Playboy Condoms : Now You Can Play Hard & Play Safe

Playboy Condoms in Singapore

When it comes to Playboy products, what will you think of? For me, it will be the Playboy perfumes that are available locally.

Now, they have launched their line of condoms and lubricants in the local market. You can finally have more choice of brands when it comes to having safe sex.


Play Hard, Play Safe, Playboy!

playboy condoms

As with the tagline, Playboy encourages fun, safe fun. In this modern society, there’s definitely a lot of fun going out there. And sure you can have all the fun you want, as long as you play it safe with Playboy! 😉 And Playboy is totally changing the condom game with a whole new meaning of sexy for men. Just look at that packaging!


It’s important to practice safe sex these days! With all the fun and enjoyment, you won’t want to be crying and facing the frustration of the aftermath when accident happens.

With the introduction of Playboy Condoms, it’s a whole new meaning to having safe sex! With Playboy, even men can be sexy! And most importantly, practice safe sex with Playboy to avoid all the unwanted mess. Both men and women want to have fun, and with Playboy condoms, it makes the whole fun experience safe for both parties!

Remember, Play Hard, Play Safe, Playboy!

The Launch

playboy condom launch

The Playboy condom launch party was held at Suites 26. Where’s more apt than a club to launch a condom line right? The place was decorated with balloons and if you have sharp eyes, you will notice some of the condom balloons! It’s definitely a cute idea for people to touch and feel those condoms without looking awkward!

Playboy condoms is available in pack of 3 or 12 and can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian, Red Mart, Buzz and Hao Mart!


The range of Playboy lubricants is also available in 5 different variants. Safe to use with the Playboy condoms, massage and for a little added fun in the bedroom. (^-^)

More information at Playboy Singapore FB page!


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