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As the title suggests, I’m gonna do a little sharing about TheSmartLocal today, more so on their travel related posts!


Travel Tips From A Local Viewpoint

I’m not a frequent traveler, I go out of the country just once or maximum twice a year. However, one thing I do realised is that most of the travelogues out there ain’t local. Not that’s it’s a huge issue as I still get the information I need but sometimes it feels more relatable when the travelogue is written by a fellow Singaporean. Which is also part of the reason why I try my best to blog about my trips even though I really take a long time to do so.

With an upcoming trip to Tokyo in June, I was quite happy to find several posts on TheSmartLocal to provide ideas for my trip! After reading this post on 14 Wacky Experience in Tokyo, I know that I’ve to add Yanaka Street into my itinerary!

Travel Hacks/Ideas That You Never Heard Of?

thesmartlocal travel hacks

This Traveler’s Box is pretty damn cool? Sadly, the nearest box they have in Asia is in the Philippines. Come on, we need one in good old Changi Airport too! Me and the Mum have like different coin purses full of coins from the countries we have been. I’m sure there’s quite a sum there.

And of course, other than travel hacks, TheSmartLocal actually have many posts telling you what do to in the countries that they themselves have been too.

This post on 14 free things to do in Hong Kong  actually changed my mind about my trip to HK last July. It wasn’t the best trip but reading through the article knowing that I did at least 5 things on the list made me feel better about it. Haha.

the smartlocal hongkong

Yes, the crazycatlady in me went to hunt down Brother Cream when in HK. Sadly, he was taking a nap when I was there.

My Thoughts On TheSmartLocal

As a local portal, I really think that it’s a great site to visit for travel tips despite it being sponsored. I also like how they have a lot of travel posts on our neighbour countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia etc. These countries are not on the top of the list on many people’s travel list as they would think them as 3rd world countries etc. But after reading several posts, there’s actually many fun things you could do there!

I do wish that there are more posts on Japan and Korea since these 2 countries are one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia these days for locals.

Oh and they have a huge section on things to do in Singapore! If you ever ran out of ideas of what to do with your friends and got tired of the weekly visit to town, check them out for ideas!

It’s nice to have sites like TheSmartLocal and more which gives useful information from a local viewpoint! Now you know where to go if you need more travel and lifestyle tips!


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