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Shirohato: Pretty & Cute Lingerie

Alright, this is going to be quite an intimate post since we are talking about intimate wear today. I’ve always had difficulties finding the right fit for my assets in stores locally and I probably have been wearing the wrong sizes for the longest time. Brands like Triumph do have my size but in limited designs. Think those nude and ‘old-fashioned’ type with thick straps. >~<

Most of the time, you won’t find my size for those cute and pretty designs. I did force myself in certain one band size/cup size smaller bras with pretty designs when I started buying my own intimates. But I can tell you they are totally uncomfortable.

Shirohato: Lingerie & Intimate Apparel Online Store

Introducing Shirohato, a Japanese online store selling pretty and adorable lingerie for women of all sizes!

shirohato intimates

I stumbled upon Shirohato while window shopping on Qoo10 one day. They have a huge range and variety of lingerie in all sizes! Prices were very reasonable, starting from $16++ to the high-end brands at $100++. I was pretty much tempted by the designs so I researched on euro sizing against Japanese sizing and made a trial purchase. (Lingerie featured in this post are from my latest 2nd haul from them.)

My usual sizing was 38D/36E for brands that can be found locally. For my 1st purchase from Shirohato, I bought in D85, E85 and F85. The D one is a tad too small while the band size was just nice. F85 had too long a band size while the cup fits nicely. E85 was pretty much the perfect fit.

While shopping for my 2nd haul, some designs that I really like doesn’t have E85 so I got them in F80. Always drop the band size by one size if you take one cup size up and vice versa.

The Haul

img_6780Risa Magli Miracle Honey Bra~ (F75) $35.50

I’m really more of a cute design person as compared to sexy. LOL!! I really like the embroidered flowers on this one. No F80 so I took a chance with F75 and it fits! Hehe~

shirohato braFairy Rose Garden Push Up~  (F80) $18.50

This is more of the classic “Triumph” kind of design.

img_6778This set is a collaboration between Shirohato and Triumph. (E85) $36.80 (Discounted Price)

Love the dusty pink and grey combination! And the details are dainty and cute.

img_6781Etu Rose Bra & Panty Set (E85) $17.60

Ok, I got this simply cause it’s really affordable. And all girls need a set of white intimates in their closet.

img_6782Simple Flower Lace Push Up~ (E85) $19.90

Another classic design in Black~ And yes, push up for the extra support. And trust me, people like me do need the extra support, plus it looks nicer. LOL. Just compare it with the white set and you can see the difference!


The Fairy Rose Garden one when worn.

shirohato try on

My favourite set of the haul.

Shirohato is probably where I’ll be buying all my future intimates due to its super reasonable pricing. My haul for 4 sets plus 1 bra only cost me $127.55 after using Qoo10 coupons. A set from Triumph would have cost me around the same price.

Plus, there’s a lot more designs for me to choose from! Maybe it doesn’t matter to some, but it makes me happier wearing pretty stuff even if it’s only I, myself can see. And to add on, they are all very comfortable to wear! 🙂

Of course, it’s important to get your sizes right. And they do have very affordable sets for you to try out your sizing. Just remember that Japanese sizes tend to run slightly smaller.

I highly recommend checking out Shirohato because they really have sizes catering to A-F and band sizes from 65-85 and really lovely designs! Some really nice designs still don’t have my size but I’m contented to what’s available. ^.^

Share your haul with me if you do buy from them!



Glow In The Dark Hair With Artistry

Glow In The Dark Hair Trend – First In Singapore

I’m sure many of you have seen on FB timeline, instagram on the latest hair trend – Glow in the Dark Hair! And I’m glad to share that Artistry Hair Professional is the first in Singapore that brought in the special hair dyes that create the Glow In the Dark effect!

My previous hair colour was nearly 3 months ago, so Elein decided it’s time for a new coat of colour and we will be using the new Glow In the Dark Hair dyes on my tresses! Super excited!

before glow in the dark hair

Before & After

You know, the hair dye process is almost the same each time so let’s go straight into the Before & After Photos! Unruly faded hair with outgrown roots, and viola, nice treated hair that is so smooth and fresh coats of colours!

BNA Glow IN the Dark Hair

Green on one side, blue on the other with pink mixture!
glow in the dark hair side

Happygirl90 with her newly coloured hair! The colours this time round is bright! And I’m loving it! I love being different! Haha. And the fact that I’m one of the first who got to try out the Glow In The Dark Hair Colours!

glow in the dark hair joyce

Check out the various colours on my head! Only 3 dyes was applied, green, blue and pink but due to my previous colours, I’ve purple and different shades of blue too! Too Pretty already!! Elein really have magic hands! Hehe!

glow in the dark hair braid

Here’s a little close up on the glow in the dark effect under UV light. Sorry for the “noisy” photo as it’s taken under minimal light with the iPhone.

glow in the dark hair cu

Interested to try out the Glow In The Dark Hair Trend? Look for Elein at Artistry Hair Professional at International Plaza and quote my name ‘Joyce’ to get 10%-30% off depending on the hair services that you are doing. Making an appointment before heading down is recommended!

Artistry Hair Professional

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62219255

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close



My Journey with Artistry Hair Professional:

Artistry Hair Professional Signature Hair Treatment 

Dyna Perm and the ABC Treatment at Artistry Hair Professional

Olive Brown Hair with Artistry Hair Professional 

Red Highlights by Artistry Hair Professional 

Galaxy Hair By Artistry Hair Professional


OkaB: My New Plastic Shoe Crush

I’m sure many of you who read my blog or follow me on Instagram would know that I love plastic shoes and am a huge fan of Melissa. I even told my friends once that I’ll switch all my shoes to just Melissa. But I ended up still buying other shoes.

For one simple reason, not all Melissa shoes are comfortable and some do give me blisters. I’ve over 10 pairs of Melissa and some are hits, some are stubborn in biting me each and every time I wore it.

But I love plastic shoes so I stuck with Melissa  because I love their designs and some of their shoes are still comfortable. You just need to be wise in your choice as some designs can really cut quite badly.

Till I found an alternative, OkaB. OkaB is a brand from America and their shoes are handcrafted right in America.


OkaB, Plastic Shoes Handcrafted in America

I found the store which is located at the 3rd level of the new wing of Plaza Singapura. Was shopping while waiting for Rx&Wj for a movie and got attracted to the store with shoes of pretty colors! I went in to take a look and was pleasantly surprised to find that OkaB is actually a plastic shoe brand!

Of course I don’t just buy shoes just cause they are plastic. For one, I didn’t buy any from the other plastic shoe brand available in Singapore. I looked around and was attended by the very friendly lady owner.

I must say I’m impressed by the service provided and I can sense the passion for shoes from the owner. First, she helped to get my size right and just tell me to take my time to try out the shoes. She also share with me on how she found OkaB and why she deicided to bring the brand in Singapore and also explaining to me about the brand. And she’s not pushy at all! I just happened to be on a buying mood.

OkaB shoes emphasize on comfort. They do not have extravagant designs like Melissa but they have a huge variety of colors! Which was the first thing that attracted me to the store. One other thing that got me interested is their arch support with massage beads. As someone with a higher than average arch, normal shoes actually made my feet tired as I’m relying on just the sides of my feet.

okab insole

I decided to buy a pair of their wedges in this nice nude blush shade to try out as I’m looking for something that’s not too high for work. I wore it the next day and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s so comfortable and it didn’t felt like I was wearing wedges. I was running around the office one day as there was a shoot and my feet wasn’t sore at all. $148 well spent!

okab wedges

Annabelle in Blush. ($148)

I went back to OkaB recently after 2 to check out their Spring collection and the lady owner recognized me! I always feel that it’s nice to be remembered as a customer. I was thinking of adding some pastel shades in my shoe collection as most of my shoes are either dark or bright colors. And when it comes to Spring, you can definitely find pastel shades! And this Signature Blue (a very sweet baby blue) and Ivory White pair caught my eyes! So sweet and pretty!!!

okab shoes

I could’t decided on just 1 pair so I ended up wanting to buy both. The owner than asked if I would get one pair in another design instead of getting the same design. So I decided to go ahead with the Ivory White and got the Signature Blue in their classic Taylor design.  The Signature Blue is like OkaB’s brand color, with the shoe boxes in similar shade. ( Which also reminds me of Tiffany Blue! Too pretty! ^-^)

okab taylor blue

Taylor in Signature Blue. ($83)

okab flats

Julianne in Ivory White. ($96)

OkaB shoes are really comfortable and I can walk the whole day in it with no issues, no blisters at all. Definitely will be seeing myself getting more of these shoes. I would recommend these shoes if you like plastic shoes and looking for a more comfortable alternative!


*Disclaimer: I bought these shoes with my own money, and just sharing my honest reviews of these shoes. *


Budget Fashion Haul 

I’m am sure those who know me or follow me on Instagram (@joyceforensia) knows that I spend quite a bit of money on shoes and makeup.
However, I’m not one to spend on clothes and bags. Fashion trends changes way too quickly to justify spending big bucks on clothes and bags that are in trend. I once bought a bag close to $300 but I ended up using it less than 5 times. After that, I decided not to spend so much on bags as I tend to ‘ill-treat’ my bags anyways. Hahaha.
Back to the topic, I went shopping at Vivo recently and managed to purchased 4 items under $50.

I love buying basics at Forever 21, low prices and decent quality. Got a basic black tank, a simple V neck tee shirt in mint and a bandage skirt in dark green. And I only spent $26 dollars on these 3 items.

Basics are great as they never go out of trend and they are comfortable! To me, fashion should never be following the trend blindly. Find a style you like and is comfortable in. I love my basics paired with a statment fashion piece. It can be my bold Melissa heels or a patterned or bright colored outer wear.

I also got this pair of chic sandals with cute owl motifs from Tangs Vivo and it is only retailing at $19.90. I’m always more pro sandals than slippers. I always think that it is ok to be casual heading to town but slippers are kind of sloppy so defintely sandals for me anytime!

Fashion is a style and you define the style you want to portray. We dont have to spend loads of money just to be fashionable. Remember, comfort and confidence never goes out of fashion!



My Melissa Shoes Obsession

I’ve first bought my very first pair of Melissa back in 2012 and I’ve just recently bought my 8th pair of Melissa Shoes. Melissa shoes is not a super expensive brand but definitely not cheap either. A pair of flats ranges from $100 onwards and heels can hit the $200 range. But I would say Melissa Shoes is definitely worth the investment. I’ve never yet experience a blister on their flats and I would say Melissa Shoes especially the flats are super comfortable to wear. Plus because the shoes are made of plastic, it’s so easy to wash and dry! And they have a signature bubble gum scent from the shoes!

Till date I own 4 pair of flats and 4 pairs of heels from Melissa Shoes. And am definitely slowly switching my shoe collection to mostly Melissa Shoes.

I usually purchase my Melissa Shoes from MDreams which is the local distributor for Melissa Shoes. You can find the boutiques at Wheelock Place and One Raffles Place. They do have counters at Tangs too. They have an online store too but I felt that shoes are best purchased physically as sizes may varies due to different cuttings in different designs. Spend SGD300 in one receipt to gain lifetime VIP membership which entitles you to 10% off future purchases.

I’ve also previously purchased from where they have a huge variety of Melissa Shoes, Mel Shoes, Zaxy and many other jelly shoes brand. Good service and lower than retail prices but most are Pre Order basis. They do have designs which are not available in Singapore too! So if you’re confident of your shoe sizes and don’t mind waiting, you can shop at starave!

melissa shoes melissastrips1

My latest purchase from Melissa Shoes. The Melissa Strips in Blue. I actually wanted the black but they ran out of my size and I really like the design so I got it in blue instead. I do like the blue but I already have a pair of Melissa Incense Bow in Blue. Luckily, they are of different shades of blue so no repeats! 🙂


It’s about 5 inches tall but super easy and comfortable to walk in as the platform is high and the heel is of the chunky type. I don’t usually wear bright colored clothes so it’s good to have bright colored shoes to spice out the whole outfit.


Melissa Shoes have collaboration with designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Jason Wu etc from time to time. I fell in love with the Karl Lagerfeld BlackTie and knew I must get it though it’s slightly more expensive as compare to the usual collection. Check out how cute this pair is!!


And I am already planning my next Melissa Shoes purchase. Just can’t get enough of plastic shoes!