Hello 33

It still haven quite settled in that I’m already in my 30s. I blame covid for making my entry to 30s underwhelming.

Is there any difference? Being in my 20s vs being in my 30s? Am I more matured? Do I know what I want?

They say 20s is the prime of your life. But I think I’ve spent my 20s searching for a purpose. I didn’t know what to do. But after a decade of searching and experimenting, 30+ years old me do have a little more confidence in some parts of my life. And of course, the vision of what I want is clearer too.

I entered 2023, telling myself that my 30s officially starts now. The prior years was a trial due to covid. And I took action. I switched jobs and tried to be more active in dating. I didn’t just let the days passed.

I don’t actually really celebrate my birthday nowadays but I guess it’s a good event to remind myself who are the ones around me that bothered enough to remember my special day.

But I want to give myself a pat on the shoulders for doing such a good job in surviving. Happy 33rd Birthday to me!

I honestly think that I looked pretty good at 33.
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