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Hi all!

Good things must share! I’ve recently got to know about this site which actually provides Singapore Online Deals and Discounts for various E-retailers, travel sites and many more!

Did I also mentioned that it’s free?

There is no need for any subscription nor is there any hidden fees on Vouchercodes! You don’t even need to sign up to use their services. But of course, you can sign up for an account to manage your coupons and get updated about any new coupons.

For an example, in February they are providing a 15% voucher for us to shop online fashion clothing at Zalora! This is the code: FEBULOVE15 (With a minimum spending of $120)

Other than that, there are many others voucher code that we can use also. I was searching through the site and saw that they have vouchers for Groupon, Ensogo, Rakuten, RedMart, Food Panda etc too! Not forgetting vouchers codes for travel sites like, Expedia, and more!

Rather than googling online for promotion codes, just head over to VoucherCodes and search for the vouchers you are looking for! Mostly likely it will be available there because the last I checked, they have a huge database of merchants that they are in partnership with.

It’s just like those fast food chain coupons but in a voucher code format. Save paper, save the earth and we save money at the same time.

With VoucherCodes, you can check for deals before deciding which site to shop on! It is always great to be able to save some money be it only a couple of dollars or more.

Disclaimer:This Post is brought to you in partnership with VoucherCodes Singapore.


Skycart Is Here For You For 11.11!

skycart 11.11

Who is Skycart?

Unlike others, Skycart is not an agent for your Taobao purchases. They are a concierge-like service where they help customers to purchase from Chinese online shops like easily and safely.

Live chat is available for customers for any help with Chinese translations to providing search terms and even requesting the staff to help to source for particular items.

In other words, Skycart is like your Personal Shopper for your online purchases.

Why Skycart?

Skycart’s shipping rates and service charge of 7% (4% if you’re a Gold Class member) is the lowest currently among similar services. Economy Airmail is only at $1.99 for every 500g! That’s even cheaper as compared to Taobao’s forwarding services.

What is 11.11?

11.11 is the largest annual sale on! It is the shopping event for the year. Expect up to 90% discounts of items, half prices of Xiaomi and more! It’s a time where you should just grab the deals when you see it, don’t have to think!

What Do I do to enjoy the 11.11 sale?

  • Top up Skypay (Skycart payment account) in advance so that you  can save time on verification.
  • Add items to your cart first!
  • Leave a note in the remarks box stating 11.11.2015 so that Skycart will purchase it on the day for you to enjoy the discount.
  • Check out and pay before 11.11 so that there will be a dedicated officer handling your account and purchases.
  • State sizes and colors clearly and give options in case item goes OOS.
  • Pay the highest price if options give to avoid waiting time. Any amount not spent will be refunded.

Things to note:

  • There will be a delay after 11.11. Items will be shipped once sellers have dispatched the items.
  • Things will go OOS very quickly. You will receive full refund within the next few hours if your options are not available.
  • Full amounts stated by seller must be paid, including deposit and all.

RSVP now

RSVP to be part of the 12,000 to enjoy exclusive discounts with Skycart for 11.11. For example, Skycart will have price match with the lowest agent discounts available on the 11.11 sale. There’s only 12,000 slots as Skycart wants to provide the best personalised service for each individual!
Sign up for an account here if you don’t already have a Skycart account!
For more information, check out Skycart’s FB Page!
Happy Shopping!
*This post is brought to you by Skycart.*

Ladies Circuit Training Class by Kevin Chiak

ladies circuit training class with fellow bloggers
Group photo with fellow bloggers and our trainer, Kevin after our Ladies Circuit Training Class.

I’ve always been quite active back when I was still in school with all the physical activities going on. After that, I became inactive for 3 whole years before I got into a fitness program that involves group training back in 2013. Say group PT, Zumba class, Kickboxing and even Hot Yoga. I went on to join a gym and was quite active joining classes like HIIT, MMA, Hot Yoga, Boxing etc. But ever since I switched jobs and my timings clashes with all the group classes, I realized I’m not as motivated anymore. I go to the gym, do some exercises on the machines and I leave. Zero interaction with no one but the machines. Motivation level goes all the way down.

Simply put, I work better in a group environment and is more motivated in a group. It’s ok even if I don’t know others in the group, it just feel good to have company working towards the same goals and going through the same thing.

Hence, when Herine asked if I was interested to try out the Ladies Circuit Training Class by Kevin, I decided to give it a go and re-embark on my fitness journey once again.


Ladies Circuit Training Class

The Ladies Circuit Training class consist a mixture of Resistance Exercises (Strength Training), Cardio for a full body workout. There are about 11 – 14 stations and we have a minute at each station before switching over to the next station. There’s a short break of around 30 seconds between each station. A circuit class usually goes on for 3 cycles.



The exercises might seem easy or I should say it seems easy for me at first. On the first cycle, I thought to myself, this is not too bad. Second cycle, Kevin increased the resistance level of the machine and I was thinking ok, I can feel my body working and I’m sweating. When it comes to the third cycle, I was dying and I questioned Kevin if he increased the resistance again but nope. We all felt that it’s harder as our energy level probably got used up in the first two cycles.



“I hate crunches!” I never failed to complain about the crunches while doing it and the rest of the ladies laughed. This is what I like about group training, going through thick and thin together. Haha. If I was doing this alone, I will probably just skip doing crunches. However, with the others around I’m more motivated to complete the exercise.



Here’s a photo with our Trainer, Kevin. To be honest, I was pretty intimidated by his body building photos online but he’s really friendly and jovial in person! I’m glad that I took up this opportunity to train with the rest of the ladies under Kevin.




All information for the Ladies Circuit Training Class is as above in the poster with special promotion if you sign up with a friend! And if you require more information, check out Kevin’s FB page!

Did I also mentioned that I woke up with muscle aches the following day after my first circuit class? Definitely a good sign as it means my muscles are working! Can’t wait for the next class and to a fitter me!


*Credits: Photos from Tiffany’s Camera!*


Eu Yan Sang TCM Weight Management


We all know that there are many ways to lose weight and the best method would be regular exercise and a well balanced and controlled diet. But there bound to be situations where you will hit a plateau and that is when we will look for alternative methods to help to manage the body weight.

For me, I find that the numbers doesn’t really tally with my body image and it’s just so confusing for me. For the period that I went to the gym regularly, I can fit into clothes that are 1 size down but my weight went up instead. Although they do say that numbers are not too important, I would very much prefer a weight in the healthy range.

TCM has been around for the longest time and do you know that it can help to reduce weight too?

With the right methods, we can manage our weight properly through TCM and making the exercises and dieting more effective. Over at Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic, they mainly target weight loss through the usage of acupuncture. Acupuncture helps to improve metabolism and overall digestion and many more to aid weight reduction. Other methods such as cupping, ear acupressure and the usage of prescribed herbal medication acts as support for the whole TCM weight management approach.

The TCM weight management program has a stabilization period which will help to prevent rebound of weight. Hence it is important to be able to commit to the program for a substantial period of time to achieve long term results. It takes at least 3 months for any results to show and if you’re obese, more time is needed. Weight loss is not an easy journey, so always prepare yourselves so that you can be positive during the journey to achieve results!

If my lifestyle and schedule allows, TCM weight management is something that I would love to look into to help myself achieve a healthier weight.

Interested to find out more about Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Weight Management Program? Sign up for the FREE WORKSHOP on 05 May 2015 by filing up the form here ( ). Dinner and refreshments will be provided during the workshop. There will also be a token of appreciation for all successful attendees.


Grooming for The Men: Classic Facial

This is the first of a mini series on grooming for the men in collaboration with my sponsor Nouri Face & Body Concepts. Featuring Isaac Chan, an executive working in advertising by the day and a DJ by the night.

For a start, we will be featuring the Classic Facial treatment by Nouri which results in clean and glowing skin. The Classic Facial involves basic cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, mask and a soothing massage. Valerie from Nouri provides the most thorough extraction to ensure that most of the impurities are removed.

Check out the video below for the Class Facial treatment!

This photo is taken right after the Classic Facial. No editing involved except for resizing. Check out the nice glow Isaac have after the treatment. I’ve observed that guys tend to get better results after a facial treatment which involves extraction to rid of the impurities in the skin.

isaac aft facial glow

I’ve personally benefited well from the Classic Facial and highly recommends it!

Next up in the series will be on IPL for the face! Stay tuned!

Check out Nourifbc FB page for more information and promotions!
You can whatsapp Valerie at 91994189 for inquiries and bookings too!

Nouri is located at : Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-53, Singapore, Singapore 190462 (Near to ICA building)