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We all know that there are many ways to lose weight and the best method would be regular exercise and a well balanced and controlled diet. But there bound to be situations where you will hit a plateau and that is when we will look for alternative methods to help to manage the body weight.

For me, I find that the numbers doesn’t really tally with my body image and it’s just so confusing for me. For the period that I went to the gym regularly, I can fit into clothes that are 1 size down but my weight went up instead. Although they do say that numbers are not too important, I would very much prefer a weight in the healthy range.

TCM has been around for the longest time and do you know that it can help to reduce weight too?

With the right methods, we can manage our weight properly through TCM and making the exercises and dieting more effective. Over at Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic, they mainly target weight loss through the usage of acupuncture. Acupuncture helps to improve metabolism and overall digestion and many more to aid weight reduction. Other methods such as cupping, ear acupressure and the usage of prescribed herbal medication acts as support for the whole TCM weight management approach.

The TCM weight management program has a stabilization period which will help to prevent rebound of weight. Hence it is important to be able to commit to the program for a substantial period of time to achieve long term results. It takes at least 3 months for any results to show and if you’re obese, more time is needed. Weight loss is not an easy journey, so always prepare yourselves so that you can be positive during the journey to achieve results!

If my lifestyle and schedule allows, TCM weight management is something that I would love to look into to help myself achieve a healthier weight.

Interested to find out more about Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Weight Management Program? Sign up for the FREE WORKSHOP on 05 May 2015 by filing up the form here ( ). Dinner and refreshments will be provided during the workshop. There will also be a token of appreciation for all successful attendees.

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