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What is BelowVal you might be wondering?

BelowVal simply means below valuation!

BelowVal is a property listing site which only list properties that are listed at below valuation price!

Home Seekers Rejoice!

No more sieving through hundreds of listings to find a food deal for your dream home! Make your choices among the listing that are below valuation price! Listings are at least 2% below valuation currently! 

Why BelowVal?

For Home Owners:

From time to time, due to many reasons like migration, falling out of business etc, home owners will need to let go of their property urgently and they will list it at below valuation price. However, these listing got lost among the hundreds of fishing ads or expired ads listed by agents on many other property sites.

These properties will eventually be bought up by institutions like law firms, estates trustees and even business owners etc who have inside news on these below valuation properties and buy them at an even lower price to eventually sell them away at a higher price. This is in a way taking advantages of the urgency of these home owners.

Reach out to genuine buyers in the mass market! With BelowVal, genuine buyers that are looking for below valuation properties or simply have a lower budget can get access to these listing easily without filtering through thousands of listings that are not what they are looking for!

For Home Seekers:

Who doesn’t like a deal right? Especially when you can save up to several thousands dollars while looking for your ideal home!

Plus BelowVal does personal verification with each listing that is listed on their site to make sure that the properties are legit and really priced below valuation.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Key in your preferences and get inform and connected to agents/owners immediately when a listing similar to your preferences is listed up on site!

Help Help

BelowVal gets rid of the messy clutter and keeps their site clean with only listing genuine BelowVal properties! Clearing the obstacles between home owners and home seekers and linking them together via their clean and user friendly site!

Since the launch of the site in October 2015, the site have received great reception and till date, they have thousands of below market valuation properties on the site. Home owners also feedback that the site help to fasten the sale process of their properties!

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Seeking for homes that are below market value?

Looking to sell your properties urgently and is willing to let go at below market value?

Check out BelowVal today!

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