Clio Neon Nail Styler

I’ve received the Clio Neon Nail Stylers sometime back and here’s a tiny review!


These nail stylers are already available in Watsons and are retailing for $8.90 each. There’s a total of 6 colors and I’ve received the Orange, Blue and Hot Pink one. What’s special about these polishes is that they glow under UV light! Cool huh!


Here’s a swatch of the colors under UV lighting!


And here’s how it looked like on the nails under UV lighting. Quality of the polishes are pretty good, you can get a good opaque color in two to three coats. However, it chips quite easily if you don’t have on a top coat. With a top coat, it can last for a good one week.

I’ll rate it a 3/5!

Also received the Lipnicure which glows under UV too, will be reviewing that in a separate post!


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