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Make Up Of The Day

LOOKBOOK: The Sixties Retro Look

Here’s the look I created for the sixties themed Singapore Blog Awards two weeks ago! Bright retro top is from Scape and the scarf is from scape flea!


And here’s my LOTD and recreation of the sixties look!


How do you think I fare? Is this sixties enough?



LookBook: Girlish Preppy

It’s had been so long since I last did a look book post. Have been lazy on dressing up and putting on makeup recently. ūüėõ I even gone bare faced now to work, unless I’ve an event after.

Anyways, was out to the S.E.A Aquarium with the Cousins* last Saturday so I took the chance to dress up.

I name this the Girlish Preppy look.

Outfit Breakdown:

Beret/Bracelets – Forever 21
Skirt: BKK
Knee Socks: New Look
Shoes/Bag: Scape Underground

Here’s the make of the day. I opted for something more colorful, more cheery for the eyes and kept the rest simple.

Here’s a closer look at the eye make, it’s a blend of light green, teal and lilac. I used a light shimmery cream shade to highlight the brow bone area. The light green on the inner eyelid, and the inner side of the lower lash line. The teal is on the outer corners.

If you’re wondering where’s the lilac, I used it on the lower lash line and in between the green and teal as a blending color. When using colors, always remember to blend the colors together so it won’t look patchy!

For the eye make, I’ve used 4 colors from my Sleek¬†Mediterranean Palette L.E palette. I’ve also lined my eyes thinly with the¬†Fantastic eyeliner in Secrete Khaki from Kick It Side for a little definition. Mascara wise, I’m using the DollyWink Volume Mascara. Primer wise, I’m using my HG NARS Eye Primer.

For blush, I used Sleek Santorini Blush applied lightly, lips wise I used Rimmel London Lipstick and ZA lip gloss in a baby pink shade.

Foundation wise I had on Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, set with Urban Decay Razor Sharp HD powder. I’ve also used the YSL Touche Eclat for concealing and highlight.

Hope you like this look!



Happy Halloween Weekend!

It’s the Halloween season!

So I was bored at home one night and decided to just come out with a¬†Halloween¬†look. Inspired by the ‘ghosts at the Doll Studios at Sentosa Spooktacular.

It’s very simple, I did it in less then 10 minutes.

Here’s a faceoff style.

Enjoy your Halloween Weekend!



Ms Candy By L’Oreal: Swatches

I’m sure most of you have seen the limited edition candy shades Infallible Shadows and Glam Shine Gloss at the stores!

I’ve received 3 items from this limited collection from L’Oreal. Two infallible shadows in Naughty Strawberry and Sassy Marshmallow, a glam shine in Miss Raspberry.

Swatches of the shadows! Very pretty colors! XD Highly pigmented and very smooth too!

Noticed the yellow specks in the pink shadow? The shadows in this collection have a mixture of two or three colors so that it’s more dimensional when applied.

Look at the lovely swirl of colors in the Glam Shine gloss!

The texture is quite sticky when I swatch it, almost like caramel. But when I applied to my lips, not sticky at all!

Here’s a look that I’ve created using the 3 items features. I also use an Infallible shadow in beige as highlights for the¬†brow bone. It’s a very simple look, the pink on the lid, and the sliver on the crease and back half of the lash line and blended together.

How do you like this look? It’s a simple look that still has that pop of color! XD

The Glam Shine are priced at $15.90 and Infallible shadows are at $14.90. In my opinion, go grab the shadows! The pink is beautiful and very wearable!