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SkyCart App: Buy On the GO!


I’m sure most of you have heard of SkyCart, your personal buying service for Taobao! They have recently launch their SkyCart App, available for both IOS and Android. Now you can buy the world just through your mobile! I think this is dangerous for our pockets, because this app makes Taobao shopping so easy!


skycart app main

This is the SkyCart App main interface when you enter the app! They now have Korean Beauty Products services which I went crazy shopping at! As a beauty savvy person, it’s frustrating not being able to land your hands on certain beauty products seen on blogs or youtube videos as they are not available in Singapore, or the fact that the shipping fees from oversea sites is pretty hefty. Now that SkyCart is bringing in all these products, I can foresee myself buying a lot from them, plus their prices are very reasonable! If I’m not wrong, they are the first in Singapore to provide curated beauty products from Korean! Other than the common brands like Etude House, Skin Food etc, expect to find brands like IOPE, Banila & Co, 3CE and more! (I think this service is available only on the SkyCart App at the moment!

Also, if you notice the bottom section with the ‘buy for you’ tags, those are the best selling items on Taobao that are hand-picked by the SkyCart team! What’s best? You don’t have to pay the Taobao shipping fee for these curated items!


skycart app side

  • Top up SkyPay on the go! (Via Card or Paypal)
  • Buy For You : Shop on Taobao on the go and let SkyCart do the buying for you! All through the SkyCart App with their grabbing function!
  • Track your order on the go!

skycart app ui

Loving the order tracking interface! Clean and clear cut! There’s even a SkyChat option to check on your parcel status!

skycart app haul

Here’s my loots from using the SkyCart App! I shop mainly from their Korean Beauty Products selection! Going crazy over the selection which is huge! Happy to find Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that I saw all over Youtube! And also picked up other interesting masks that have pretty good reviews online. Oh, did I mentioned that there’s Free Delivery for orders that are over $75? Definitely very easy to qualify with so much to buy!

Happy Shopping On The Go with SkyCart App!


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