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NARS Unfiltered Palettes Review

nars unfiltered palettes

NARS Unfiltered Palettes First Impression

Nars have recently released two new cheek palettes.

The NARScissist Unfiltered Cheek Palettes in I & II. They are retailing for SGD$90 at all Nars Counters in Singapore.

Each palette comes with 6 shades and each shade is 3.5g of products. So you get 21g of product in each palette. A normal single NARS blush is 4.8g so you are really getting your money worth with this palette since a single blush is usually $50.

Unfiltered I is a warm tone palette with 3 shimmers and 3 mattes. The 3 shimmers are Watch Me, Me First and Takeover. The 3 mattes are Out There, Chic and Exhibit A.

Unfiltered II is a cool tone palette with 4 shimmers and 2 mattes. The 4 shimmers are Undefeated, Hot Sand, Fame and Candid. The 2 mattes are Conquest and Power Play.

Unfiltered II was out of stock when I head down to the Nars Counter at Tangs Orchard. It’s quite easy to see why being a cool tone palette which is slightly less pigmented than Unfiltered I.

Unfiltered I swatches beautifully and each colour in the palette is super pigmented with the blush soft and buttery to touch.

Unlike eyeshadows, a blush that is too pigmented might scare people away. But I personally love pigmented blushers. You just need a good fluffy brush and a light hand to get just the right amount of blush on the face. With that being said, Unfiltered II is perfect for makeup beginners who love to try out a range of shades from a good quality brand like NARS.

These palettes are really great as it does not only contain blush shades but highlighting shades too! Watch Me from Unfiltered I is a beautiful highlight with a golden sheen. Hot Sand from Unfiltered II is another nice highlight shade with more of a light bronze sheen to it.

Swatches NARS Unfiltered Palettes I & II

Unfiltered I swatches from top to bottom: Watch Me, Me First, Takeover, Out There, Chic, Exhibit A

Unfiltered II swatches from top to bottom: Conquest, Undefeated, Power Play, Hot Sand, Fame, Candid 

Overview on NARS Unfiltered Palettes

NARSissist Cheek Palette Unfiltered II

I would think that Unfiltered I is suitable for fair to darker skin tones while Unfiltered II is suitable only for fair to medium skin tones. Somehow Unfiltered II is not as pigmented or rather as bright as compared to Unfiltered II. Both palettes have lovely shades with only Power Play from Unfiltered II being a disappointment to me. The colour doesn’t really pick up well as compared to all the other matte shades and it’s slightly chalky.

Both palettes have lovely shades with only Power Play from Unfiltered II being a disappointment to me. The colour doesn’t really pick up well as compared to all the other matte shades and it’s slightly chalky.

I also like how the palettes are of plastic material instead of the usual rubbery material which will melt under the humid Singapore weather. Trust me, that rubber material is what stopped me from buying NARS. I’m so glad that these palettes are not using that rubber material so that I can actually buy and enjoy the product without worrying about the packaging melting and making a mess!

My ratings for the palettes are as followed: 

Unfiltered I: 4.5/5

Unfiltered II: 3.75/5

NARSissist Cheek Palette Unfiltered I

I highly recommend these palettes for someone who likes to try out a whole range of colours. These palettes is a bargain at $90. If you’re someone who likes pigmented blushers, just go for Unfiltered I. It’s not everywhere you can find a nice warm tone blush palette with nice pigmentation. Pink cool tones blushers are honestly, pretty easy to find.

Till the next beauty review,



My Sephora MOTD Makeup Haul

Sephora totally replaced my to go place for makeup when it first landed in Singapore. I’ve been a regular shopper there to satisfy my makeup addiction since then, almost never leaving Sephora without a purchase.  And it’s no surprise that I am a black card member with unlimited 10% off because I always hit the $250 mark to qualify for it.

So when I was offered credits to do a makeup haul from Sephora, I was more than happy to do so! I did try my best to keep within budget but I ended up spending some extra dollars.

Sephora Haul Fit For An MOTD

It’s not easy to decide on what to buy when there are thousands of choices out there! Hence, I decided to narrow it down to brands and picked enough items which allowed me to create a makeup look.

Kat Von D 


I’ve picked up an eyeshadow palette in Rust and a Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora from Kat Von D. Kat Von D is pretty new in our local shores, and is famous for its Tattoo Liner! I already have the liners, foundation, and concealer from this brand. Hence, I’m curious on how the other products perform so I’ve got two items!




I love my Tarte blushers for its longevity and pigmentations that could be built up. The Tarteist Contour Palette is great as it has all the products you need for contour and highlight including a lovely blush shade!



This is a brand which I’ve yet to try. I picked up the Eyebrow Stylus which comes along with a gel. I would say it’s pricey for a brow product but I’m pretty much blown away by how soft the pencil is and the ease of use.

Makeup Of The Day With Sephora

My makeup of the day using mostly loots from this Sephora haul except for mascara and base! I really love how the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora is such a wearable red! It’s suitable for everyday wear!!

sephora-makeup-of-the-day sephora-motd

Shop Your Favourite Makeup With Sephora Online!

And it’s great that Sephora now have an Online Shopping platform! Shopping for your favourite makeup brands can be now done here in the comfort of your home! And it’s great if you don’t like waiting because they usually released new brands online first!

Plus I love how they deliver to POP Stations as there is one near my office. I can just collect at my own time once delivered, not having to worry about having no one at home to receive my precious Sephora haul!

Have you recently haul at Sephora? Let me know what have you bought!



Hourglass Cosmetics Haul

Hourglass In Sephora Singapore!

hourglass haul

Hourglass Cosmetics is finally available in Sephora locally! Do note that it’s currently only available at the ION and Ngee Ann City outlets.

Hourglass is pretty much well known for it’s primer, and highlighters. Being a makeup fanatic and MUA, I know I need to check it out and get a couple of items myself.

hourglass haul review

I’ve got the Ambient Lighting Palette for $97 for 3 different shades. I feel that it’s pretty worth it as the size is pretty reasonable. You can’t really finish up a pan of highlighter even if you use it daily as you really only need a little each time. So I highly recommend this palette for those who want to try out Hourglass Cosmetics. The full sized highlighter is about $78 if I’m not wrong? I’ve also got two of the ambient lighting blushers which I quite like after swatching. The blushers are going at $59 each and swatch pretty smoothly. There are 6 shades available locally.

hourglass ambientpalette

Here’s a closer look at the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. My favourite shade out of the 3 will be Incandescent Light which swatch really smooth and I love the nice glow. Great for fair skin tones! Dim Light has a slightly peachy tone which will give a soft,natural glow on most skin tones. Radiant Light is slightly darker, more like a bronzer than a highlight. This is a really versatile palette suitable for most skin tones. Can’t wait to start using it!

hourglass blush swatch

I’ve got two of the Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra and Mood Exposure.

Incandescent Electra is a pretty soft peachy coral shade with a sheen. Now that I look at it, it kinds of reminds me of NARS Orgasm but with a smoother shimmer.

Mood Exposure is one of those brown toned blusher that will look great on all skin tones. I got these blushers during the 20% Sephora sale and I noticed that the pinky shades got OOS very quickly while there’s loads of Mood Exposure left. I think most people are unsure about using a brown toned blusher but it can look really nice for most neutral looks. And giving you that natural looking flush!

One similar shade to Mood Exposure is Exposed from Tarte. Mood Exposure is more neutral while Exposed has more pink tones.

Both the highlighters and blushers are very soft and smooth upon swatching. Will give an update after using these on the face!



Osaka Beauty Buys: Ladurée Face Color Rose 

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Face Color Rose


I’m finally blogging about the Ladurée Face Color Rose blush that I’ve bought when in Japan. Yes, you heard me right. It’s a blush and not the Ladurée macaroons. 😉

I’ve been lemming after this ever since I set my eyes on it. Minus the pretty packaging, the product itself is ingenious! Blush in the form of rose petals? I’m sold.

What’s better, the pigmentation is pretty good and it smells like legit roses!

Ladurée Face Color RoseI got this set at 10,000 yen before tax. The case and petals are sold separately. But just nice they were selling it in a set when I was there. Just the petals itself is about 7000 yen.

Ladurée Face Color Rose caseLook at the casing! It’s so pretty and made of very sturdy material!

Ladurée Face Color Rose petalsAvailable in 3 shades, I got 02 which is a nice coral shade with red tones.

Ladurée Face Color Rose Close UpI must admit, this is pretty hard to arrange but the petals are not as fragile as it seems. The rose petals are actually paper coated with the blush powder.

Ladurée Face Color Rose swatchHere’s a swatch of the Ladurée Face Color Rose Blush in 02. Like I said, a nice coral with reddish tones.

Ladurée Face Color Rose refill

So is the Ladurée Face Color Rose blush a must have item and it it worth its price tag? I would say this is a good to have product and not a must have.  But it’s worth every single cent definitely!

I’ll probably get their normal compact blush the next time which is as pretty and have a wider range of colors!  One is good enough, and you must at least have one! You can always reuse the case when you and if you do finish using the blush. Hehe. I won’t recommend getting it from anywhere else other than Japan as the prices are a lot higher in place like Hong Kong and Taiwan where it’s available at the SOGO Departmental store.

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Osaka Beauty Buys: Jill Stuart Blush

Hello Everyone!
Starting 2016 off with a beauty post, this is a beauty oriented blog afterall. 😉 Showcasing my very first Jill Stuart Blush here!

When I first started makeup, Japanese makeup always appeal to me with their quality products and pretty packaging. Though I prefer brands like say Urban Decay for their pigmented eyeshadow etc, Japanese brands still holds a special place with the gorgeous packaging and subtle but pretty colors! Sadly, not all products are easily available in Singapore. And I really very much prefer physical makeup shopping.

So when I was finally in Japan, I knew I had to get at least something from Jill Stuart and Laduree(that’s for another post).

jill stuart blush

I limited myself to just one item as we all know these brands ain’t exactly cheap. I got this Jill Stuart Blsuh at 4200yen if I recall correctly. Not the most expensive but still. What if I don’t like it? I can always get more the next Japan trip.Hahah. With a huge makeup stash and limited space, we have to be sensible although I would very much want to buy everything off the shelves.

jill stuart packaing

Check out the packaging!!! So princess-like and so gorgeous! Love how it came along with a travel blush brush. Making it perfect for travel!

jill stuart blush

I got the mixed blush compact in Milk Strawberry. Love every single color in the pact and how it mixed together to give a sweet pink shade! Swatch below!

jill stuart blush brush

A closer look at the blush. Bristles are soft though I find it a little too fluffy. I prefer denser brushes for blush.


Here’s a swatch after mixing the colors. It’s a nice soft milky pink with slight satin like shimmer. Would be lovely for sweet daily looks.


Close up! Loving the colors! I could probably use them separately if I want too but I guess I’ll just use it together because I love the outcome of the mixture.

Will I want to get more? Yes, I definitely would be picking up more shades the next time I visit a country where Jill Stuart is available. Best to buy in Japan since it will definitely be cheaper there. Haha.

Did I also mentioned that it’s actually very light? It’s a travel friendly product since it came with a brush too!

Till the next post!

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