and one of them will emerged as the final winner who will walk away with a 2 years contract with Ocean Butterflies.

Coming from all walks of life, we have students, executives, property agent among the 14. And now I will present to you, the top 14 contestants.

The girls! In clockwise direction, we have Vee(1), Natalie(3), Hui Xian(2), Zhi Lin(5), Chloe(6), Jessie(7) and Fiona(8).

The one who stood out to me was Natalie for first impression wise. We shall see as times goes, which other girls will impress me more. xD

Here’s the guys! In clockwise direction, we have Jun Yang(8), Zhang Chi(9), Kenneth(10), Phil(11), Irwin(12), Guang Li(13) and ET(14).

Two of them caught my attention, and they are Phil and Irwin. Phil was from the UK but he spoke quite fluent Chinese which is rather impressive. Irwin has the sunshine boy look and a very cheerful smile.

And that’s the 14 contestant! Can’t wait to see them battle it on on the weekly concerts happening every Saturday! I’ll be attending several of the concerts and is super excited to hear them live!

Took a photo with Pei Fen, who’s hosting the press conference. XD

I also took a photo with Joe Tsai, who will be hosting the Saturdays’ Concerts.

Us bloggers who attended the press conference were given time to interview the contestants. I only managed to speak to 5 of the guys as I was rushing off to somewhere else. >< So I’ve managed to speak with Irwin, Guang Li, Kenneth, Phil and ET. From the short session I had with them, I can see that all of them are really working hard for their dreams. Of course, it was good that all of them had support from their family to pursue this chance for a shot at fulfilling their dreams.

As they will be under 18 hours of surveillance everyday, they did mentioned that they will be aware of that and control their actions rather than behaving like they will at home. However, they did also say that with time and getting used to, they will definitely be more relaxed and then slowly showing their relaxed selves on cameras.

Also, speaking about the possibilities of romance among the male and female contestants, they did expressed that there might be sparkles somewhere somehow as they are single, and living under one roof.

I’m pretty sure we will see friendships forged among the contestants as they get to know each other more and maybe some chemical reactions too. 😛

Starhub also came out with a mobile app which enables us to look through the details of the contestants, photo and videos updates on the contest and even mini games. We can even have the convenience of voting for your favorite contestant through the app.

I wish all 14 of them best of luck and I’m pretty such this 10 weeks will be an awesome and unforgettable journey for them all.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia premiered on the 8 July 2012 on the Academy Fantasia Channel (StarHub TV Channel 110). You will get to watch the daily happenings at the Academy from 7am to 1am! Weekly Concerts every Saturday from 9.30 pm to 11 pm and results will be announced on Sunday, 11 am! You’ll be able to watch on or your mobile devices too!

You can check out the FB page for more information and updates too!



Ghost On Air Movie Review

Thanks to OMY.SG, I was able to catch the local horror movie <;Ghost On Air>; starring Zhou Chong Qing before it’s released on 10th May.


I would say Horror begins right from the start of the movie all the way till the end. The visuals might not necessarily be very horrifying but accompanied with the sound effects, the scary effect is very much amplified.

The plot of the movie is quite interesting, revolving around the setting of telling ghost stories on Radio. And what happened, if these stories are in fact, true?

I would rate this movie a 3/5. Do catch it when it’s out in the cinemas! Support local production!

Trailer and synopsis below! 😛


A Radio DJ driven to desperation, resorts to telling ghost stories on air, but what if the stories were all not fiction?

“Ping Xiao, a two time “Most Popular DJ” award winner, is suddenly robbed of his successful morning show slot. Jealous at seeing a younger DJ taking his place, he forces himself to conquer painful recurring memories of his deceased girlfriend and tells the ghost stories that was written by her on air. With each painful memory he endures, he regains a small step to his superstardom. However, as he is about to claim his reward, he begins to realize that the stories were not works of fiction, and maybe it wasn’t him telling the stories all along…”





Grand Cruise Bloggers’ Night Out by MoxDeals

Hi all! I’m here to share my very first experience on a YACHT!!


We are departing from One Degree 15 Marina Club located at Sentosa Cove! We are going to embark on a 4 hour yacht ride around the southern islands of Singapore!

Group photo before we depart. We also had to remove our shoes before boarding the yacht. I’m guessing that other then preventing us to slip and fall, it’s also to ensure our shoes don’t dirty the yacht. 😛

Here’s a collage that I’ve done! I want to add in loads of photos but I don’t want it to load slow, hence the collage! It shows the scenery and also some parts of the yacht! The yacht comes with a Karaoke system! How cool is that? One of the cabins was also opened for our usage.

Photos with Samantha and Felicia on the top deck!

For the first half hour of the ride, while waiting for the yacht to reach the docking area, Leanna from Mox Deals was sharing with us about the sponsors that they have currently!

First up would definitely be Grand Cruise which is the very sponsor for our yacht ride! One upcoming deal for the cruise is $980 for a weekend charter which usually costs up to $1900!! How cool is that! Each yacht can hold up to 25 people, so after excluding the captain and first mate, you can bring 23 people up on the yacht! $980 divided by 23 is only about roughly $50 over dollars? Start planning your yacht party now I would say!

Next would be Tooth Angels which has the most advance methods of teeth whitening by laser bleaching! Sounds interesting! I would love to try out though. Just a simple checkup would do actually, it been quite sometime since I last visit the dentist. 😛

Another interesting sponsor would be ImpactKTV where they are reputable for providing mobile Karaoke systems! Imagine karaoke at a Chalet?! You can even record your own voice in mp3 format with their systems!

One other sponsor which I’m very interested is School Of Paintball! Love to have a game of paintball with the Cousins!

There are also other sponsors like Prae Impact Studios providing photography services and also Dynamic Fitness which specializes in personal training!

You can find deals by all these sponsors all at MoxDeals Singapore! Over at MoxDeals, they have 3 types of deals.

  • Standard Deal where you buy the vouchers at a certain value and then just redeem it at the merchant!
  • Flat Discount where you buy a discount voucher for various merchants.
  • Pay to The Merchant where you pay a small amount first, then pay the rest only when you redeem the purchase!


After that, we all relax on the top decks, enjoying the snacks provided by the kind people from Moxdeals and also taking photos! Here’s a shot with Hp! I’m actually sitting right beside the captain! 😛

There! A photo with the captain! Hee!

Another photo with Samantha and Felicia! This time one the front deck!

I love the front deck! It’s where you can just relax, enjoy the breeze and the view in whole! I parked myself there for almost half of the ride! 😛

Check out the gorgeous view of the sunset! I think it’s because we are out on the sea, the sun looks super close to us! We even saw it turn red but too bad I did not managed to captured that on camera.

Look at the gorgeous color the sky is! きれいなそらでしょ!There are other yachts out too! You can even opt to go for a swim or kayaking after the yacht is docked at designated areas!

(Above photos credits to MoxDeals)

Here’s another collage of the group photos that we have taken! All enjoying ourselves on the yacht! Having our meal on the front deck while enjoying the sea breeze and scenery! It was awesome! We also had SHOTS, sponsored by Shots Asia! Those are pre-packed cocktail shots like Vodka Orange, B25 etc. Great for parties! Each shot contains like 20% alcohol so you can definitely feel the kick!

They have a control panel inside the yacht too! How could I miss my chance of pretending to be captain of the yacht! 😛

Some of the bloggers utilizing the karaoke system! I skip it as I chose to park myself at the front deck, enjoy the breeze and capturing the scenery with my eyes. It’s not always that we can get to be on a yacht! But we can get to karaoke always on the land! 😛

Not forgetting cam-whoring on the deck! Don’t this photo looks tumblr worthy? XD

We also watch Songs of the Seas at Sentosa on the yacht! What’s best is when the fireworks starts! We had like up close view of the fireworks! It was overwhelming! I took a video and will share it next time! 😛 After which we sail to the Marina Bay Sands area where we can see the skyline of the buildings and the Singapore Flyer and all! It was all a gorgeous view! Sadly, good times seems to end fast. Before we knew it, we are sailing back into the docks of Sentosa Cove…

Took a photo with QiuQiu while leaving the yacht! Lucky her, she will be going on another yacht ride!

We were also each give a pack of SHOTS to bring home! XD

Last photo with part of the yacht! Everyone can’t bear to leave the yacht!! We were like oh no when the yacht is back to Sentosa Cove dock. 🙁

I really enjoyed every single moment of the yacht ride! It was an eye opener and it was so relaxing on the front deck! Love the scenery and sea breeze! Would love to be able to go on a yacht ride once more!


Check out more photos at my FB album!

And more at MoxDeals’ album!

Don’t forget to like MoxDeals FB page too!


CineSensational Trilogy: The Hunger Games Awaits!

It’s been awhile since something exciting happens to Team SHUTTER. Little do they know that they are going to go through an adventure. And it’s all going to happen in this place named CINELEISURE ORCHARD.

Cineleisure Orchard offers a variety mix of lifestyle retail shopping, casual dinning and leisure activities like karaoke and e-gaming. Not forgetting having 12 movie halls by Cathay Cineplexes. It’s the place where youths and teens hang out and where all the hype is!

Let Team SHUTTER bring you through a mini adventure at Cineleisure Orchard! Why SHUTTER you might ask? Cause both Andy and me love gathering information of interesting happenings around us and share it with everyone out there through Social Media!

As usual, I was shopping around the flea market looking for the cheapest deal and Andy was enjoying some quality Me-time at Macdonalds. Our phone rang and we received the same message almost at the same moment! Looks like it time for another mission! XD

Ohhh, looks like it’s going to be a real interesting mission!

I rushed to meet Andy at the entrance of Cineleisure Orchard. At the moment of meeting up, Andy immediately received the first clue on his mobile. I was anxious to know what’s the clue as I’m very confident of clue solving and love such missions! I can’t wait to know what’s exciting in Cineleisure!

So the first clue is:

” Grab your weapons and health packs. You gonna need them! Complete the “No mercy” and you shall get the next clue! ”

Oh and apparently we only have 30 minutes to complete the “No mercy”. I was thinking in my mind, what could that be?

And so we entered the Cineleisure in which there are 9 stories not including the basement. Where could the first clue possibly mean? Is there a place where we need weapons and health packs?

Andy and I decided to consult the directory as that’s where all the stores are listed! I mean there are like 54 outlets in Cineleisure, we can’t possibly check one by one right? Of course checking the directory will be the fastest way. 😛

So we look through the list of outlets eliminating the retail outlets and whats not. Suddenly Andy exclaimed: ” Ah I get it! The clue must be referring to Left 4 Dead!

And so we headed straight up to level 9 by lift where E2Max is! E2Max is like gamer’s heaven! There Lan games, Xbox 360 and many more. They even have Prize Stage where you can try your skills at the UFO machines! I would say it’s a place with games for all!

And yes, the clue is referring to the first map of Left 4 Dead! We quickly get down to completing the map, not forgetting to mention the few times I accidentally shoot Andy instead of the zombies. Regardless of that, we still managed to completed the map in 30 minutes! The 2nd clue popped up instead of the usual game credits!

I took one look at the 2nd clue and said to Andy that I know where the next place is! We then quickly proceed to level 4, where I believed it’s where we should go next.

So I lead the way to Pocketz located at level 4 of Cineleisure! The clue has a picture of pool balls! This must be the place!

Andy took a look inside at the various group of people enjoying themselves while playing pool. “We need gold coin here meh? Also, where to find Shutter related things here?

Ops! Then almost immediately after Andy’s comments,  another place came into my mind. “Oh! I know where then!! No mistakes this time I promise!” I said.

We then go all the way down to B1 where’s there’s a whole stretch of Capsules Machine! I’m a capsules Machine lover and Cineleisure has got the widest range of capsules machine I’ve see in Singapore! Andy nodded in agreement when he saw the capsules machine and he quickly found the Shutter related machine. It’s a machine that has mini Pentax Cameras models that you can use as a keychain or put on the hotshoe of your camera. $3 for 1 capsule!

I was super excited about this!  I can always spend at least half an hour at the capsules machine looking at the ranges before deciding which one to get. I went to change notes into coins immediately and went to get a capsule out of that particular machine. Hopefully we get the clue at the first turn!

I took the capsule out of the machine and open it up slowly…

And yes! The clue is inside!

Andy and I looked at the clue and was a little confused. Is there a place here that we could “Party like a Rockstar, Shoot like a Sniper, Throw like Jeremy Lin. And be an all rounder”?

We also have to score 120 points and above before we could enter The Hunger games?

Andy pondered for a moment and said he knew where to go.

He lead me to TimeZone at level 4. I get it when I saw the place. With Guitar Hero, Time Crisis, Basketball games in the arcade, it totally fits in with the clue. Plus there’s a dancing games, driving games and many more. Indeed a place where you can be an all rounder!

We bought a Powercard at the counter and went ahead to the games one by one!

I must say I’m not very good at the guitar, should have played the shooting game instead since I’m a marksman. 😛 Andy and me managed to score more then 120 points at the basketball game through cooperation! We then received instructions for us to collect our tickets to The Hunger Games!

We both had fun exploring Cineleisure in the day and accomplished our mission. It’s time for us to enjoy ourselves at the Gala Premiere of The Hunger games!

Team SHUTTER did not forget to snap a photo with the movie poster before watching the movie! XD I must say The Hunger Games is a good movie! Go catch it now! It’s already showing in the cinemas! Of course, no harm spending a day in Cineleisure first before catching the games!

Of course, this is not the end of the adventure of Team SHUTTER… There will be more to come!

Stay Tune!


First time at Timbre!

I finally made my way down to Timbre with the Cousins last Saturday.

Went to the outlet at The Substation. Above photo taken by PATH.


Great company!

Sometimes, no matter how nice or how good the atmosphere is, you will only enjoy with the right company!

I can never go wrong with this group of friends!



Andy, Josh and Jiaqi~


JingLong, Ying Zi and me!

It will be great if the whole group of Cousins can gather sometime soon! Very long never got full attendance already! ><

(Credits to ANdy for the above 3 photos with humans inside. )

Pizza there was strongly recommended by the rest who’ve been there before.

We ended up ordering 5 full pizzas!

I had one on my own.

I must say the pizzas are really good. Yums! Reasonable pricing too!

You can have a pizza with 2 flavors for just $21!


Had a beer and a Strawberry Margarita too!

Next time I’ll just order the beer! More worth! LOL!

Actually beer tastes better then some cocktails. 😛


I love the atmosphere at Timbre, nice music, nice place. A great place to chill out with your good buddies. They do have live band performances too. But we did not stay long enough for the live band this time.

Maybe next time! XD