Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art: Your Favorite City in your home

modern map art

Love traveling?

Have a city that meant something special to you?

Or simply just a city that you love and always be on top on your travel list despite being there for umpteen times?

With Modern Map Art, you can now have the map of your favorite city at home.

I guess it didn’t came as a surprise that my favorite city is Tokyo. I would have chosen the whole of Japan if I could, but that would be too huge. Not every country is like Singapore where the whole map could fit into one poster with visibility.

You could choose to get the poster framed up but I choose to just put it up on my wall as a poster. It’s facing directly to my bed and every morning, it reminds the travel lust in me that I will need another trip to Tokyo again.

It’s also fun to look at the map and try to identify the routes within the maps.

Modern Map Art provides various posters sizes for your favorite City Maps. There’s also Ski-Maps if you’re a ski-ing fan. A unique and fun take in Art, Modern Map Art is something you will want to consider for your home decoration!


Lazada GSS Sale – RevlonXLazada Surprise Box!

Happening from 6th to 8th June, it’s just 3 more days to the LAZADA GSS SALE!

lazada gss sale

What to look out for during the Lazada GSS Sale?

  • Up to 90% off!
  • Flash deals every 2 hours!
  • 42 Specially Curated Surprise boxes worth at least $100 for simple $29!!!

Plus use the code GSSJOYCE18 for 18% off with no minimal spending! There’s a cap of $8 max discount and only for new users though!

Sneak Peak of the Revlon X Lazada Surprise Box!

I was very excited to receive the Revlon X Lazada Beauty Surprise Box as you are know how much of a beauty junkie I am!

There’s a total of 5 items in the box and today I’m featuring two of my favourite products from the box!

First up is the Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow Liner!

I love that it’s creamy and really easy to draw! Plus it’s waterproof and almost budge proof after it settles. And it’s always a plus point when the pencil comes with a spoolie brush to brush through the brows for a softer effect after drawing. Would recommend a light hand when using this eyebrow liner as it is also very pigmented!

Would recommend a light hand when using this eyebrow liner as it is also very pigmented!

Next is the Ultimate All-in-One Mascara!

This mascara comes with a mini brush that makes it easy to get to the corner lashes, making sure that no lash is left out!

It provides volume, and help to lift up the lashes and also lengthens! The colour is also super intense to give you the defined look! And of course, it’s waterproof! No smudging even after an average of 10 hours wear!

Nicely defined full brows with lashes that are plumped up in length and volume thanks to the Revlon Brow Liner and Ultimate All-in-One Mascara!

There are only 42 boxes available that will be released throughout the 3 days of the sale so fastest fingers first! $29 is really worth it!

Surprise Box Social Media Contest!

For those who managed to snag a surprise box during the LAZADA GSS SALE ! Here’s a contest for you to win attractive prizes!

Simply post an unboxing of the surprise box you got on your social media channels with the hashtag #lazadasurprises to enter! Simple right? I’m sure many of you who do get the box will be sure to post it on social media, so just add the hashtag to enter the contest ok? Who knows you might get extra luck to win!



My Sephora MOTD Makeup Haul

Sephora totally replaced my to go place for makeup when it first landed in Singapore. I’ve been a regular shopper there to satisfy my makeup addiction since then, almost never leaving Sephora without a purchase.  And it’s no surprise that I am a black card member with unlimited 10% off because I always hit the $250 mark to qualify for it.

So when I was offered credits to do a makeup haul from Sephora, I was more than happy to do so! I did try my best to keep within budget but I ended up spending some extra dollars.

Sephora Haul Fit For An MOTD

It’s not easy to decide on what to buy when there are thousands of choices out there! Hence, I decided to narrow it down to brands and picked enough items which allowed me to create a makeup look.

Kat Von D 


I’ve picked up an eyeshadow palette in Rust and a Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora from Kat Von D. Kat Von D is pretty new in our local shores, and is famous for its Tattoo Liner! I already have the liners, foundation, and concealer from this brand. Hence, I’m curious on how the other products perform so I’ve got two items!




I love my Tarte blushers for its longevity and pigmentations that could be built up. The Tarteist Contour Palette is great as it has all the products you need for contour and highlight including a lovely blush shade!



This is a brand which I’ve yet to try. I picked up the Eyebrow Stylus which comes along with a gel. I would say it’s pricey for a brow product but I’m pretty much blown away by how soft the pencil is and the ease of use.

Makeup Of The Day With Sephora

My makeup of the day using mostly loots from this Sephora haul except for mascara and base! I really love how the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora is such a wearable red! It’s suitable for everyday wear!!

sephora-makeup-of-the-day sephora-motd

Shop Your Favourite Makeup With Sephora Online!

And it’s great that Sephora now have an Online Shopping platform! Shopping for your favourite makeup brands can be now done here in the comfort of your home! And it’s great if you don’t like waiting because they usually released new brands online first!

Plus I love how they deliver to POP Stations as there is one near my office. I can just collect at my own time once delivered, not having to worry about having no one at home to receive my precious Sephora haul!

Have you recently haul at Sephora? Let me know what have you bought!



Classic Cufflinks For The Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to all Fatherly Figure in the World!

Cufflinks: A Unique Gift for The Fathers In Your Life

Fathers played an important part in everyone’s life. There are many father figures around us. Our Fathers, GrandFathers, Brothers who have their own family, the Father of your child etc.

To me, I’m blessed because I’ve 3 fatherly figures around me in the form of my 3 elder siblings, who took care of me as a baby while my mother goes to work. Who acted as the Fatherly figures I need when both are not free for my Meet The Parents.

And of course we all have our favourites, and hence I’m gifting my second brother a unique gift this Father’s day to show my appreciate since Singapore don’t really have a happy brothers’ day. LOL.

Cufflinks singapore

Men these days are dressing better and better and they too, need little accessories to complete the whole look. Watches are no doubt one of men’s favourite accessories! Hence, I didn’t spend much time to decide on the right Cufflinks to get! It’s literally a no-brainer! You can’t go wrong with mechanical gear designs for men! Plus they come in a nice velvet box that’s so classy and ready to gift!

Cufflinks Mecanique

The design I’ve picked out is Mecanique, which is similar to that of a watch gear! Look at how intricate the design is! I also loved how it actually moves! Definitely a design guys would love though I doubt they will be wow-ed by the fact that it moves. I mean guys are harder to impress as compared to girls. They are more practical in a way that makes it so hard to shop for gifts for them!

Thankfully for Cufflinks Singapore, making buying gifts for men so much simpler so that we can spend more time on our own shopping! 🙂

timepiece cufflinks

Look how well the cufflinks blended in with the watches! I’m sure most men would love designs like this! They also have several other designs related to timepieces and also a whole range of classic and unique designs!

So do checkout Cufflinks Singapore if you have yet to get a present for your Fathers this Father’s day! Better late than never!

And of course, cufflinks are great gift for the dads, husbands, boyfriends and even brothers!

Quote JOYCEFORENSIA15 to enjoy 15% discount across all designs! They provide free shipping and refund within 7 days just in case there’s an issue with the product! How thoughtful is that to provide shoppers a peace of mind while shopping online?!



BelowVal – Housing Deals!

belowval-new-logo_belowval properties

What is BelowVal you might be wondering?

BelowVal simply means below valuation!

BelowVal is a property listing site which only list properties that are listed at below valuation price!

Home Seekers Rejoice!

No more sieving through hundreds of listings to find a food deal for your dream home! Make your choices among the listing that are below valuation price! Listings are at least 2% below valuation currently! 

Why BelowVal?

For Home Owners:

From time to time, due to many reasons like migration, falling out of business etc, home owners will need to let go of their property urgently and they will list it at below valuation price. However, these listing got lost among the hundreds of fishing ads or expired ads listed by agents on many other property sites.

These properties will eventually be bought up by institutions like law firms, estates trustees and even business owners etc who have inside news on these below valuation properties and buy them at an even lower price to eventually sell them away at a higher price. This is in a way taking advantages of the urgency of these home owners.

Reach out to genuine buyers in the mass market! With BelowVal, genuine buyers that are looking for below valuation properties or simply have a lower budget can get access to these listing easily without filtering through thousands of listings that are not what they are looking for!

For Home Seekers:

Who doesn’t like a deal right? Especially when you can save up to several thousands dollars while looking for your ideal home!

Plus BelowVal does personal verification with each listing that is listed on their site to make sure that the properties are legit and really priced below valuation.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Key in your preferences and get inform and connected to agents/owners immediately when a listing similar to your preferences is listed up on site!

Help Help

BelowVal gets rid of the messy clutter and keeps their site clean with only listing genuine BelowVal properties! Clearing the obstacles between home owners and home seekers and linking them together via their clean and user friendly site!

Since the launch of the site in October 2015, the site have received great reception and till date, they have thousands of below market valuation properties on the site. Home owners also feedback that the site help to fasten the sale process of their properties!

BelowVal Blogger's event

(Bloggers @BelowVal’s Media Launch)

Seeking for homes that are below market value?

Looking to sell your properties urgently and is willing to let go at below market value?

Check out BelowVal today!