Behind the camera

Though I very much enjoy being in front of the camera, I like being behind the camera at times too. Not a pro just an amateur using a semi pro camera. To me, anyone can get great photos if you can visualize the image you want beforehand and capturing it. That, you can achieve even on an iPhone.
So my friend, Sortie or Eleanor as she goes by been nagging me for a shoot few months back and here’s some of the photos.


The last two photo were my personal favorites as I felt that the feel and everything was just right. The last is in my opinion, tumblr worthy. Hahah. Also, I edited the photos in an aged style to fit the outfit which is a little retro.

Makeup & Wardrobe: Model’s Own
Photography & Editing: Joyce.Forensia
Taken with Olympus EP-2 with Pancake Lens

If you’re interested in a collaboration with me for a shoot, feel free to contact me via email at I’m looking to build up my portfolio for both photography and makeup. 🙂


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