Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art: Your Favorite City in your home

modern map art

Love traveling?

Have a city that meant something special to you?

Or simply just a city that you love and always be on top on your travel list despite being there for umpteen times?

With Modern Map Art, you can now have the map of your favorite city at home.

I guess it didn’t came as a surprise that my favorite city is Tokyo. I would have chosen the whole of Japan if I could, but that would be too huge. Not every country is like Singapore where the whole map could fit into one poster with visibility.

You could choose to get the poster framed up but I choose to just put it up on my wall as a poster. It’s facing directly to my bed and every morning, it reminds the travel lust in me that I will need another trip to Tokyo again.

It’s also fun to look at the map and try to identify the routes within the maps.

Modern Map Art provides various posters sizes for your favorite City Maps. There’s also Ski-Maps if you’re a ski-ing fan. A unique and fun take in Art, Modern Map Art is something you will want to consider for your home decoration!

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