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Dyna Hair Event

Was invited by Wendy to a hair event by Prime Group Asia few weeks back. The event is held at Covelli at Orchard Central.

The event is to introduce DYNA Argan Oil Treatment which is one of the latest hair care technology out there. DYNA is used for reducing frizzy hair, hydrating the hair, nourishing the hair and preventing split ends of the hair. It will also enable the hair to be shinier, healthier and will also stop further hair damages.

DYNA Treatment also contains no Formaldehyde which means is 100% safe for the hair and user.

Prime Group Asia invited masters from Japan, Osaka to demonstrate the use of DYNA on different hair types. The hair models of the day are Kiyomi and Jasmine. For Kiyomi, her hair is severely damaged due to constant coloring and bleaching. Jasmine also have similar problems although she did not bleached her hair. The masters from Osaka, used different DYNA treatment on their hair accordingly and the outcome is great. Both of their shines and look so much healthier and smoother.

Happy models with their new hair and the masters from Osaka.

With the pretty models~

With the friendly Masters!

With dear Wendy~

Chose DYNA when you visits the Salons for treatments!

You can check out Mucota’s FB page for more information!


Haul: MFP Samples – Fuwarie! Plus Love More Masks!

Had over a thousand points from commenting on MFP forum so I decided to redeem my points! Redeemed the whole set of Fuwarie products!

Two different kind of hair gels/jams in the series. One for tighter curls and one for loose curls.


Two kinds of hair spray, one for curled hair and one for all other kinds of styles.


Three types of hair styling mist! Straight hair, curled hair and even for bobbed style!

With this whole set of Fuwarie products, there’s no limit to the hairstyles you could do!

Shall experiment more types of hairstyles with this set of products! XD


Also redeemed 2 pc of Love More masks. Not bad, the sheet is quite thick and don’t tear easily like some. XD

Shall continue to collect my points for future samples redemption!





A Refreshing Change~

Having long hair for like 6 years plus and is kind of tired of it. Been wanting to cut short but gotten many NOs from friends and the Mum.

I also know the fact that I’m best suited for long hairstyles. Hence, I put aside the idea till my hair really got out of hand. The ends became really frizzy and it’s really very irritating.

So I decided to go cut my hair, quite an impulsive decision actually. Fortunately, it turned out quite well! I’m glad I chose the right place for cutting my hair short. As you all know, hair is so important, a bad hair color might not be that bad, but a bad hair cut is very serious.

Alright, here’s photos of my new hair! XD


Ok la, it’s not that short. It still touches my shoulder, still can tie. LOL. My hair stylist refused to go any shorter. In fact, he was a little reluctant to cut my hair short from what I can see. But we discussed about it and I told him why I want to go short and I was quite persistent. He also explained to me why he will only cut my hair to a certain length and not too short. Reasons being is my face shaped, and broad shoulders and also the fact that my hair has natural waves. Hence, I trusted him with my hair and end results is that I’m loving it!


Shorter hair just seems neater in a way compared to my long thick and messy hair.


I think I will maintain my hair at this length for a long period of time. Maybe I will even go shorter as time passes. 😛 My stylist did mentioned that I’m best suited for long wavy hair but that would have to wait! I’m happy with this length! Easier to dry! LOL. XD


I have no idea why my eyes will go one big one small when I smile a little too wide.


Ahem, time to act kawaii for awhile. Awhile only. 😛


I definitely look younger with shorter hair! 😛


I don’t look like I’m already 21 in this photo right? 😛


My stylist also did mentioned that my hair also suits the messy look. Don’t you agree? XD


Here’s where I went to cut my hair and that’s the name of the stylist who attended to me.

I’m glad I went to I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu. Knew about it from some of the blogs I read. It’s the most recent salon I read about, fresh in memory so I went. 😛

So glad I went as I’m really happy with my new hair. Simon, my stylist was really friendly too and shared many tips with me and my friend who accompanied me. I would go back and look for him again for my next hair cut or even color. XD