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I received a month worth of Biocode Brightening Beverages from the kind folks at Meditrina Singapore sometime back and now I’m ready for a short review!


Biocode is as good as a whitening “jab” in a bottle. It is the 1 macrobiotic drink that is formulated with branded and patented ingredients. Biocode contains a patented form of Glutathione that lightens pigmentation and fish scale collagen to replenish lost collagen. It also have benefits to the health such as detoxing the liver and boosting immunity. It is also suitable for patients with hypertension and diabetes! It is a drink for both health and beauty.

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Here’s a picture of me when I first started the drink. Not sure if you can notice that despite wearing makeup, you can still spot some pigmentation of the cheeks.

One month after drinking Biocode, you can see the pigmentation can’t really be seen anymore. The makeup used is the same! 


I did not drink Biocode everyday diligently except for the first ten bottles. But I find that my skin really brightens up slightly and makeup goes on better. I would say Biocode helped me more on the health aspect as compared to the beauty aspect. I realized that after drinking Biocode, my digestion seems to get better and my bowels is regulated too!

I definitely enjoy drinking Biocode and I think if I had drink it diligently for the whole month, I will get better results.

Biocode Brightening beverages retails at $180 for a box of 10. Get 10% off when you key in “JoyceBC10%” upon checking out your purchase. Delivery is free!

*Code is valid till 31 Jan 2015.*

Take the chance to try out Biocode for yourself and see how this whitening jab in a bottle works for you!!

Psst: It taste really nice chilled! 🙂

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