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LookBook: Blue CNY

Here’s my first attempt at a Look Book style post. Not very good I must say, did not have time to take nicer photos! 😛

Most of the items featured in this post are bought from BKK! Except for my Swarovski necklace.


Opted for blue this year~


Love this dress! Gotten it at 320 baht at Platinum Mall! It’s like my most expensive dress I bought there! 😛

Love this black box messenger bag that I’ve gotten from BKK! 150baht only!

Best shot I could get of my inspired Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. 😛

Blue eyeshadows to complement the whole look.

Wanted to do something to my hair but don’t want anything too complicated. So just 2 simple plaits at each side. XD


That’s all for my first Look Book post.

How do you all like it?

Shall I post more of such posts?

Comment or tweet me! XD




GUESS Denim Campaign: Try to Win!

Was at GUESS Try to Win! event held at GUESS Paragon on Friday along with the other lovely MFP Bloggers.


With lovely Cath.


Objective of the event was for everyone of us to try on 3 pairs of jeans and choose the best fit out of the 3.

We will be taking 2 photos, 2 different pair of jeans.

And we get to bring the best fit home. Awesome right?

That’s the GUESS ambassador choosing my jeans for me as I’m not sure about choosing the right pair.

Means no worries if you are unsure of how to choose the right pair of jeans for yourself, there’s friendly ambassadors around to help you find that right pair of jeans for you!


First pair I tried on, DareDevil Bootcut. Fits me well and it’s comfortable.

But I did not choose this pair to bring home as I’ve Bootcut designs jeans at home.


The 2nd pair I tried, a Starlet Straight cut. Fits well, darker color equals looking slimmer.

This is the pair I choose to bring home.

They have many many designs and cuttings available to choose from. So you don’t have to worry about not finding something that fits especially when you’ve a curvy body shape like me. There’s bound to be something that compliments our body shape well from the huge selection available.


Photo Wall where all the polariods are being pasted on.


My photo for the wall~


Here’s the catch.

Try 3 pair of jeans, take a photo and pen down an interesting caption.

For the best photo with the best caption, you stand to win 1 year supply of GUESS JEANS!!

Plus, you will be getting a pair of limited edition GUESS headphones for trying 3 pair of jeans and taking your photo for the photo wall. (While Stocks Lasts!!)

This campaign is only available at GUESS PARAGON from 5 to 27 November 2011!

So head down now try on the GUESS jeans for the chance to win!

Happy Bloggers with our jeans and headphones!


Thanks GUESS for the jeans!

I hardly wear jeans, but now I can try on new looks with my spanking new pair of Guess Jeans!


Group Photo!

It’s always fun and laughter with the lovely MFP bloggers! <3!


World Runway Premiere 2011

Attended World Runway Premiere which happened on the 18th Sept~ Thanks to Sort Cheng who got the tickets from Ikoma~ Haha. I only knew that Ikoma was giving out tickets on the day itself as I only had classes on Sundays.

Went to the event with Don!! The super diva~ So hard to meet one! 😛

Posing with our invites~ XD

With Sortie~ I swear that’s not my hand holding the ticket. 😛

With Don!

A solo shot~ With the wind in my hair! LOL! Oh btw, it’s also the last time you will be seeing my long flowy hair. 😛

Pretty cool runway they have~

Another group photo of us in our seats.

This was a rather random shot but I kind of like my expression here.

Introducing the 8 teams! There’s France, Italy, Russia, USA, UK, Brazil, Japan and Singapore.

This was from Japan.

Here’s an outfit from Singapore which I like. Not a very clear shot as I was using my compact and I do not have super zoom lenses.

UK emerge the winner with 70 plus plus points. Japan was 60 plus and Singapore was 50 plus.

UK stylists celebrating their win.


I would say this was an eye opener for me. Saw many unique outfits and can see the different styles from the various countries. Would love to attend more of such fashion events in future! XD



Love at First Sight

I swear it’s not yellow! It reflect different colors under different surfaces and light!

But yellow kind of suit it since it’s a moon shaped crystal.

With flash. It sparkles! If you look carefully!

I had no intention of buying anything. But this caught my eyes immediately as I was browsing through the counter! It’s gorgeous! Really very pretty!

Stars and moon~ See how the small star reflects blue?

Both are actually clear crystals!

This cost me a bomb! But I know I will regret not buying it! Plus I love crystals!



Haul: Precious Stones Jewelery

I got these jewelery quite awhile ago from the flea market at *Scape. They are made from real stones and the designs are really nice. I got them at a steal as the seller who made these jewelery who’s a really nice lady made them as her hobby and is not really looking into earning from selling them. Most of the necklaces and bracelets are priced at $10 and the rings at $5.

I got 3 items, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. I kind of wished that I’ve bought more though. All these only cost me $25! It’s a real deal for such pretty things!


Here’s the ring, it’s made from Black Onyx.

Another picture of the ring under flash. It’s really simple and elegant which goes well with everything! You must have noticed the black and gold combination which I really like, be it accessories or packaging. LOL.


Here’s the bracelet which I really like the main piece. It’s not too complicated and really pretty.


A closer look at the danglers which consists of a flower charm and 2 stones. The 2 stones are in different colors yet they are the same stone! The colors are natural, the stones are only polished to be smooth.


Here’s the necklace which is really simple yet outstanding due to the color of the stone. It’s hot pink and it’s the natural color! Also this is from the same stone as the ones from the bracelets.


Real simple design, with a flower charms and several dangling chains. The color of the stone really make it stand out!


Here’s a closer look at the stone, it’s naturally shaped like that, edges are smoothen out though. This stone is actually Turquoise! Are you surprised? I’m very surprised when I heard it from the lady who made them.

Lucky I got a name card from her so I can contact her to ask if she will be selling her creations at any future fleas. XD Clever me! LOL.

Look out for these precious stones jewelery if you happen to be at a flea, if you’re lucky you might be able to score some of these pretty creations for yourself. XD

<3 Forensia~