Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014


Went for the Great Eastern Women’s Run yesterday. Somehow, I find myself going for run events pretty often this year. Main point is, I hate running and I can’t really run. Haha.


It wasn’t easy to wake up early for the run but the medal is what makes me go for the run and complete it. I was proud of myself for the fact that I ran 70% of the 5km run! Hopefully Ill be courageous enough to go for a 10km run next time!


Met Dawn after I finished and am so proud of this girl for completing 21.1km in just two hours plus plus.
#GEWR is well organized for the fact that there’s loads of food and drinks for the runners. Massage available too! Also I seen comments by the runners that the route are well planned.
Personally I feel that it will be better if there’s more than just one water point for the 5 km run. Hahaha.
I can foresee myself going the run next year too!


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