Remembering the feisty little calico, Fenix the cat

The first thing that I need to clarify is that Fenix actual name is Phoenix. But with the influence of Felix the cat, I genuinely thought that my brother is naming her Fenix. 2012 me spelled it correctly but I don’t know why 2013 me started spelling it as Fenix. Well, I did her name justice on the very last paperwork needed.

Calico sandwich

My family is a no pets household except for the occasional fish that I tried to have. Imagine my excitement when I heard that my brother living alone outside adopted a cat! I love cats! I even gave up my doll bed from ikea for the cat! I love her already.

Fenix wasn’t a friendly kitty. She’s skittish when she see strangers and will run upon sighting of people she’s not familiar with. My mum was an exception though. Fenix always love being around her. When she’s at my brother’s place doing house work, Fenix will coule out of her hiding place to sit around her and just look at her. This really was a prelude to the relationship they share when Fenix will eventually move back with us in Yishun.

I remember one incident in 2013. I was drunk and went to my brother’s place to sleep. I woke up the next day with Fenix snuggling up to me by my side. I was so surprised and happy. Literally felt like the chosen one since she usually will just run away from me.

Fast forward to 2018. My brother is moving back and he insisted to bring Fenix along. My mum was reluctant at first but gave in. She was scared of animals in general but Fenix eventually won her over. And my mum grew to love Fenix and became more tolerant towards cats in general. The only people that Fenix answered to are my mum and brother. Although it’s still a mystery till date, but I am the chosen one when she’s on her period. During these period, she will become extra clingy to me and come to me for comfort. And how do I know that her pms ended? Is when she became nonchalant towards me and would even attack me.

Sassy kitty

Perhaps this was a factor that made me go get a cat on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coco. But Fenix is special. She’s the very first cat in the family. Her unique character and her feistiness. And not gonna lie, she’s the cutest of them all. She have a very special place in our hearts. She will always be my first love.

The addition of Fenix brings so much joy to the family with her antics. Her presence itself is a huge plus. And honestly, Fenix looked nothing like an old cat. She’s literally a baby in our eyes.

She got really sick in 2020, having seizures and not eating for a couple of months. We have to hand feed her. And was so glad when she started eating on her own one day. I think back then she realised that it’s not her time to go yet. But this time round, I think she just can’t hang in there anymore. She was found to have tumours which was likely to be breast cancer and also having difficulty breathing due to scar tissue around her heart that makes it harder to pump.

I like to believe that she love us very much too. Especially since she waited for my mum to leave. I was the last one who saw her breathing. And also the first to find her cold. It’s like within 30 mins of my mum leaving for my brother’s house. After she left, I took a look at her, she was lying on her cushion and just slowly breathing. I left her alone and when I checked in on her again, she wasn’t moving anymore. I stared at her for a good 5 minutes before realising that she’s gone. Called my mum immediately and both her and my 2nd brother rushed back. Called my 3rd brother aka Fenix’s daddy to inform him of the bad news. And he also rushed back. We kept her in the house for another night sleep. My brother sleeping beside her for the very last time. It hurts so much to see her still and never going to be moving again.

No more hearing her scratch the shoes. No more seeing her looking at us with her big beady green eyes when you’re eating. No more coming back home to see her staring at you either from the room door or the living room. No more seeing her casually sun tanning in the kitchen. I miss the little calico. I love you so much Fenix.

Baby Fenix
2006 – 5th Sept 2022

I hope to meet you again one day.

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