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Review: Tanda Zap

Hi all!

Today I’m doing a review on Tanda Zap! Tanda Zap uses blue light technology and sonic vibrations to fight against zits! The blue light actually kills the bacteria that causes acne and clear them up!



Standing at only 3 inches, it’s easy to bring out especially for travel! Imagine a zit popping out when you’re travelling and you won’t feel like taking photos cause of that tiny zit! But if you have the Tanda Zap with you, there’s no need to worry much!


The Tanda Zap works on 3 AA size batteries! Tanda Zap provides 2 minutes treatments each time and each set of batteries can last for about 40 treatments. The lifespan of the device is 1000 treatments. This device is retailing at $98. So 10 treatments is equal to $1 which I find it’s quite worth it!


Promise a fuss free treatment to get rid of your zits!


Be careful not to look into the blue light directly with your eyes!


Super easy to use! Just need to put the device over your zits for 2 minutes and you’re done! 2 to 3 times a day, and you can see significant changes to your zits the next day!


Just like this! Put it over your zit and wait for 2 minutes!


Here’s a little comparison picture after 3 treatments in 1 and a half days.


Have been using the device for about a month and it does help me clear up my acne! Works well on those bigger acne for me though! Now my brother is using it everyday and his acne is clearing up quite quickly too!

I personally think that this is great for emergency treatments for individual acne but of course you need a different product for the scarrings left behind.

I would definitely recommend this to those who wants fast solutions to getting rid of their acne! Also this is better then topical treatments as there will be no irritation nor allergies to blue light! ­čśŤ

Hopefully this review helps! XD

Tanda Zap is being distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by

To find out more about the devices and purchase information, check out their FB page!


SBA2011: Nano 139 Facial with Adonis

I’m here to share with you all on my second facial experience with Adonis last┬áMonday.

In fact, I was scheduled to have the Chakra Body Treatment but the consultant recommend to go through this detox facial after checking up on my skin condition. She said that since I just did the Sparkle Peel Facial awhile ago, my skin condition is most suitable to go through this detox facial which is named the Nano 139 facial to repair and replenish the moist in my skin.

Brighten up your skin with this cocktail of 139 different minerals and enzymes. This special concoction is designed to help repair, activate, and provide energy to skin cells, leaving your skin with a healthy, natural glow.

– Taken from Adonis Beauty‘s Website


Standard procedures of Adonis~ I was served tea while waiting to start my facial.

And of course a foot bath before heading in the facial room for my treatment.

At the start of the facial, the beautician cleanse my face and apply a Soft Peeling Gel which is different from that which was used during the Sparkle Peel treatment. The one used in the Sparkle Peel was water soluble whereas the one used in this treatment, we can feel the dead skin being rubbed out. After that, she applied Comedone on my face which will help in the removal of blackheads. I was put under the Cool Mist while letting the Comedone work on my skin.

After that, my beautician push in this machine. First, she used the “Scrabber” which is a blade to “scrap” through my skin to remove the impurities in my clogged pores. After this step, she showed me the water used and it’s cloudy and has the impurities that was removed from my skin.

Next, she asked me to hold on to this metal ion rod which has two ends. The other end she use it to roll and massage my face. Of course, she applied a serum before using the metal ion rod to massage the serum into my face. This is to allow the serum to be fully absorbed into the skin cells through the usage of ion energy.

The serum smells like vinegar to me and this is because the serum consists of organic enzymes. I find it ok as it’s better for them to use something natural that don’t really smell good rather then something that smell good as they added extra things that are not needed in the┬áconcoction.

After the serum was worked into my skin, the beautician applied a clay mask on my face and left me to rest for 20 minutes while the mask hardens. She then removes the mask and applied toner and moisturizer on my face.

Here’s a pic of me right after the facial. My skin feels more supple and I definitely felt more refreshed.

I was told that similar to the Sparkle Peel, I would experience slight purging of blackheads and acne as the way this facial works is to purge the impurities from within the skin.

This facial is recommended for people with blemished skin as it works from deep within the skin to clear out the impurities. Even people with normal complexion can do this facial to detox the skin.

Do check out Adonis FB for tips and information!


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SBA2011: Sparkle Peel Facial With Adonis

I went for my first treatment with Adonis last Thursday and I was really excited as it’s my very first facial! The facial that I experience was the Sparkle Peel also known as the Flora Peel previously. I would say that I am very happy with the whole experience and really enjoyed the whole process!

Let me bring you through my first facial experience! XD

So I decided to take a photo of my bare face before I head to the facial. >< Look at all the redness, bumps etc. Haiz…… The skin is a bit tired due to late nights too. >< Oh well…

I was asked to soak my feet in warm water with essential oils added in while they prepare the room for the facial. It’s really nice and relaxing. XD

I was lead into the facial room, where the lights are dim, aromas of the essential oils and light relaxing music. The whole atmosphere just put one at ease.

At the start of the facial, the beautician cleanse my face first before proceeding to apply a peel which actually exfoliates and remove dead skin from the face. Next, she pull in a machine to “steam” my face. It’s not really steam as it’s actually cold. It’s meant to close up our pores. XD

After the “steaming”, I was given a trim for my eyebrows followed by a facial massage that focus on the acupoints of the face. The beautician then push in the Symphony machine as seen in the above photo. It’s actually like a massage using electro-waves from a electronic┬ámassager┬ábut on the face. I have a massage machine at home which includes those gel pads to be used on different points on our body. This is similar except that it’s for the face. There is a choice of Symphony Beats for different effects. The beautician will adjust it accordingly to your needs.┬áIn a course, the beats are not constant or rather the “pattern” of the beats will change after 1 or 2 minutes. This is actually good as it targets all the acupoints on the face.

I was given a Hot Eye Mask while doing the Symphony beats ┬átoo. The mask will heat up as time passes but the feeling is super refreshing in a way. It kind of awaken my tired eyes. ­čśŤ

I was given a shoulder massage and it was good. My shoulders were very tight so I asked the beautician to go on strong and it’s really good. My shoulders feels so much more relaxed after the massage.

After that, the beautician applied the flora essence peel to my face in two layers. She applied the first layer and fan it dry before applying the 2nd layer. When she was applying the peel, I can smell the distinctive herbal smell but it’s expected since the peel consists of 100% flora essence. It stings a little when the peel is being applied but the feeling subsided when it’s fan dried.

Here’s a photo taken right after the facial. I actually have the peel on my face as I have to leave it on for 8 hours for it to take on its full effect.

This Sparkle Peel facial involves no extraction at all. Instead, the peel will cause some breakouts which is normal as it’s purging the acne and all out from beneath the skin. My face started to peel┬ámildly, 2 days after the facial. Now it’s around 6 days since the facial and there’s still some slight peeling but the skin feels relatively smooth. XD

Here’s the instruction given to me from the beautician. I was also given a balancing cream to apply. Was also advice to apply sunblock both day and night as the skin is quite vulnerable while it’s peeling.

I received a follow up call from Adonis on Monday where they asked about the condition of the skin and also reminding me to put on sunblock and to mask and moisturize more to smoothen the process of the peeling.

Here’s another photo of my bare skin. My skin appears “whiter” cause of the lighting. But you can definitely see that my skin ain’t that dull and tired anymore. Also the redness is not that clustered up anymore. I just need to wait for the bumps that are purged out to clear away. XD

Can’t wait for my next treatment with Adonis! XD

Do check out Adonis Beauty for more information of their signature facials and treatments. XD Do check out Adonis’ FB page for some tips too!



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