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My Kylie Lip Kit Experience!

Kylie Lip Kit Journey

kylie lip kit cosmetics

I didn’t know about the Kylie Lip Kit till only recently when I see a fellow beauty blogger friend, Himeko raving about it on her Facebook that got me intrigued.

Matte liquid lipstick which lasts all day. What’s not to like about it?

So it happened that she got a spare Kylie lip kit in Posie and I contacted her for it. She also kindly helped me to order Kourt K at the same time. 

Kylie Lip Kit First Impressions

So the first colours I’ve gotten are Posie and Kourt K.

Kourt K is a lovely deep purple for all the inner gothics. However, somehow it doesn’t last as long as it promised to. It did leave a berry like stain on the lips though. (I was warned before-hand that it seems that Kourt K have a slightly different formula as compared to the rest.)

kylie lip kit kourt k

Posie is this lovely deep dusty rose colour, which I adore. It’s definitely a little bold on fair skin but there’s no issue with bold lips here. This shade will actually look great on a light medium skin tone I feel.  And yes, Posie did last the whole day with me drinking and eating throughout.

kylie lip kit posie k

Camping For the Lip Kits

I kind of got hooked so I decided to camp for the lip kits myself. Had to wake up at 4 am, stumbled while adding stuff to cart. Got frustrated on items being OOS as it is on it’s way to checkout so I just randomly add colours that wasn’t on the top of my list and checkout whatever I could get my hands own.

Within days of my first order, news was out on Instagram that her next restock is coming up, and there are the metals! Which wasn’t available on my previous purchase. I secretly curse and swear about this because shipping is EXPENSIVE at USD 14.95 per order. That’s why I just carted out more than I need. Spilt shipping and I’m sure some of my friends out there would like to try the lip kits too.

kylie lip kit metals and gloss

I stopped camping after two orders and luckily my dear friend RX let me ride on her order for the gloss, and also the new colours for the matte lip kits. Kylie mentioned 3 new colours in her snap chat and she’s releasing the colours one by one in different restock. So far she have release Exposed, and there’s news for a new black metal in Majesty and black lip kit in Dead Of Knight; both which I’m eagerly waiting for. I’m liking the formula a lot and a black lip kit sounds really good. Not sure if it’s her or her marketing team, that is a sure smart way to make money by release one colour per restock.

kylie lip kit exposed 22

Exposed and 22

Wearing the Lip Kits

Let’s start with a swatch of the current collection of the Kylie Lip Kit I’ve shall we?


First 4 are Literally, Heir, King and Reign

The bulk of the colours are mainly nude, like KoKo, Candy, Dolce, Literally etc. Surprisingly, Candy and Dolce are my favourites, along with Mary Jo among the mattes. I didn’t thought I would like either Candy or Dolce as they are more to the nude side and have more browns in their concoction. I never really looked good in nude, think those nude pink beige sorts of colours from some years back so I wasn’t expecting much.

kylie lip kit exposed and 22 swatches

Swatches: 22 on top and Exposed on the bottom.

I actually find the formulas of the Candy, Koko and Dolce that I’ve creamier than that of Kourt and Posie. It is just a slight difference but it feels different on the lips. Mary Jo is slightly in between the two. 22 have a similar texture to that of Mary Jo but it somehow didn’t last as long for me? Exposed is nice and creamy too and it lasted all day! 

With Kourt and Posie, it dries dry. You can’t really feel anything except of a dry layer that feels like paper? But it doesn’t exactly dry out your lips either.

With the rest, it dries and I don’t feel anything. Even when I purse my lips, there’s no sticky feeling or anything. It feels like nothing.

I would say the lip kits are comfortable to wear, last whole day for most colours. No touch up required. There is definitely some feathering at the corners and inner lips, but not something that would require touch ups. If there’s feathering on the inner lips, take a lip balm and go over to even out the colour! Works on the darker shades, yet to try on the nude shades. But the nude shades don’t really have this issue on feathering, maybe it’s not so obvious on my lips?

The lip pencils that come along with the matte colours are good stuff I must say. They are super easy to draw as the product literally glides on your lips. The pencils are very smooth and pigmented on the lips. But of course, they are not smudge proof; they just help with the application of the liquid mattes and prevent feathering.  

Kylie lip kit layering ideas

Literally on top of Dolce, King on top of Mary Jo, Heir on top on KoKo.

I’ve also played around layering the metals on top of the mattes. So far, I’m in love with the Mary Jo and King combination. The metals don’t last as long as the mattes and they do transfer, but too pretty to miss! And it’s really great to layer them on top of the mattes to create new combinations to wear!

kylie lip kit mary jo k with King metal

Layering King metal on top of Mary Jo

I’ve only gotten Literally for gloss and it’s a lovely shade. Plus, the lips don’t get stuck together when you purse your lips. It has that glossy look but is not sticky!

kylie lip kit gloss brush

There was an issue with the first batch of gloss with the brush being frayed and all. Kylie Jenner managed to get it sorted out and even replaced those who have ordered the faulty ones. Good save I say. The batch I got was already rectified. The brush is just nice in length and the gloss applies really nicely.

kylie lip kit matter applicator

The metals and matte lipsticks all have the doe foot applicator which makes application really easy. Have not have any problems with this.

Which Are My Current Favourite Kylie Lip Kit?

kylie lip kit Candy K

Candy K (It’s the most popular colour and a colour which I didn’t fancy at first but it suits me so well!!)

kylie lip kit in dolce k

Dolce (I never knew that I can pull off wearing a brown tone! It’s lovely!)

Mary Jo ( Everyone needs a nice matte blue tone red lipstick! )

King ( Nice bronzy shade that layers so well on the matte! It’s really nice alone too!) 

Heir ( Lovely peachy pink metal which every one love! Perfect for layering on top of the lighter shades!)

Literally ( This gloss is just the perfect nude! I need to use it with Dolce as seen on Kylie herself! Also the very reason why I bought this gloss out of the 3 shades!)

Kylie Lip Kit Exposed

Exposed (I was pleasantly surprised with Exposed! It’s the PERFECT peachy nude shade for me! What else can I say, the photo says it all!)

kylie lip kit

Will I be buying more Kylie Lip Kits?

Yes! I’m waiting to buy her Black Lip Kit and Metal and apparently she’s releasing more colours for Summer!

Overall, I do like the formulas of the lip kits, pencils, metals and gloss. The quality of these lipsticks are above average. And I did tried other liquid lipsticks in the market like La Splash, Silky Girl Lip Junkie, Australis, Shu Uemura etc. And I really prefer Kylie Lip Kits over the rest despite the higher price tag and it being so hard to get. Actually it ain’t hard to get, just that you have to wake up at odd hours to buy. LOL.

Yet to try Colourpop which shares the same factory as Kylie Cosmetics, but I’ve ordered some so I can do a comparison when I received those.

I must repeat myself that the formulas seems slightly different depending on the colours. The most obvious being Kourt K from the rest.

And I must say that I’m not a fan of the Jenners or the Kardashians or anything. I don’t really fancy the western pop scene. But I do fancy western Makeup. LOL. So if today this isn’t Kylie Cosmetics, I will still buy.

And I definitely recommend you to try at least one colour from the range if you’ve yet to try out a Kylie Lip Kit. Yes, it’s slightly pricey but I say it’s worth the price tag.

And if you really want me to recommend some colours, you won’t go wrong with any of my favourites if you have a similar skin tone to mine. And for most skin tones, you can’t really go wrong with Mary Jo. Trust me, it’s a good red lipstick to add to your collection if you’re into reds.


So I’ve an extra Kylie Lip Kit Metal In Reign which I have decided to giveaway!

To win, simply leave a comment down below on why you will like to win and share the post on FB! I’ll close the giveaway on 19th June 2359Hrs Singapore time!

So I hope this post is useful. It’s a whopping 1500 words. LOL.



Review: Shu Uemura Laque Supreme

Shu Uemura recently launches their new range of lip product which is the Laque Supreme. The Laque Supreme is a liquid lip product with a glossy finish. I got 1 when I was picking up the Metallic Ink liner and got another 2 as I really like the product.

shu laque supreme
I’ve gotten 3 shades, which is CR01, RD03 and WN02 respectively.

Here are the swatches of the Laque Supreme in CR01,RD03,WN02 from top to bottom.

I realized that the consistency of the product kind of differs from the color. WN02 has got the best consistency in terms of color pigmentation. It covers the lip nicely with just one coat of color. As for CR01 and RD03, the consistency is slightly more watery and it requires two to three coats of color to get a nice even coat. Regardless, they all give a nice sheen of shine which is not too over the top. The shine does goes off after a few hours of wear and leaves a nice stain on the lips.

I also like how the finish is glossy but doesn’t leave a sticky feeling after it sets properly! Wears very comfortably on the lips.

Longevity wise, it’s really 5 out of 5! I wore it during CNY visits and they lasted me the whole day with loads of eating and drinking.

Here’s a photo of the stains on the back of my hand after wiping excess product off. The stains are pretty stubborn which contributes to the longevity of the lip color I guess. As you can see, even WN02 leaves behind the most pigmented stains.

shu liquid lippies
The Laque Supreme is pretty similar but also pretty different from the Tint In Gelato range also by Shu Uemura. The Tint In Gelato was launched early last year and I picked up two at that point of time as I really like the creamy texture and the great pigmentation. I guess it will be good to do a mini comparison between this two products since I have them both.

shu liquid lips swatches
Here’s a swatch of the Tint In Gelato by the side of the Laque Supreme. AT01 and PK02 from left to right. You can see that it’s more pigmented and more creamy whereas the Laque Supreme is more watery. Also the Tint In Gelato is kind of a two in one product. It can also be used as a creme blush. The Tint In Gelato finish is more matte and when used on the cheeks , it feels almost powdery.

tintblended swatches
Here’s how the Tint In Gelato looked liked when it is blended out. There’s kind of too much product here, but with the right amount used it will give a nice sheer color on the cheeks.I kind of really like this product as it’s very convenient for travels. However, the longevity of this on the lips is pretty average. It lasted longer on the cheeks as a blush.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Tint In Gelato in PK02 on both my lips and cheeks.

This is me wearing the Laque Supreme in RD03.

Overall, I would say the Laque Supreme and Tint In Gelato is two different products. If you like long lasting lip colors with a glossy finish, the Laque Supreme is the choice to go. If you like some versatility in your products and prefer matte finish, the Tint In Gelato is a good choice. Personally, I would pick up the Laque Supreme for daily use as I am someone who is lazy to touch up. But I would pick the Tint In Gelato to be in my pouch when I’m going overseas as it’s really more convenient.

The Laque Supremes(0.18 Oz) are retailing at $40 and the Tint In Gelatos(0.19Oz) are retailing at $38.

Hope this post is useful!



Feb 2015 Beauty Haul: NARS/SHU UEMURA

feb nars shu

Hello! I’m back with my beauty haul for the month of February. This post comes early as I want to peacefully enjoy my upcoming Chinese New Year holiday. Hahaha.

Just wanted to share about how I usually decide what I actually want to buy in terms of beauty products. It’s no secret that I follow tons of brands and beauty blogs out there to get updates on the latest collections and stuff. If that item caught my eye online, I will make a note to check it out in stores. I’ll only end up purchasing the products if I’m happy with what I see when I swatch it in stores. (Except for brands that are not available in Singapore.)


Narsartist palette

So I read about the NARS Eye-Opening Act spring collection from Makeup Stash (Swatches available in her post) and the palettes caught my eye. I was especially drawn to the Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil palette which is more towards the cool tones as compared to the other one in the collection. I like how the palette consists of mostly matte colors which I lack in my collection hence I had to add it to my haul. This palette is retailing at $65.



I also got one of the Velvet Shadow Stick. It swatches really smooth on the hand and I think this is great as a base and for smokey eyes. I got it in Reykjavik which is a nice dark grey. This retails at $44. I wanted to get the Navy one at first but I decided that the dark grey one will be more universal in terms of the colors I can pair it with.


shu feb

I also dropped by Shu Uemura counter as I wanted to check out their new Metallic Ink eyeliners and I also had a $40 voucher that I could use. Brands like Shu Uemura and YSL both have loyalty programs that give you rebates in forms of vouchers once you hit a certain amount. I think you just have to spend minimum $150 to join the club. $1 to a point so it’s not that difficult to accumulate. Every 500 points for a $40 voucher at Shu Uemura and every 1000 points for a $100 voucher at YSL. Points expires once a year. I had 700 over points at YSL which expired cause there nothing else I wanted to get at that time. Such a waste.

Back to the haul, I ended up getting 3 items from Shu Uemura. One of the Metallic Ink in Navy, the Petal lash mascara which I’ve been wanting to get and the new Laque Supreme in WN02. Both the eyeliner and the Laque Supreme is at $40 and the mascara is at $50. I’ve used the Laque Supreme already and I’m in love with everything about it other than the fact that it gets a little drying at the end of the day. The color lasted me the whole day through eating and drinking! I need to get more of this liquid lip color! It have a nice glossy finish by the way. I would probably do a comparison post of the Lacque Supreme and the Tint In Gelato by Shu also so look out for it!

So 5 items this month, and highly possible I might get another couple of the Lacque Supreme.

I can’t wait for March to come as I’ve exciting news to share with you all!

Hope you enjoy reading my beauty haul ramblings!



Jan 2015 Beauty Haul

I realized that it have been quite awhile since I blogged about my beauty hauls. I used to do that a lot and I kind of really miss doing it. So for 2015, I’m going to be blogging about my beauty haul every month. Stay tune to find out what are the beauty products that I picked up from the counters! This is by no means no good to my pocket but I’m really excited!

VS bombshell pink dia

First up is Fragrance! I’ve not purchased any new fragrance for the longest time as I have not been using my fragrances. Now, I try to use a different fragrance weekly to give some love to all my fragrances. Which gave me an excuse to shop for a new fragrance. Haha. I actually wanted to buy the Scandalous scent from Victoria Secrets as it is my kind of scent. Sweet, with a little muskiness to it. But on the day when I actually went down to the store to purchase, the sales assistant let me try their limited edition scent and I got hooked. So I ended up buying the VS Bombshell Pink Diamond. I’m a sucker for all things limited edition and I really like the scent too. It’s quite different from my usual scent but I think it’s a refreshing change. The top notes are of Pink Grapefruit and Passion Flower which makes it a very fruity and refreshing scent. I love how the bottle is so bling and pink and cute! I got this at $109 for the 50ml bottle and it is only available in the 50ml bottle as it is after all, limited edition.


I saw on MakeupStash’s instagram that Hakuhodo have a permanent counter at Takashimaya so I went over to take a look as I am thinking to get a lip brush. I ended up getting three brushes from them, a lip brush, brow brush and a gel liner brush. These brushes are from their more affordable range. If I’m not wrong the brushes I got are of horse hair and synthetic mixture. I could not recall and can’t find the exact match on the site. I spent a total of $95 for these three brushes. I don’t have the individual prices as they do not have tags on them. But I’m pretty sure the lip brush is $39.

chanel spring la roma

I also went to check out Chanel’s Spring Collection as I was attracted by the Camelia prints blush. Sadly the blush was out of stock but I was told by the BA that it was nothing special and the prints will go off after a few uses. I ended up getting the La Romanesque lipstick which is a lovely bright fuchsia pink. And this is my first Chanel LipStick! Chanel lipsticks are going at $46 a piece by the way. Can’t wait to do a look with this lip color and just nice my skin is finally healing from the purging process from the skincare I’m currently on.

And that’s it for my beauty haul for January! Can’t wait to shop for the next beauty haul. I’m currently eyeing some liners and waiting for the new lip products from Shu Uemura. Not sure if I’ll get anything but it all have to wait till I’m at the counter to do some swatching! But one thing for sure is that I’ll definitely be buying a lot more makeup this year, so stay tune!



Collective Haul: Sephora Holiday Sets

It’s the festive season soon and many brands are launching sets that are value for money! And the best place to shop has got to be Sephora!

Urban decay is one of my favorite brands and they have an exciting line up for their holiday launches. I got three items from Urban Decay! I have the first two Vice palettes, so it’s a just for me to get the Vice 3. I’ve also picked up their eye pencil set and Full Frontal Lip Stash to try out the liners and lipsticks. Sets like this are great as you get to try out the product in variants of shades. Plus, they are mini sizes so you’re bound to finish them and they are travel friendly too!!

Vice 3, SGD88.

24/7 Glide On Double Ended Eye Pencil Set, Sgd60.

Full Frontal Lip Stash, SGD60.

Tarte is another great brand with good blushers. I love the two I had and I decided that I can’t miss our their blush palette with 5 new shades. As some of you would know, I’m in a lip crayons frenzy and Tarte have a set with mini lip crayons! Must buy!

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette, SGD59.

Tarte Kiss & Belle LipSurgence Deluxe set, SGD49.

I’ve always wanted to try out Marc Jacobs liners as I’ve heard only good things about them. But I was hesitating as it is pretty hefty at $36 for one liner. Glad I waited as they came out with a 7 piece petite liner set!!!

Marc Jacobs The Sky-Liner, SGD69.

I’ve spent pretty much a bomb this month with all the holiday launches but luckily for Sephora new Black Card launch that I’ve got 10% off though I didn’t hit 250 points. But apparently I hit it after this haul. Hahahaha. A little savings now for more future shopping!!!

Swatches will be up on the blog slowly! Busy at work these days! Let me know if you want me to review any of the items in this post, I’ll try to post it up first!