Contact Lens 101

I have been wearing contact lenses almost daily for 4 years straight now. And I would say that it’s a huge part of my life as it helps me to see and colored contact lens makes me look prettier.


Like many people out there, I am wearing lenses most of the time and there are a few things that we need to look out for as we can easily get infection if lenses are not worn or taken care of properly. I have gotten an eye infection before and it’s not funny.


For colored contacts users, it’s pretty easy to identify if the lens is in the proper side due to the colors on the lens. The side with the lighter print should be the side that contact with the eyeball. For clear contacts, make sure the lens is of a nice U instead of V from the side.
One thing to note is that always handle the lens with your fingertips and never the nails. We can easily scratch or tear the lens with our nails so this is one thing to lookout for.


Lens Storage is another important thing. Always be sure to throw out your solution after it has been opened for 3 months. If you’re unable to finish the normal big bottle within 3 months, opt for the smaller bottles instead. This is because bacteria growth are prone to happen over time. You want to soak your lenses in sterile solution and not solution that is filled with bacteria.
Do change your lens case every month. If you’re wearing monthly lenses, change your case together with your lenses so that you won’t forget to change either. It’s also recommended to wash your lens case daily. What I personally do it that I will wash it with a little of the solution and dry it. If you’re washing with tap water, remember to dry it completely.

type of lenses

There are many types of contact lenses out there. From monthly lenses to daily contact lenses. I personally use monthly and daily contact lenses alternatively.
Sometimes if I reach home late and only managed to allow my monthly lenses to be soaked for a couple of hours, I will wear dailies the next day instead. Personally I will soak my lenses up for a minimum of 6 hours and rub them with the solution to ensure that they are clean before wearing them again.

One other important thing is to always purchase your lenses from the optical shop or a legit re-seller when you’re overseas!

I hope this is useful to all contact lenses user!


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  1. jonina August 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

    nice lens love your eyes


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