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Event: Grand Plastic Surgery 

Grand Plastic Surgery Over the weekend, I attended an event hosted for Grand Plastic Surgery at Orchard Central. Grand Plastic Surgery is one of the top leading Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea with leading surgeons in their team. They are located in Gangnam, Garosugil in Seoul as a stand alone building with 21 stories to cater to the needs and convenience of their patients. Some fun statistics told to us is that Singaporeans made up of 8% of the international patients of Grand Plastic Surgery. Nose and breast surgeries seems to be the popular procedure among this 8%. Also, there’s quite a number who flew all the way to Korea for revision procedures on areas that they might have procedures already done locally or elsewhere.   IMG_0674.JPG Blogger GollyLocks sharing her experience on her plastic surgery journey with Grand Plastic Surgery. She did quite a major procedure which is the jaw surgery. And I do find that she now has a softer look compared to before based on my memory of her.   IMG_0673.JPG One to one consultation with Dr Rhee Se Whan from Grand Plastic Surgery (Deputy Director/Specialised Plastic Surgeon). I guess this is exactly how the consultation will be done in actual. The doctor will access your features and advice you on your problem areas with a translator at the side. The doctor will also be drawing simple diagrams to show you your problems and how it should be rectify and what are the procedures recommended.   IMG_0671.JPG I took the chance for a consultation with Dr Rhee too. As you all know, my nose is always a concern for me. So according to the professional advice from Dr Rhee, I have a pretty short and wide nose. Short is probably cause I don’t even have a bridge to start with. Haha. He looked at my side profile and drew out the outline showing that my forehead is pretty protruding(No need fat grafting. LOL) which makes my nose seems more sunken into the face. I can’t remember the actual terms used for the procedures he recommended, but basically is silicone to build a bridge, lengthening the tip of my nose and also to cut of the sides of the nose to make it smaller. I also asked Dr Rhee for other recommendations on other procedures that I might need for my face. He recommended me to do fat grafting on my smile lines as they are pretty deep which I agree and also to melt the fats around my jawline.  Also, I got to know that even fats have different survival rates according to the areas. Hence, the fats from the thighs are usually used for fat grafting procedures as the fats there is of the highest quality. (Is that why it is so difficult to get rid of the fats there?)

Will I be going for these procedures some might ask? At my current age, which is soon to be 25 as of this post, I think it is still too early for me to make any permanent changes to my face. To be honest, I really would love to have a higher nose bridge (I think my wide nose is quite proportionate to my big face) but I’m still quite apprehensive against the idea of having silicone in my face for the rest of my life. Yes, we can use the cartilages either from the ribs or hips instead but that would actually leave a scar as I’m told. I also think that I’m still at the age where my features are still changing over time and it might change slightly once I stopped being lazy and start working hard to get rid of those unwanted fats. So I guess, no invasive procedures for me at this point of time but I don’t mind doing fillers again though. 🙂

XOXO, Joyce.Forensia


IPL Facial Treatment at Nouri

IPL can be used for various treatments. Not only hair removal, IPL can also be used to treat facial problems. Nouri provides IPL for the face too to solve your skin problems!

Some of the uses of IPL are:

  • Skin Lightening for Face
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Post Acne Scars and Pit Holes
  • Clearing up of Acne
  • Aiding in the Reproduction of Collagen


After a consultation with Valerie, I was prescribed to go through their Classic Facial (which I will be talking about in a separate post) and also the IPL Facial Treatment.


The IPL Facial Treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation before administering the IPL shots. Valerie will adjust the frequency each session as per your comfort. Usually for the first IPL session, she will use a lower frequency and increase it the next. This is to make sure we feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Pain is minimal though you will feet a hot sensation during the treatment.


After all IPL treatments, it is important to apply the Anti Inflammatory Gel to sooth the skin as our skin will tend to be more tender after treatments.

I’ve done 4 IPL sessions so far and I noticed that the skin became brighter and texture feels better too. My acne scars are lighten by a little and I’m confident that they will be gone with a few more sessions.

Interested in the IPL facial treatments? Contact Valerie via SMS/Whatsapp at 91994189 to know more!

Nouri is currently running huge promotions on IPL treatments! Do check out Nouri’s FB page for more detailed information on their promotions!

Joyce Forensia IPL



IPL Underarms Hair Removal by Nouri

When I was at a young age and facing puberty, I was taught to pluck and shave my underarms. Little did I know it was a wrong move and I was left to face the consequences when I’m much older.

It is a little sad at times when you have to avoid wearing those nice sleeveless dresses so as to hide those ugly pits. And when you do wear sleeveless due to the hot weather in Singapore, you have to be careful not to raise your arms. I tend to get self conscious when wearing sleeveless simply because of my unsightly pits.

Hair is one issue, but the pits are of a darker tone and does not look good at all. I get ingrown hair from shaving, open pores from plucking. Basically, it’s really bad and here’s a photo to show you how bad it is.


This was taken 2 days after shaving which is why the hair are not obvious but you still can see the dark and thick growth. The skin is darker by at least 3 tones as compared to the rest of my skin. This is just bad.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is the norm these days and it’s not difficult to get it treated. Yet, I’m skeptical about the usual hair removal salons as I read that I can only go for a session every 4-6 weeks. For my case, I need to get those unsightly pits treated as soon as possible.

I’m lucky and blessed to meet Valerie from Nouri. She took one look at my pits, told me straight away that it’s very bad and asked me to stop all shaving and plucking. She said that she will treat my underarms for me and assured me that I’ll have effective results.

Valerie recommended me to do the IPL on my underarms once a week and the sessions can be spaced out when my underarms get better.


The IPL treatments are fast and fuss free. Each session takes about 15-20 minutes and you’re done! The treatments includes cleansing, application of gel, IPL shots, cleansing again and application of the Anti Inflammatory Gel which will soothes the skin after IPL treatments. As for the pain factor, it is very minimal and during the treatment, Valerie will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease.


Here’s a photo of my underarms after 4 sessions of IPL. The skin tone is lighten by a lot and hair growth is very minimal now. I’m very confident that with a few more sessions, it will look better than it is now. And like Valerie mentioned, I have seen effective results from the treatments.


Here’s a before and after photo of my underarms. The photos are taken in different lighting with my phone which is why one is brighter. I must say that I’m very happy with the results so far and I can wear my sleeveless clothes with more confidence now!

Currently Nouri is running an awesome! 10 sessions of IPL for only $299! For less then $30 per session, this is definitely worth it! And if you must know, the usual price for each Underarms IPL session is $120. Valerie will let you know how many sessions you need to see results as each individual have different conditions and hair growth.

I would recommend you to contact Valerie via SMS/Whatsapp at 91994189 to know more!

Fiona 299 ipl sunshine

With 15 years of experience, Valerie is certified in the trade of beauty. Rest assured that you are in good hands when you’re at Nouri!


Let us all achieve a more beautiful us over at Nouri!



Review: Lumenis LightSheer DUET

I went for a Permanent Hair Reduction Trial for the underarms about 3 weeks ago. And I think it’s time for a review after observing the growth after the procedure for 3 weeks! 🙂

You might have noticed that I’ve used the word Reduction instead of Removal. Why is this so? After a consultation and learning about hair removal/reduction from the Doctor who did the procedure for me, I learnt that there’s no 100% removal of hair regardless. No matter how many times you go for laser or IPL there will still be a few strands of stubborn hair which refuses to be removed.

Our hair follicle will go through various phases during the growth cycle and laser works best on hair in the active growth phase.


So how does this LightSheer Duet works? It’s a new machine that will enable hair removal to be fast while being safe and effective. It will suck up the skin like a vacuum so that the hair will be nearer to the laser source and then it will be heated up. This is something like burning the hair as you will actually smell the burnt hair smell during the procedure. The laser will disable the hair follicles to regrow.

But like I mentioned, laser only works best on growing hair, hence multiple treatments is needed to reduce the hair greatly. This is because our hair are in different growing phases at any one time. That’s why multiple treatments is needed to treat the hair when they are in different phases.


The LightSheer Duet comes with two ‘guns’, one to target at larger areas and one for small areas. The one for small areas comes with a chill tip to cool down the small areas.

The great thing about this laser is that the procedure is super fast! For my trial, it takes less then 2 minutes for the whole procedure! Of course the 2 minutes does not includes the prep time where the nurse will cleanse and shave the treatment area to prep for the laser. Pain wise is super minimal.


Probably a 1 on a scale of 10, as I mentioned the LightSheer Duet will suck up the skin like a vacuum so there might be a little pain for some. For me it is quite ok but maybe it’s because my threshold for pain is quite high.


Now let’s talk about the effectiveness of the laser. This might sounds gross but I tried to pull at the hair on my underarms area with my fingers after the treatment and some came out very easily. Good sign, which means the laser is working as the hair follicles were destroy and hence the hair strands could be removed without any pressure.


I shaved a few days after the treatment so as to be able to monitor the growth. I noticed that the hair are growing in patches and some areas are clean of hair. I would say there’s at least a 25% reduction of the hair. Sorry, there’s no visuals of my pits as it’s a little unglam to post it up here. 😛

I think I’m going back for a few more treatments from my own pocket. It’s recommended to have 4-6 treatments with an interval of 4-6 weeks between each treatment for the best results. I was even told that there are some people who are satisfied with the results after 2-3 treatments. But of course this is depending on individual as it might be super efficient on some and not as much on others as we all have different hair growth.

If you are interested to know which Clinics does Hair Reduction with Lumenis LightSheer Duet, drop me an email and I will direct you to the contact person. Do note that only Doctors can use the Lumenis LightSheer Duet for procedures so you can be sure that it’s 100% safe and fuss free!

Here’s to less hairy pits! 😛



Facial At CELUVA The Luxe SkinSuite

Was invited down to CELUVA located on the 3rd floor of Scotts Square for a trial treatment some time back.


I would say it’s a good location as there’s hardly any crowd there, you’ll definitely feel comfortable doing your facial treatments there.

20121210-131607.jpgCELUVA is part of ESTHEVA Spa located at Raffles Hotel. ESTHEVA is one of the top luxury day spa in Singapore. CELUVA only uses 100% botanical products from Switzerland.


As per all facial treatments, we need to fill up information with regards to our skin and any allergies etc. What I really like is that the table is placed by the window where you could get a full view of the busy streets in orchard. I definitely felt more relaxed sipping tea and enjoying the view right before the treatment starts.

After a short consultation with the therapist, I will be doing a purifying facial involving extraction to detox the face. There was two masks used, first is a detox mask followed by a collagen mask.


A photo before the treatment starts! The facial room is pretty spacious with the bed placed at the center.

The Facial Experience:

The treatment started with a light massage before my beautician, Gemma start with cleansing. This is the first time that a beautician cleanse my face by starting with the eyes and face first before proceeding to the rest of the face. I thought it’s really thoughtful. So far the other facials I’ve tried just cleanse everything at one go.

A mild scrub was done after cleansing. It does not feel harsh on the skin yet I can feel my skin being ‘cleaned’ by the scrub.

Extraction was then performed while I’m put under the steamer which helps to open up my pores. Extraction took pretty long and it is painful which is expected. I actually mean it in a good way when I said that the extraction process take pretty long. I feel that my beautician is super thorough and she make sure that she extract all the gunk of my pores. Although a painful process, it’s pretty much worth it when I can feel my skin breathe.

After extraction, a toner was spritzed on my face to calm the skin down before applying the detox mask. The detox mask was put on for about 10 minutes before it was removed and then I had a facial massage before applying the collagen mask.

While having the mask on, I was also treated to a shoulder massage where sweet almond oil is being used and also a head massage.

My beautician applied an eye serum and essence for me which concluded the end of the treatment.


Here’s a shot that I’ve taken right after the facial. Although it’s not very clear, but you can see the redness from the extraction and that I looked more refreshed. Redness went down within a day for me.


This is taken 2 days after the facial with light make up on. I noticed that my skin is smoother for the application of makeup. Pores is definitely smaller and much cleaner too.

I would rate the service at CELUVA a 4.5/5 and a 4/5 for the facial treatment.

Definitely will consider going back for facials!

Here’s a list of their signature facials and prices.

C-Matrix© Essentiale

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $172 [ $184.04 ] gst

smooth, firm & tone complexion | nourish, refresh & hydrate | stimulate skin renewal | restore healthy glow

C-Matrix© Purifying

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $185 [ $197.95 ] gst

intensively detoxify | clear impurities | reduce blemishes refine pores | restore balance for radiant, fresh, clear skin

C-Matrix© Whitening

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $185 [ $197.95 ] gst

smooth, tone & lighten skin | diminish pigmentation & age spots |improve uniformity & texture for luminous skin

C-Matrix© Anti-Wrinkle

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $185 [ $197.95 ] gst

diminish fine lines & wrinkles | re-texturise skin to restore youthful firmness | aid cell renewal, revitalise mature skin

C-Matrix© De-Ager

1 HOUR 30 MINUTES | $195 [ $208.65 ] gst

visibly repair & energise skin | combat signs of aging | rebuild skin firmness & elasticity | deliver super hydration


You can refer to for more treatments that they offered.