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CLIO Swatches

CLIO Professional Products!

All for beautiful eyes!

Eye Love You Shadow Pencil in Khaki Grey, $16.90.

Swatch of the pencil. It’s quite pigmented, you have to draw a few times to get the desired intensity.

I actually reviewed this pencil without knowing the brand in the WishTrend Pencil Blind Test.

It’s a good eyeliner for daily use. Plus you can use it as a eyeshadow too!


Star Product of the bunch.

Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black, $22.90.

Rather then say a pen tip, I would say it’s more like a felt tip. Stiff but comfortable to draw on the skin.

Swatch of this liner. Pigmentation is there, smooth and easy to apply.

Very intense black.


Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black with Mini Mascara, $25.90.

Comes in a soft brush tip.

As  the brush tip is softer as compared to the Pen, it might not be that easy to control as compared to the pen.

But you can create much thinner lines with the brush liner. Pigmentation is good but not as intense as the pen liner.


LGel Liner and Cake Eyebrow Pot in Violet, $27.90.

Comes with a dual ended brush, one for the brows and one for the liner.

The cake eyeshadow is of a very soft brown which makes it easy for you to control the intensity that you want for your brows.

As for the liner, it does not applies smoothly but color intensity is there. It’s a very nice and vibrant violet shade.


Waterproof Mascara Kill Volume, $29.90.

A quick drying mascara that will not smudge up to 10 hours.

Have not used this yet, wait for my review! XD


I would highly recommend the Pen Liner to all fans of eyeliners! It’s really very easy to use and it’s really super intense. Great for that cat eye look!

CLIO products are available exclusively at Watsons.





Peripera Swatches

Peripera products in pretty pink packaging.

Peripera is the beauty brand under CLIO Professional.


My Color Eyes $7.90. Available in 10 gorgeous shades for you to choose from!

In Sheer Beige and Sugar Lavender.

Swatch very smoothly and is quite pigmented. Swatch shown is 2 swipes.


Flash Color Eyes $11.90.

These are like the shadesticks from MAC, good to use as a base. XD

6 different shades available.

Got the shade in Gold.

Glides on the skin quite smoothly.


My Color Lips $19.90.

This is my favorite product simply because of the beautiful packaging.

I got the shade in Holi Pink.

Ain’t the cover of the lipstick beautiful?

It’s a nice pinkish shade.

I also got the Wonder Kiss Gloss in Cherry Red.

Here’s the swatches.

The lipstick looks quite moisturizing based on the swatch whereas the gloss is a sheer gloss.


Lastly, I have gotten the Wonder Talk Lip Balm in Wonder Cherry Pink, $8.90.

There’s 6 flavors available for you to choose from!

Don’t you love the packaging of this lip balm??

Plus it comes with a magnetic applicator so we do not have to use our fingers to apply!


I am really liking Peripera products. They are affordable and they have really beautiful yet simple packaging.

Available exclusively at Watsons.






WishTrend Blind Test: WaterProof Pencil Eyeliners

Hi everyone, here to share with you about my second blind test experience with WishTrend!

Received the test subjects in their signature Wishtrend Box!

In the box is a postcard with a personal message, along with the test subjects and some samples! XD

Testing out eyeliners this time round!! All wrapped up in masking tape so there’s no way to identify them!! Except for the color of masking tape. 😛

So I have Black, Black+White and White.

Let’s find out which I like best!

Swatches on the hand~

Can see that BW and W is the more pigmented ones. They are also the one that glides on better.

After some rubbing.

Put under running water.

Rubbed when wet.

After wiping off with a tissue.

No remover involved.



Here’s my score sheet for the liners~


My favorite out of the three liners would be the BLACK and WHITE one. Reason being it’s the one with the smoothest application and is smudge proof. Plus it’s also really pigmented so that’s no need to go over a few times to get the intensity. I also like how it can be cleanse with water as it means that I can remove it more easily as compared to the other 2. Although it might be a minus point that it can be remove with water but its fine without any rubbing actions.

The WHITE one would be the one that is an all rounder with and high average score for all categories. The only downside of this liner is that you need to apply at least twice to achieve the desirable pigmentation.

The BLACK one is the one that scores the best in waterproof-ness and is good for those looking for something that is water resistant. However, the downside is that it can be smudge easily. Pigmentation of this liner is not as good as the other 2 but it’s a relatively good liner suitable for day use.

Curious to find out which liner is from which brand?

Results is already out!

Check out WishTrend Report on the 2nd Blind Test!


<3 Forensia.


Haul: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Read about this palette on UD’s FB page about a month ago and it was love at first sight!!

It’s their 15th Anniversary Palette which consists of 15 new shades! I own 2 of their palettes and love them to bits. So when I know of its existence, I tell myself that I must get it! And there I have it, my 3rd UD palette! XD

The box is placed in a luxurious velvet case and unlike previous palettes, it’s of a metal casing rather then a box casing. Very reflective, easy to leave fingerprints but super gorgeous!

Look at the details at the side of the box! XD Pretty right?

Ta-dah! Underneath the lid is a mirror which we can use. And there we have the lovely shadows! No swatches available as I can’t bear to touch it yet. 😛

Lift up the lid to reveal a secret compartment when you can keep some stuff, be it accessories, notes or even cash for like the next palette! LOL. 😛

Here’s a closer look at the colors! Gorgeous colors ain’t they? Comes in different texture and finishes! I love the center row cause I love colors! The row on the left are some lovely neutrals of daily usage! I especially love Vanilla and Flow, I can foreseen myself using those shades often. The row on the right is best suited for the smokey eyes! Together, there’s many combinations that one can create from this palette! Plus it’s only $80 for 15 colors. Do your maths, and I’m sure that you will know that it’s worth every cent! XD

The photo above is taken using the popart function on my camera. Just to give an idea on on the colors would be like if use with a good base. XD

This palette is available in all Sephora outlets and it’s only limited to 1 palette per person. So I would highly recommend you to get your hands on this now! If you have never own a UD shadow before, this would be a great palette to start! XD

<3, Forensia.


Mini DollyWink Haul

I have a soft spot of Limited Edition stuff. So it happens that I’m browsing through the shelves of Watson’s during my break and saw this. There were only a few left and I stood there for several minutes, swatching the liners and then pick these 2 up.

From the swatches, they are decent liners. Sorry for the lack of swatches as I have not opened them up yet.

But moral of the story is, I got them because of the neon pink packaging and the cute sharpener. 😛

Here’s the pencil liner with the cute sharpener~ I actually did not have a decent one for my pencils so I guess this justify my purchase. 😛

And here’s the pretty neon pink liquid liner! I must say that the tip is quite sharp and yet soft, as in not prickly on the skin.

Did I mention that I hardly use eyeliners?

And that I’m a sucker for packaging? 😛

<3, Forensia.