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OTO e-Shape

OTO have recently launched the e-Shape which is a slimming belt that can be used for all parts of the body. Unlike past slimming belts, the e-Shape is compact and stylish as it’s designed for the younger and trendier generation. It’s equipped with technology that is based on sports science and acupuncture which will effectively help to break down the fatty cells so that it will be easier for us to detox.

Other then slimming purposes, it can be used as a normal massager. You can use it on your back, neck and shoulders for massage purpose. On the arms, thighs, calves, tummy itself for slimming purpose.

It’s a product that’s suitable for the whole family to use. As it’s compact, you can even bring it out or use it on the car as it does comes with a car adapter.

Packaging of future new products of OTO will follow that of the e-Shape, simple,sleek and elegant. With a white surface and colored bottom, the e-Shape is available in 3 different colors, maroon, chocolate and violet.

Retailing at $298, OTO is offering the e-Shape at a special promo price of $198 as part of Mother’s Day celebration from now till 13th May at their roadshows.

I would definitely recommend you to head down to their roadshows and try it out for yourselves!

OTO Roadshows Details:

Dates Timing Venue
09 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 15 Apr 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm VivoCity – Central Court B
16 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 22 Apr 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm Plaza Singapura, – Main atrium
23 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 29 Apr 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm IMM – Level 2, Atrium
30 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 06 May 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm Sun Plaza – Atrium, Plot B
30 Apr 2012 (Mon) to 06 May 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm Bugis Junction – Hylam Street Event Space A
05 May 2012 (Sat) to 13 May 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm City Square Mall – Atrium B
07 May 2012 (Mon) to13 May 2012 (Sun) 10am – 10pm Nex – Atrium A,B & C



Essential Oil Workshop~

Attended an Essential Oil Workshop sometime ago in June at Beauty Emporium at Dempsey.

Greeted by the setting of the essential oils when you walk into Beauty Emporium. I’m not sure if you can see the small wordings on the bottle on the banner, it says “Power of Scent”.

The whole idea is to show people how beneficial and powerful essential oils can be.

Do you know what exactly an essential oil is?

It’s the natural aromatic compounds found in plants and it’s obtained through cold pressed extraction method or the steam distilling method. Essential oils are a lot more powerful then herbs and is also more beneficial without side effects.

However, do note that essential oils that are not pure can in fact harm our skin rather then benefiting us. Hence, it’s important that we use pure essential oils.

Essential Oils from doTERRA.

doTERRA essential oils are all of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is the best grade in terms of essential oils. This grading means that the oils are 100% natural and it’s safe to even be consumed internally depending on the nature of the oil.

If you are not sure of what kind of oils to get, just look out for those that are of CPTG grade and you will not go wrong. To make things easier, just opt for doTERRA which are available at Beauty Emporium.

That’s Sweelin, who’s our expert of the day and she shared a lot on essential oils with us.

There are many ways to use the essential oils.

Aromatic – Diffusing of the oils so that we can breathe it in.

Topical – Applying on affected areas or use for massage.

Internal – Consuming the oil with water or in an empty capsule.

Do note that not all essential oils are safe to be consumed! In the picture above, you will notice an instruction stating to dilute one drop of oil to 4fl.oz of liquid. This shows that it’s safe to be consumed and most CPTG grade oils are safe enough. Still it’s important to follow label instructions as all brands are different.

Using essential oils in our daily lives can help improve our health. This is because the oils are able to kill viruses and bacteria. They always say prevention is always better then cure, essential oils can help in promoting a healthy lifestyle and in turn prevention.

Other then physically, essential oils also work on the mental level to calm and relax. That is why we have aromatherapy.

There are many types of essential oils out there, we just have to find one that we like and is useful for us.

This basic kit was given to us in our goodie bag. If you do not know where to start, this is the 3 basic oils to start with.

Here’s how these 3 oils can be used. XD

Next, we move on to making our custom blended shower gel! Before we start, we were brief through the procedures and on things like top notes, middle notes and base notes. We are also given an oil blend chart which tell us which type of oils blends well with each other and what notes are they.

We were each given 500ml worth of unscented shower gel to start with~ XD

After reading through the benefits of each oil and smelling them, I picked out these 3 to be use in my own blend.

Cinnamon is a Spice and it has cleansing properties and is good for pains and aches.

Frankincense is one of the most precious ancient oils and can be use for many things. It helps one to relax and also improve our immunity.

Geranium is the oil that smell closest to that of Rose oil which is super rare and expensive. Rose can go up to $300 for a small bottle! I choose Geranium mainly cause of the scent which is also why it’s my top note. Geranium is actually good for soothing of the skin and also have calming effects.

Here’s the ratio I was given to work with to find out the ultimate number of drops I have to use to find my perfect blend.

I managed to get my perfect blend with 15 drops of Cinnamon, 15 drops of Frankincense and 32 drops of Geranium.

Here’s the shower gel with all the oils blended in! XD The combination of all the 3 oils I used creates a nice floral, woody scent which is very soothing and calming! XD

We are given two 250ml bottles to fill up with our shower gels! XD

Bottled up and ready to use! XD Of course must pose with my own creation right? XD

It’s best to use the shower gel in a warm shower to bring out the scent! XD

Here’s a photo with Chantana~ Love her hair! XD And it’s thanks to her that I’ve notice the Geranium Oil~ XD

So after reading this post, are you interested to create your very own shower gel too? Other then shower gel, you can create your own moisturizer too! If yes, head down to Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium today! This can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones! XD If you’re not interested in the custom blended products, you can always get the essential oils! They do have pre-blended oils for various used available too! XD

Hope this post is useful!

<3, Forensia.




SBA2011: 7 Heaven Chakra Body Massage

My last treatment with Adonis is a body treatment which is the 7 Heaven Chakra Body Massage. This is a massage for relaxation and will aid you to have a good night’s sleep. Using only pure essential oils in the treatment, it put one at ease and enable us to benefit from the goodness of the oils.

Theses are all the oils used in the treatments and there are 7 types of essential oils used for the 7 different parts of our body starting from the womb area to the head.

These essential oils are meant to be used for the face massage. However due to my face condition, I have to skip the facial massage as it will only aggravate my acne.

The different oils for various area. Before starting the massage proper, I have to breathe in the scent of the oils first following the steps shown by my beautician. This step actually help to put me at ease and by inhaling the scent of the oils, it will aid the absorption of the oil better when it’s used during the massage.

I do not have anymore pictures for the treatment as it’s quite an intimate process due to the fact that it’s a full body massage. Hence, below will be my description of the process of the treatment. I must say the back massage is really nice as I often experience backaches and stuff so it’s just what I needed.

Then I turned around and my beautician massaged the front part of my legs first before moving on to the abdomen area. It’s quite weird being massage in the abdomen area but I got used to it quickly. After that, it’s a shoulder massage followed by a head massage.

This massage is actually more gentle then other massages as it’s meant mainly for relaxation and  also to allow the body to absorb the essential oils. Each of the essential oils used have benefits for our body and I must say that the oils smell really nice.

I nearly fell asleep during the treatment but I did not as I think I’m not used to a body massage as it’s my first time and do not know what to expect.. However, I’m sure that I will be able to fall asleep without worries if there’s a next time. 😛

Indeed, I did have a good night sleep after the massage and I felt that it got rid of the fatigue that I have due to late sleeping hours.

I strongly recommend this massage to those who’s under stress, lack of sleep etc as it does really help you to have a good night sleep and also put you at ease, while relaxing those tight muscles.


Check out the links below to learn more about the treatments and products that Adonis provides! XD