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Hi ladies!

I’m sure we are all no strangers to online shopping!

I personally felt that online shopping is a revolutionary change to our lifestyle. Just a few simple clicks and a few days of waiting time, and your shopping loots are delivered right to your doorstep! How convenient! And I must confess that I’m an addict to online shopping.

And of course, it’s even better if there are discounts and offers to help us save money while online shopping!


Shop And Save At ShopBack Today! is like the whip cream on top of the coffee to sweeten the online shopping experience for us! With partnerships with numerous online retailers, we get to earn cash backs while shopping through Shopback!

I loved shopping on Zalora as there’s literally everything there and am elated to find the latest Zalora discount codes to save up to 15% off my purchase on ShopBack! Also, the latest Under Armour sale is ongoing if you’re a fan! Plus grab Aliexpress coupon codes to save up to 5% too!

Oh! And did I mention that Melissa is one of their partners too? As you all know I’m a huge fan of Melissa shoes and it’s great that I’m able to earn cashback through Shopback now! There’s also ASOS, SASA, and many other popular e-retailers that are in partnership with Shopback!

And I must emphasis that it’s cash that we are getting back and not points. These cashbacks will be credited directly to your paypal account or personal bank account once it hits the minimal amount. (Which honestly, it’s not difficult to hit as it’s just $10.)

There’s a lot more offers this Chinese New Year promotions so don’t miss the chance to get your Chinese New Year Shopping done while earning some savings at the same time!


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