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My Sephora MOTD Makeup Haul

Sephora totally replaced my to go place for makeup when it first landed in Singapore. I’ve been a regular shopper there to satisfy my makeup addiction since then, almost never leaving Sephora without a purchase.  And it’s no surprise that I am a black card member with unlimited 10% off because I always hit the $250 mark to qualify for it.

So when I was offered credits to do a makeup haul from Sephora, I was more than happy to do so! I did try my best to keep within budget but I ended up spending some extra dollars.

Sephora Haul Fit For An MOTD

It’s not easy to decide on what to buy when there are thousands of choices out there! Hence, I decided to narrow it down to brands and picked enough items which allowed me to create a makeup look.

Kat Von D 


I’ve picked up an eyeshadow palette in Rust and a Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora from Kat Von D. Kat Von D is pretty new in our local shores, and is famous for its Tattoo Liner! I already have the liners, foundation, and concealer from this brand. Hence, I’m curious on how the other products perform so I’ve got two items!




I love my Tarte blushers for its longevity and pigmentations that could be built up. The Tarteist Contour Palette is great as it has all the products you need for contour and highlight including a lovely blush shade!



This is a brand which I’ve yet to try. I picked up the Eyebrow Stylus which comes along with a gel. I would say it’s pricey for a brow product but I’m pretty much blown away by how soft the pencil is and the ease of use.

Makeup Of The Day With Sephora

My makeup of the day using mostly loots from this Sephora haul except for mascara and base! I really love how the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora is such a wearable red! It’s suitable for everyday wear!!

sephora-makeup-of-the-day sephora-motd

Shop Your Favourite Makeup With Sephora Online!

And it’s great that Sephora now have an Online Shopping platform! Shopping for your favourite makeup brands can be now done here in the comfort of your home! And it’s great if you don’t like waiting because they usually released new brands online first!

Plus I love how they deliver to POP Stations as there is one near my office. I can just collect at my own time once delivered, not having to worry about having no one at home to receive my precious Sephora haul!

Have you recently haul at Sephora? Let me know what have you bought!



FOTD: Colored Liner Look

Here’s a really simple look that make use of colored eye liners on days when you’re too lazy to care about blending eyeshadows. Haha.

Especially now when eye liners are not just limited to black, browns or khaki colors. There’s a huge variety of colored eye liners available in the market now! Say pastel tones, metallic tones, both liquid and pencil formulations. Adding a pop of color to your eyes is a breeze now with so much choices out there!

Here’s a close up look at the colored liner eye look that I’ve been doing very often these days. It’s basically just three lines of liners and a light shimmer eyeshadow to brighten and highlight the lid area.

Over here, I used a black liquid liner to line my eyes as per normal. I tend to draw the line slightly thicker. Then I used my Stila liquid liner in Periwinkle which is exclusive to Sephora and draw above the black liner. I overlapped the colored liner slightly over the black liner but I didn’t draw a full line.

The colored liner should be just be drawn about three quarters or four fifth of the black liner. Then I just add on a bit of black and join with the colored part near the inner corners. I only winged the black liner a bit but with the colored liner, I winged it more.

For the lower lash line, I used my gelpresso liner in Mint from Clio and line just half of the lower lash line. I didn’t line it fully as I do not want it to look too dramatic as it’s for a regular day look.

I kept the liners to just under the fold of my eyelid so it’s more subtle. The colors can be seen more clearly only when I blink or look down.

I really love this look as it’s really fun and playful. You can mix up different colors combination to get different feel. I’m thinking to get more of the colored liquid liner from Stila as it’s really smudge proof and dries really fast! Plus it’s super easy to draw with the fine brush tip!

Hope this post is useful! Let’s all play with colored liners! 😉



SaSa 35th Anniversary Colour Me Beautiful by Cyber Colors

Hi All!
I did a look sometime back using CyberColors products sent to me by Sasa~
Check out my look! It’s a smoky eye look that is suitable for night events!


Products used: (All from Cyber Colors)

Gemstone Aqua-Base Pudding Foundation

Gemstone 2 Way Cake

Denim Glamourous Look Palette in Black Tone

Denim Glamourous Look Lipstick in Candy Pink

EX Volume Mascara

Gemstone Blush in Coral Quartz

Auto Eyebrown Pencil in Dark Brown

Here’s a collage on how I achieve the look!


My favorite product out of the bunch will definitely be the Denim Glamorous Look Palette in Black Tone as seen is step 4,5. It’s a super handy palette with eyeshadow, blush and even lip color! The black toned eyeshadows are also suitable for all skin tones so you do not have to worry about the colors not being suitable!

I also love the Lipstick from the same denim range as it have a moisturizing core that adds shine to the lip color! No need for gloss when you use this lipstick!

Do check out more from!

Vote for me in the contest held by Sasa!



Happy Halloween Weekend!

It’s the Halloween season!

So I was bored at home one night and decided to just come out with a Halloween look. Inspired by the ‘ghosts at the Doll Studios at Sentosa Spooktacular.

It’s very simple, I did it in less then 10 minutes.

Here’s a faceoff style.

Enjoy your Halloween Weekend!



Ms Candy By L’Oreal: Swatches

I’m sure most of you have seen the limited edition candy shades Infallible Shadows and Glam Shine Gloss at the stores!

I’ve received 3 items from this limited collection from L’Oreal. Two infallible shadows in Naughty Strawberry and Sassy Marshmallow, a glam shine in Miss Raspberry.

Swatches of the shadows! Very pretty colors! XD Highly pigmented and very smooth too!

Noticed the yellow specks in the pink shadow? The shadows in this collection have a mixture of two or three colors so that it’s more dimensional when applied.

Look at the lovely swirl of colors in the Glam Shine gloss!

The texture is quite sticky when I swatch it, almost like caramel. But when I applied to my lips, not sticky at all!

Here’s a look that I’ve created using the 3 items features. I also use an Infallible shadow in beige as highlights for the brow bone. It’s a very simple look, the pink on the lid, and the sliver on the crease and back half of the lash line and blended together.

How do you like this look? It’s a simple look that still has that pop of color! XD

The Glam Shine are priced at $15.90 and Infallible shadows are at $14.90. In my opinion, go grab the shadows! The pink is beautiful and very wearable!