Durian Prime SG

Was invited by Durian Prime SG to try out their durians. They got their durians direct from their own plantation in Malaysia daily. I can’t really enjoy durians at home so I opted for the option to try direct at their outlet at 24A 456 Geylang Road! They pack their durian fresh over at the outlet too!

I happened to be there when they made the delivery and it’s one sacred basket of durian per day as it’s the low season now. The peak season will be in November which is coming really soon, like next week!

Creamy golden looking durians~

Despite being in the low season, the durians are creamy and firm. The taste is right up my alley. I’m a fan of bitter durians with a tinge of sweetness. The old tree MSW I tried that day was really really good. And you know the durians are quality when the seeds are tiny! More durian to enjoy! I got full from eating 6-7 seeds of durians!

You can order your durians online from https://duriansg.com.sg to enjoy at the comfort of your home. They have free delivery for orders above $99 which can be easily hit for durians. 😉 Do also double check their website for any running promotions as they do run promotions from time to time!

Their prices are relatively lower than other online durian delivery out there as mentioned that they get direct from their own plantations. Which also explains why their durians kept getting sold out! The staff told me that the durians they just received when I was there were already all pre booked!

What you will receive when ordering online.

If you’re a fan of good quality durians, I definitely highly recommend Durian Prime! Plus, good season is coming up next month! So be prepared to fight for your durians as they will be really busy to be serving us durians fanatics!

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